Snow and Prince Redux #1.1 THE Dress

Just a bit of between blog fun for you.  Snow is modeling some of the FAB wedding looks she tried on.  Which is your fav and which do you think Snow picked??

PinkZombiecupcakes                     BEO                                  Starlord

Starlord                                    ANOHERM                     Devilicious

Luxy                                             Metens                      Shakeproductions

Devilicious                        Paogae                                     Devilicious

(I think Prince wanted to buy #13 for LATER )


#12 was my original idea for her FIRST marriage to Prince (when they were both elders) but the game had different ideas … remember (???)

PinkZombiecupcakes        InaBadRomance                SegerSims

My personal fav is #15 but not good for this venue 🙂


There are many wonderful cc creators in this group .. if you want any info or links  on any of them let me know and I will gladly give it to you 🙂


40 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #1.1 THE Dress

      1. Well you gotta find the right one. I try and make sure esp inmy legacy that each bride has their own dress and one that fits their personalities. Course Snow is lucky because she has had two weddings! Though that red dress even though you didnt choise it for her was drop dead gorgeous on her. Red is gorgeous on her

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      2. right?? That was quite the a marvelous twist (as you know with the Sims you usually you something rather strange) .. the game has thrown me a few curve balls that have been hard to catch LOL I am still trying to recover the latest. I had invest time in setting up the story that was to unfold but needed one more child for the plan and .. I got triplets. Holey moley! they do NOT fit into my sweet little house! SMH .. curse you EA ya Jackals

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    1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about Adriana. I fell in love with some beautiful Sailor Moon gowns and in game they were terrible! TOO sad! #2 is by BEO and he does very good work so it behaves well in game .. you have good taste in number 11 .. it is the number one most downloaded wedding dress on TSR (and it was a serious contender .. the only thing that bumped it was that I used it in my Bachelor challenge wedding LOL)


  1. I actually have many BEO Sims 3 cc dresses stashed away for a story I’ve been (slowly) world-building for a while that requires a very special aesthetic. Didn’t even realize that creator did TS4 work as well!

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  2. I know the wedding’s been held but just for the sake of commenting…
    My favorite dress is #11 out of context of the venue.
    For the chateau, I like #2. It’s the most elegant of the two favorites, imho, and not every venue is suited for the #2’s lovely wide skirt. 😀

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