Snow White #6 – the Honeymoon

They flew into Mahé Island in the Seychelles.  Once landed they were whisked off their private villa nestled between the mountains and the sea on the north end of the island.  Snow was overcome by its beauty.  This was the place of her dreams.  It all felt so surreal! The house was incredible.   Modern … Continue reading Snow White #6 – the Honeymoon

Snow White #5 – The Wedding Day

The castle is huge and rambling.  It is a very challenging wedding venue.  BUT Prince has this!  He has spared no expense on staff for the wedding.  There was so much hustle and bustle as everything was made ready.  It seemed that people were coming at him with questions from all directions!  Getting even this … Continue reading Snow White #5 – The Wedding Day

Snow White #1 – New Beginnings

When we last saw Snow she had just earned her release from Willow Creek’s Hospital for the insane (by completing the Painter LTW).  It had been a bittersweet departure.  She hated leaving the gang there but for her life lay ahead ... so off she went. During her confinement she had been ... uhhh ... colorful??  Unstable … Continue reading Snow White #1 – New Beginnings

‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #12 The End

Lillian had begun this journey with the most social anxiety of all of the asylum mates.  She was thought to be the least likely to gain her freedom.  Hospital staff cannot believe how fast she has come from behind to be a viable contender.  She has even been seen in the house without her magic hat! … Continue reading ‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #12 The End