Snow White #6 – the Honeymoon

01-04-16_2-13-00 AMThey flew into Mahé Island in the Seychelles.  Once landed they were whisked off their private villa nestled between the mountains and the sea on the north end of the island.  Snow was overcome by its beauty.  This was the place of her dreams.  It all felt so surreal!

01-04-16_2-13-01 AM

The house was incredible.   Modern and fresh .. it had every amenity you could hope for!  She was excited to go get unpacked and explore all it had to offer!

01-04-16_2-17-36 AM

Later that after noon sitting on the beach having a drink with with her groom Snow felt like the luckiest girl in the world!  Prince sat quietly smiling .. looking so relaxed as the breeze tousled his hair.  Her heart swelled with love for this man .. he has made her so happy!

As mentioned before the amenities in the villa were top notch.  Prince and Snow seemed to enjoy the sauna the best.  We will leave them some privacy so that they can enjoy the “steam”

Snow was excited to serve her groom a nice breakfast.  Seems that he adores her pancakes?  Who would think breakfast could be THAT flirty!

She has come a long way since the days after her release when she was first learning to cook

12-30-15_12-46-46 AM

It was a beach day and she looked forward to getting some sun.  Prince wanted to do a bit of fishing … a hobby he does not get much chance to do back in Windenburg.

01-05-16_2-35-05 AM

Prince had a lovely dinner planned for this their first full day on the island. A few fizzy tropical drinks before dinner.  The bubbles have gone to Snows head .. Prince is not unhappy about that LOL  (that shot kills me)

He had ordered in some lovely local favorites. Coconut fish curry and grilled fish with tamarind chutney, steamed rice and a side of shredded green papaya salad. For desert ??? well … lets just leave that to them … I think they have a plan 🙂

01-04-16_3-54-06 PM

On her way up to dinner Snow catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  She cannot help but think yes she has aged but like a fine wine she still has what it takes .. at least Prince sure seems to think so.

01-04-16_2-26-06 AM

The next morning Prince tried his hand at cooking breakfast for his wife.  They were the best eggs and toast she had ever eaten.  No they did not taste all that great but she was charmed by the thought of him cooking them for her.

A stroll on the beach was tops on their want to do list for the day.  Thankfully for Snow the bugs were not the only thing that found her sweet.

Snow was excited to have a bit of time before dinner to capture some of the natural beauty of this place on canvas.  It was remarkable and Prince wants it for his office.

After dinner they sought a bit of deep relaxation

And that was all very nice but Snow had her eye on the spa tub … ahhhhhmazing!

01-04-16_3-46-44 PM

Today Prince and Snow decided they would spend the the day IN.

NO itinerary and NO plans .. well unless you count “checking out” the villa hot tub.  These two are definitely making up for lost time!

The rest of the day was spent just having fun (well NOT that the hot tub was not fun LOL)!  Foosball .. darts ..  Prince even tried his hand at DJing (he was not so good) but Snow felt as giddy as a teen girl again.

They both slipped into bed tired and happy.

01-04-16_4-26-01 PM01-04-16_4-26-28 PM

Tomorrow was their last day and then home.  Snow was not sure she was ready for the demands of palace life!  Why couldn’t they just stay here?

It is the last day of their honeymoon.  Prince has been called back to palace duties.  Snow is up and getting breakfast on early.  They plan to spend the entire day on the beach.  The sound of the waves lapping up on the shore, the warm sun and sand, the smell of ocean breezes calms her heart.

01-05-16_2-37-40 AM

In the evening Prince decided to try his hand at grilling some burgers.  They were not bad! Snow slowly savored each bite just as she was savoring each moment of their last evening in this wonderful place.

01-05-16_1-47-09 AM

01-05-16_1-51-21 AM

Palace life will not be easy but she is resolved to be as strong as she can be for her dear Prince.

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20 thoughts on “Snow White #6 – the Honeymoon

  1. Snow makes such a cute queen! The honeymoon was amazing 🙂 And Snow really is such a good painter! Adult snow not being able to cook is me LOL… cereal and grilled cheese it is!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading today it honestly made my day I was laughing so much because I’d forgotten a lot of the funny things that it happened in the original story


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