#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #9 The Great Break-up

With Santa out of the picture for the day and Frogger deep in hiding (no one has seen him in hours) maybe now things would calm down in the asylum.

06-02-15_11-05 PM

Sol watched after Santa for a very long time.  She stared him down so that every time he glanced back he would see her peering out the window shooting balls of fire at him from her eyes.  She was please to see that instigator slink off … growing smaller and smaller as he got farther and farther away.

07-11-15_1-45 AM

Snow turned to her easel for comfort and security.  She would not see Sol’s eyes burning thru her (that is IF they were but she was NOT looking to find out).  Snow throws herself deep into her work.  Painting furiously for hours  she does not look up  until she is done.  Finally she has finished her self portrait and she is please to note that it is a masterpiece.   Anxious thoughts of Sol disappeared in her joy.

06-02-15_11-08 PM

Sol intuitively knew that she needed to release this pent up ire.  In an attempt to alleviate it she began to exercise madly.  Poor snow nearly stepped on her when she was grabbing a bit of lunch.  Talk about your near death experiences!

07-03-15_1-40 AM

On the other side of the kitchen Snow observed that the flirt fest between Abe and Alex was still going on.  Alexa was turning it on THICK and Abe was flying high on the wings of love!  Everyone else wanted to throw up!


06-02-16_2-12 AM

One of the Hospital staffers saw Sol trying to exhaust herself on the kitchen floor and jumps in to invite Sol to a dance off.  In no time Sol is smiling and having fun!  Both were excellent dancers and no one could decided who was the winner.

07-03-15_1-42 AM

Later that day Abe find himself in a heated conversation with the other Abe that lived in this house.  Ironically he only sees him when he goes into the bathroom but one thing for sure he can always count on the other Abe to be negative.  Today was no exception.  That not so honest Abe fired accusation after accusation against Alexa until Abe did not honestly know who was thinking what about what.

07-06-15_12-01 AM

He spent lunch arguing with himself!  Could this other Abe be correct?  Could Alexa really be playing him just so that the book shelf could gain an advantage?  HE MUST FIND OUT!

07-06-15_12-00 AM

He MARCHED up the stair and angrily confronted a stunned Alexa … he railed against her .. but Alexa is no push over .. remember??

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Alexa had many altercations during the bachelor challenge and proved over and over her ability to be a mean girl!

07-05-15_11-55 PM

In true mean girl fashion, Alexa fiercely dismisses Abe.  “BE GONE!” Abe caves into himself .. what has he done!  He makes a hasty exit and promptly …

07-06-15_12-03 AM

grabs his guitar to seek solace in his music.  (Yeah .. he can only play Home Home on the Range but that is ok he really likes that song).

07-05-15_11-56 PM

Upstairs, Alexa is crushed.  She waits til he is out of sight and breaks down in tears.  OH how she hates to cry!  That is right girl never let ’em see you cry!

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24 thoughts on “#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #9 The Great Break-up

      1. I face similar quizzical queries when I point out things like “Get your bearings and calibrate your Inner Compass on the dawn or dusk closest to the actual hour of either equinox because no matter where you are on Earth, the sun rises due east and sets due weat because a straight line east or west will intersect with the plane of the equator and on an equinox the sun is directly over that latitude.– Anywhere you stand on the planet except the poles, where, on the North Pole for example, every direction is South and vice versa for the other one.

        Not a lot of cash value in that little canon but it is useful around the house if you wanna take note of a landmark upon which the sun “rests” near the hour of the actual equinox because that way you will always know where due east or west is in reference to your home.

        Oh and if you really wanna cross into the Valley of the Nerds, try checking out http://www.scholar.google.com.

        Heady stuff! Makes me a very fascinating date!

        haw haw haw

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    1. I’ve played soul in a few games. I still have her in my library and she’s another one that I often want to bring out of mouth balls but I love her as the crazy musician so I’m not sure where she would fit in


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