#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #5 What a mess!

06-21-15_2-45 AM

Conditions in the asylum are deplorable.  Every one has suffered from the unsanitary and unsafe  surroundings.  Something had to be done!  To bring the place back to tolerable, everyone has been pitching in and trying to work together.  Which has hospital staff very pleased!

07-25-15_2-16 AM

Santa’s  quite the repairman.  The skills he gained in the toy shop have come in handy when things break around the asylum.

07-05-15_11-01 PM

As it turns out Lillian is not too shabby in the repairs department either.  For an old rich gal she can turn a wrench with the best of them.

06-26-15_1-16 AM

06-26-15_1-19 AM

Abe found his niche in the kitchen.  He got the stove in tip top condition and began to whip up a little something for dinner.  Everyone is very excited over the lovely aroma wafting from his culinary delight. (Author’s note: Seeing the dish he has selected I imagine that will NOT be the only aroma wafting in the asylum that day.)

06-26-15_1-17 AM

WELLLLLLL .. almost everybody was happy.  Lillian had been a regular at the stove for a while now.  Perhaps she was a tad offended …

06-26-15_1-20 AM

but her dishes always tasted so peculiar.
07-25-15_2-15 AM

With a happy tummy full of Abes good cooking .. Giovanni gladly does the dishes. Whistling while he worked. (Watch out Gio .. Snow is not fond of that …)

06-25-15_12-52 AM

Things were so bad that it even got Frogger out of hiding!!

07-11-15_1-24 AM

He and Alexa (dressed in her oldest gown of course)  got that bathroom as shiny as a new penny!

06-25-15_12-53 AM

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Lisa’s Insane Asylum Challenge Table of Contents

21 thoughts on “#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #5 What a mess!

  1. OMG!! “Seeing the dish he has selected I imagine that will NOT be the only aroma wafting in the asylum that day.” Bahahahaha that had me laughing out loud!! Yes, love this cast of characters! The house was a hot mess, so glad they all worked it out hahaha.

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  2. I love the way you focus each chapter on an everyday moment, going to the park, relationships, cleaning up. It helps set the tone for the story perfectly. I’m so glad I refound this story. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I played nine more like a competition and if I had only one do it then that would be giving all of the others an advantage in that they could work on their aspirations. But there were others that were better at certain things so I used them especially when it came to repairing electronics I didn’t want any to die.

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