Snow White #9 The weekend (part 2)

Sunday am finds Prince and Snow up surprisingly early (considering their late night at the club last night) and just hanging out by the fire enjoying their am coffee ..

01-14-16_1-50-50 AM

and the next thing you know they are literally hanging out!   UH seriously you two go put some clothes on!

01-14-16_1-50-51 AM

AAUGH let’s hope that chick with the cell phone is not near by!!   Wasn’t last night’s buzz on Simtweetie about the shrubbery “incident” enough?

Slipping into something a little less comfortable they took off on a jog along the beach.  You will note that with no snakes or ticks to mind Prince kept well ahead today.

Dragging driftwood together they made a nice little fire on the beach (Snow is a bit of a pyro .. she loves a good bon fire).  She thought this would be a great time to show off a few of her fire dancing skills.

01-15-16_12-23-30 AM

While  Prince was very amused by his still slightly wacky bride he was a bit worried that she might set herself on fire with her erratic movements!  He was glad when the fire burned out just in time for them to head home for lunch.  Truth be told Snow was glad to go too .. she had to pee!

The afternoon heat was beastly so our happy couple made the hike up to the Windenburg Schwimmbad to take a refreshing dip in the sandstone quarry pools.  The trek had Snow feeling uncharacteristically winded when they arrived.

01-07-16_1-33-01 AM

A quick espresso in the small café was in order.  After Snow had a near catastrophe with the bean grinder, they both calmed down and were invigorated by their beverages.

01-07-16_1-37-05 AM01-07-16_1-39-13 AM

Prince and Snow passed the sultry Sunday afternoon together in the restorative waters of the cool mineral pools .. refreshing to both body and mind!

Afterwards they would catch a bite to eat in town but first Snow wanted to make a quick stop at the dress shop.  She needed Princes’ opinion on a gown she had found for an upcoming state dinner.

Well .. they never got to trying on that dress but they did (ahem) “try on” a very nice dressing room!

After dinner they thought to catch a quick flick at the quaint little Hippie Films Cinema.  After a few drinks in the adults only lounge and a getting a big ole tub of popped corn .. they settled out on the lawn and caught zombie flick out on the out door screen. Prince was a bit jumpy and Snow delighted in startling him during the scary parts.

Although the night was still young they felt a quiet evening at home was just a perfect follow up to the day’s activities.  Snacks and a show on the telly …


a chess challenge from Snow .. (Snow won)

and for Prince a relaxing (a bit too relaxing) bath

followed by a little tickling the ivories

(tickling of Snow would come later).

11Back to work tomorrow he thought … why did this happy weekend have to be over!?!

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21 thoughts on “Snow White #9 The weekend (part 2)

      1. I have to say that I laughed out loud quite a bit on this one.. Prince in that tub action, tickled me.. Lol. Those two are spicy, lmbo.. I wish they would have taken me with them.. Sigh, except the Prince is like me, I don’t like bugs and snakes, lol.

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  1. What an awesome weekend for them! I have to say, I was laughing myself silly a few times. Prince and that tub…way too funny. LOL.

    I love how you tell us about the builds you’re using. They’re awesome and I will have to put them in my game. It’s great inspiration. 🙂


    1. I actually thought I was going to lose him in that scene. When they are in the tub falling asleep and getting ready to slide into the water you cannot x out … Only after he slid in and came sputtering out like that was I able to exit and get him out of that tub … that would’ve been a decidedly unromantic way to end my sweet prince lol

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