#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #4 And the beat goes on …

Back at the asylum the evening is NOT going so well!

06-18-15_2-30 AM

Abe started a squabble with Sol.  He accused her of siding with his arch enemy the bookshelf.  He is certain that the two of them are conspiring to keep his theater tickets hidden away.

06-18-15_2-31 AM

Well Abe may have started it but Sol FINISHED it (she is NOT one to be trifled with) … AND right there in front of his enemy too!

06-18-15_2-43 AM-2

Alexa has recovered from her beat down in the park and gets out to the yard to run her chess for goodies hustle on poor Snow.

06-18-15_2-39 AM


Sadly snow lost the game and had to relinquish all of the apple cookies brought to her by her step mother earlier that day.

06-18-15_2-44 AM-2

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Please don’t think too harshly of Alexa.  Remember her devastating loss in the Bachelor Challenge.  She snapped when “her” Handsome Hank chose sweet Saige  to be his #1.  She lost her goodies then and now everyone else will too!

06-18-15_2-45 AM-2

With tears stinging her eyes Snow ran from the yard into the bathroom. UNFORTUNATELY she did not see it was already occupied by weird ole Lillian.  AWKWARD!  Both girls ended up hiding in their beds after this horrific incident!

06-21-15_2-34 AM

Bedtime approaches fast. Abe and Giovanni doze off during Abe’s recounting the terrible altercation with Sol earlier.

06-21-15_2-35 AM

They were lulled into a deep sleep by the melodic ranting of Ray as he furiously attempted to write a program called “The Chameleon” … when he is done with it he should be able to be indiscernible in any surrounding!

06-21-15_2-51 AM

Sol is the first to get an outside job.  Her public enemy aspiration requires she join the criminal career.  Her position as petty thief requires WAY too much interaction with her idiot co-workers for her taste.

06-21-15_2-52 AM (2)

The hours are LONG and she arrives home late …

06-25-15_1-04 AM

LONG after everyone has been tucked in for the night.

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23 thoughts on “#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #4 And the beat goes on …

  1. OK Abe stole the show in this episode too!! His socks and underwear compliment his tuxedo top so well!! Oh so fashionably conscious Abe!! Sol is kinda scary to be honest ha! Can’t wait to get to know Ray more too! Another cool installment!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha Another funny episode. I feel sorry for the poor bookshelf… Being abused because Abe is jealous that it can tell a good story… (or maybe not! lol :D) Can’t wait for more drama! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m increasingly jealous of Abe’s sock collection. Psst, Abe, I’m willing to trade you a pair of your socks to “relocate” that bookshelf to a nice new home in the public library where I work. ^_~

    Also, I don’t care if those cookies are made with arsenic, I’d eat them. In a second. >_> *has no restraint when it comes to sweet baked goods*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am curious to know why he can’t stand bookshelves. Books are represented by Knowledge (perhaps the knowledge he doesn’t have?)
        Or perhaps in his imagination bookshelves speaks to him and the furniture never agree with him.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my holy plumbob! I am laughing my socks off – make sure they don’t land in Abe’s collection. The animosity between Abe and the bookshelf is hilarious, and I also enjoyed the apple cookies from Snow’s step mom. I bet they are poisoned. The fight gave me a gigglefit. Can’t wait to read the next part!


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