Snow White #2- New Beginnings

At first the adjustment to living on her own was challenging.  She had always found solace in her art (not to mention she also found it a decent income) but slowly she was venturing out to try new things.  For some  endeavors she was a natural … it came easy.

Cooking was NOT one of them.  She sure does miss Abe’s good cooking.  She remembers with fondness the delectable meals he served at the asylum.

06-25-15_12-54 AM

He had tried to teach her a few about cooking things back then … but sadly she did not listen.

(most of the time when she had to cook she just opted for cereal .. Fruit Loops is a rather ironic choice don’t you think)

12-22-15_10-54-19 PM

Thankfully she HAS learned how to make a mean grilled cheese sandwich!  At least she won’t starve.

After a few weeks of solitude Snow began to crave the company of others.  She was a bit hesitant.  Despite her “clean bill of health” she still feared they might view her negatively.

12-17-15_3-11-05 AM

She mustered up her courage and chanced a visit to a sweet coffee shop in Windenburg.  It just so happened to be on a day when the Dipped Brush Club was meeting up for coffee there!  Grabbing her coffee and a wonderful sweet, she shyly introduced herself.  They knew of her work and welcomed her in with open arms!  She knew that these are just the people she needs in her life.

It was not long until club members were meeting at her home for coffee and art chat.  She was so pleased .. she fit right in with this offbeat group.   They were her kind of people!

She was thrilled when she got an invite from the club to join them for a few drinks and dancing. She had never been to a dance club before so she happily accepted.  She was swept away by the lights and the music … at first she was a tiny bit intimidated but to seems that dancing is one of the things that comes naturally to Snow!   Soon she was getting down with the best of them!

12-18-15_1-38-23 AM

A new man named Don Lothario approached her at the club.  He seemed handsome and witty.  Her new friends were not thrilled with Don hanging out but none would say why!

Perhaps she would try to find out later …

12-19-15_2-46-17 AM12-19-15_2-45-42 AM

and then again it might be best just to listen to her new friends … she is not savvy when it comes to the opposite gender!

Despite all of the attention and friendship she has been experiencing with her new friends Snow still finds herself drawn out to the beach.  Always searching the horizon …

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33 thoughts on “Snow White #2- New Beginnings

  1. Omg the scenary in these screenshot make me want to not only be snow but live her life. She is exquisite – but you know this already. I love the name of the club she has and revisiting her story is so special for me to witness!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful part! ❤ I agree, STAY AWAY FROM DON LOTHARIO lol! If there's anything I remember about him in sims 2, it was that he was pretty promiscuous to say the least 😛 Glad she's fitting in although I don't know what her previous job at the asylum was about…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Snow is doing great in her new life so far. You should’ve heard my howl when I saw the fruit loops. Hahaha. Too funny. Love the club she joined and the scenery is beautiful.

    Yes, Snow, listen to your friends. Don is no good. Stay far, far away from him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope she finds a way to cure her restlessness. I think Snow is doing a great job adjusting. Don stalking already did creep me out, though lol


  5. Windenburg in winter is breathtakingly lovely!

    Happy to see a few flashbacks of her time in the asylum, and also that things haven’t been a perfect and easy transition into the new life either (because I would imagine it would be a difficult transition, myself!) Snow cooks just like me! ^_^

    Laughed out loud at the stalker Lothario picture, hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awe! So Glad that Snow is getting out there… maybe she should heed her new friends advice when it comes to Don, I hear he can be quite the player 😉

    I also wanted to say that I LOVE how your sims look, I usually find the sims 4 to be too “cartoony”, but yours are just no nice! Snow is beautiful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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