‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #6 Bad Santa

06-21-15_2-54 AM

Santa definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed the next am.  He was not used to so much manual labor .. his expertise is more upper level management.

06-21-15_2-56(2) AM

Was he imagining it or was everyone insufferably cheerful this am!  UGH reminds him of those dreadful little elves … with their incessant whistling and singing  .. their little hammers tip tapping .. tip tapping .. tip tapping …

06-21-15_2-59 AM

A little game of Candy Cane Crush (his fav .. he likes the crush part) and a computer chair nap .. ahhh just what the dr ordered!

06-21-15_2-58 AM

He felt better when he awoke … he had to pee … but he felt better!

06-25-15_12-24 AM06-25-15_12-23 AM

Giovanni is the second one to get a job.  Only he and Sol are required to have a job so far .. it is def taking a toll on him!

06-25-15_12-40 AM

Our first little bit of hankey pankey in the asylum.  OF COURSE it is Alexa!  Girl has got some smooth moves …

06-25-15_12-39 AM

And it looks as tho old Abe HONESTLY likes it.

07-24-15_3-07 AM-2

Mean while .. Snow has been busy filling the place with her pretty paintings.  You go girl!

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