‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #12 The End

Lillian had begun this journey with the most social anxiety of all of the asylum mates.  She was thought to be the least likely to gain her freedom.  Hospital staff cannot believe how fast she has come from behind to be a viable contender.  She has even been seen in the house without her magic hat!  Her intervention skill are remarkable. She is fast approaching a solution to the conflict between Abe and the bookshelf.   It was she that discovered that the portrait of Artie was actually the instigator of the misunderstanding.  Things settled quite a bit after she gave him a stern talking to!

07-23-15_12-05 AM07-23-15_12-04 AM

Snow also finds her very encouraging when Lillian gives her good counsel!  Heaven only knows that Snow can use all the good counsel she can get!

It came time for her to age up and Abe made her a very nice birthday cake.  Lillian has high hopes that she can get out while she still has time to enjoy her freedom.

06-21-15_3-00 AM

Santa has the lead.  He only needs one more collectible to gain his freedom but so far it has eluded him.  He has been making nice with all of the residents and even begun to make friends outside of the house to help him transition into the outside world.

Sol is in second place … she can feel them all gunning for her.  She must get promoted to gain her freedom.  As long as she has coffee to keep her alert at work she feels confident that she will be getting that promotion very soon!

08-19-15_10-07 PM

“The least likely to get out first” award now goes to Abe Blinken!  Abe works hard to keep the kitchen tidy and cook a lovely meal but in reality he is a bit too laid back.  He does not even seem to see the fights and spats going on all around him.  Abe finally relented and now wears pants to his day job.  He is a still little confused.  He runs around looking for lost theater tickets.  UM Abe (again) might we suggest a search for your PANTS??

He is very popular with the residents.  His food is wonderful and even Frogger come out to enjoy his company from time to time.  His music fills them with joy .. they never tire of his energetic rendition of “On Top Of Old Smokey.”

08-19-15_11-40 PM


All of a sudden …

out of the blue (in the dark of the night)  an insomniac Snow sky rockets over the top!   3 masterpieces in a row and she not only maxes her painting skill but also completes her LTW!

08-20-15_2-55 AM

She is sprung!  Snow White completed the PAINTER EXTRAORDINAIRE ASPIRATION and she has her freedom.   NOW WHAT??  She has no idea.  Go back to the dwarves?  Strike out on her own?  Is there a Prince Charming out there for her?  She definitely needs some time to sort it all out.  She saw brochures from a place called Granite Falls … she will start there …

08-20-15_3-05 AM-2

We will be back Snow …

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Lisa’s Insane Asylum Challenge Table of Contents

***********************************************************************AUTHOR”S NOTES:

For any who might want to do this challenge I will tell you it is a blast!  Here is a link …  I played it a bit different.  I played it as a contest and the house members competed for the win.  BUT other than that all of the rest of the guidelines were adhered to.


***********************************************************************Here are cc free versions of the sims and the asylum for your usage … they are in my gallery … my Origin ID is Lisabee2

insane cc free gallery

** The following sims are not my originals .. I only creatively adjusted them to fit my story line.
                     ABE Lincoln is the wonderful work of Simgurujill
                     Frogger is by Maddiestar
                     Santa is LOOSLY based on a sim created by Se7enSims

asylum in gallery



31 thoughts on “‪‬‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬#‎lisasinsaneasylumchallenge #12 The End

  1. I could have read this for 50 more chapters! But 13 is a good and reasonable number (yes, I see this is only 12). Can’t wait to continue Snow’s adventures and I am bookmarking that challenge, cuz yeah…I need help.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow amazing that she got those masterpieces! I really like your take on the challenge. I find the regular version terribly boring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And for me it was too easy with the original. Because I could always kick somebody out of the bed to sleep in it or take my turn on the computer or at the easel without the thought of someone else. When I added in all of them it became a struggle and a challenge


      1. Actually you’re not allowed to kick the other sims out of bed or anything in the rules somewhere. Which is why there’s less beds than there are sims. I’ve found though that the other sims never autonomously touch the easel.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I started out controlling sol … And even though I never kick anybody out of bed or did anything like that it was just too easy. Sol was probably one of my favorites sims so it was difficult not to treat her preferentially when I switched to my style. That may have been to her detriment.


    1. I know wasn’t that crazy she just came out of nowhere I couldn’t believe it I didn’t even have her pegged sort of to win … But it ended up being marvelous because she is honestly my most beloved characters at this point. I had never intended I’m writing a story about her it was all by accident

      Liked by 1 person

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