Snow and Prince Redux #3 The Wedding part 2

Princess Ellie was a wonderful Maid of Honor.  She was vigilant as she watched over the details of the post wedding festivities.  The photo shoot was the last of her official duties.  Now that is it finished she can relax and enjoy the party without worry over the details involved in officiating.  That cute American cowboy Chet sure has not wandered far from her all evening.  He seems a little flushed and the doctor in her springs into action.  She quickly checked his temperature with the back of her hand.  Hmm not sure that did much for his flushing .. in fact it seems a bit worse.

collageellie chet 1

They chatted the evening away.  Ellie found him fascinating.  Her heart was all a flutter when he took her out and showed her where Orion and Casiopeia ride the skies.

collagechetellie 2

This captivating fella held her every attention.  With his amusing manner there was no one like him back home.

The post wedding party was in full swing.  Romance hung heavy in the air like the fragrance of summer roses.  King charming’s thought’s turned from the festivities to his lovely bride of many years.  When no one was looking King quietly swept his regal Queen off to the wedding arch that had been set up for his son.  There he professed His tender devotion to his own beloved.

collage King and queen 1

Together they recalled their own wedding day.  King recounted his thoughts as he first beheld her beauty.  Queen giggled like a young school girl at his amorous remembrances.

collageking and queen 2

Life has been good together for this cherished couple.  Standing there under the stars bathed by the lights and music of their firstborn’s wedding they renewed their promise to each other.  Their golden years would be even more splendid than it has been in the past.

So you ask what are the bride and groom doing this whole time?? Well .. it IS Prince and Snow you are asking about! We know WHAT they DO!


How awkward for the Queen mum when she went for a quick potty break in the bridal chamber. EEK!

collageellie home

Ellie left a tiny bit early. She was feeling a bit fatigued and she is needed at the hospital in the am. Chet came on a run after her. He felt it was not seemly for a lady to go home unescorted. (Don’t worry Chet is a total gentleman … Ellie is in good hands)!


Ellis is the simmie alter ego of my dear friend Sanjana Tasnim … check out her website for more on Ellie and for her FAB cc creations and tutorials at …


17 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #3 The Wedding part 2

  1. You know I was so blinded by Snows Beauty in part #2 that I didnt even notice the elegance of her mother-in-love!! <yes I spelled that correctly 😉 – Her blue detailed dress is breathtaking! and yes how embarrassing to have yoru folks walk in on such a private moment OMG ::dead::

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  2. Finally it is friday and I have enough time to enjoy your new updates. Ellie and Chet are so matchable and the scene at the bath just hilarious! :))
    And I’m so happy I can read nown the next chapter. 🙂

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  3. Ooh Ellie and Chet! Perhaps Snow will get to be her bff’s maid of honour in the future 😉 Aw, I see know what you meant on Purple Day about King and Queen Charming. No wonder Prince is such a romantic, growing up with them as role models. And of course, Prince and Snow ran off together hehe how awkward for his mother to have walked in!!!


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