#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #10 Get A JOB!

Word of Alexa’s mean girl encounter with Abe spread thru the asylum like wild fire.  Residents spoke in respectful hushed tones about how formidable she was.  Even Sol was a bit in awe.  She had dismissed the Bachelor Challenge Alexa mean girl as just a fluke.   No one would have thought that the blonde bimbo bride could pull off something so awesome like that!

06-21-15_3-01 AM

Santa could not stand it.  He was obsessed with  not knowing what had happened when he was gone.  Truth is he was gunning for Alexa.  He wanted see how really bad she is!

06-21-15_3-02 AM

Alexa was grabbing a bowl of cereal when  Santa rounded the corner.  Seeing her halted him in his steps.  He verbally lashed out in an attempt to get her to bring the mean girl out.  Alexa stood awkwardly silent.  What the heck was wrong with this man?  She walked away leaving him just standing there feeling DUMB!  Abe was at the stove cooking during this confrontation.

06-21-15_3-04 AM

He got so side tracked watching what was going on that he set the stove ablaze with his neglected pot of beans.  Snow mustered up some bravery and extinguished the fire quickly .. way before the fired department could even show up!

Asylum staff has tired of the constant bickering and has moved to get all residents a part time job outside of the institution.  It is felt that even a small amount of time spent assimilating into regular society will be helpful to their mental health!

07-05-15_11-16 PM-2

Because of her extensive knowledge of expensive antiques, Lillian was given a position in a museum.  She would assist the curator with evaluating and cataloging  donated artifacts.

07-05-15_11-16 PM



Snow took a position at the local farmer’s market .. selling?  Why apples of course!

07-17-15_11-44 PM

Abe grabs his guitar and heads to the street.  Busking brings him joy … just NOT much money.  Seems the public is not as appreciative of “Home Home on the Range” as he is.

07-05-15_11-15 PM

Santa understands timely delivery so he was placed in a position at the post office.  Yeah .. wonder if that will end well??   I think we can all see Santa going postal!

07-05-15_11-54 PM

Alexa works with Geo at the science facility.  No one know what they do there but it is suspected that Alexa is a test subject.  She is a total mess when she gets home.

07-22-15_2-29 AM

And she has developed a very strange rash!

Asylum staff is quite happy to report that residents are much calmer …

08-19-15_3-34 PM07-25-15_2-13 AM

AND they even are all in bed early 🙂

08-19-15_11-39 PM

All except Snow.  She often works on her paintings late into he night.  She does not seem to need as much sleep as most.  Must be all those years staying vigilant when her evil step-mother was hunting her.

07-21-15_2-13 AM

Asylum staff over looks her “not in her bunk” infraction because the trade off fills the place with beauty and brings in a fairly good income too.

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8 thoughts on “#lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #10 Get A JOB!

  1. Snow is exceptionally amazing with her painting skills…I rofl’d at the crack about Santa going postal awesome! Glad everyone was able to focus their energy on something else other than themselves 🙂

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