Spirit Animal Award

spirit animal award

Thank you so much @persefona711  for nominating me. I am so honored.


I live in the Pacific Northwest USA about an hour south of Seattle, WA.

mount rainier pink too

My life outside of the sims revolves around my family.  I am married (to Bob Pancakes .. for reals) ..  he is a wonderful man!


I have 3 precious (grown) daughters (that I adore)


and 4 grandchildren that are my sunshine!


This is the little beasts in their natural habitat ..


I have a very naughty puppy …

hugs e and jez

I love to garden

garden collage

and go to coffee 🙂


I am very active in my church


(I am the youth director .. and yes I love 13 year old boys LOL)

I love to travel and would wish to do even more .. and more .. and more 🙂


If I were a sim I would have these traits: Green thumb, geek, family orientated, natural cook and night owl.

My Snow White saga was not supposed to be a story.  She was one of the wacky characters in my insane asylum challenge.

06-25-15_12-50 AM

I played it a bit differently than normal.  In mine they vied for their freedom by striving to complete their LTW.  I never expected Snow to win BUT she did.  I left her in Granite falls and went off to do 2 other challenges.

08-20-15_3-05 AM-2

Slated to start a new one but not yet ready I decided to “stop” by and see how Snow was doing … and out of NOWHERE the story sprang to life (even tho I am very new blogger here I have been posting stories on FB for a few years).  I have tried to stop it at one but that was not met with favor LOL   I adore my Snow and Prince and have more adventures in mind for them than time to play them.

vaca pic

I yearn to do a couple of short stories but have not set them up yet.

I would be a Chihuahua .. they might be little but they have the brave heart of a lion and are an incredibly devoted little critter!  They can be a tiny bit naughty tho!

The rules of this award:

1. Post the award picture on your blog.
2. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
3. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
4. Pick ten nominees.

I nominate (I hope these are all new nominations .. I tried to check but I am not a pro so I sure could have missed some:

Tails of a NinjaPig by @munterbacon

Dance! Windedburg by @bbqpenguinwings

“til Death Do us Part by @rainydayz179

Medicine Man Challenge by @simslover163

Disney Princess Legacy Challenge by @pollyanna2

Ghost and When it Rains by @ra3rei

Hawaiian Roots by @silverdaybreak

Disney Bachelor Challenge by @virtuallee

Helpful guides for WP by @silentwolf101

Murder Valley Sims by @Xmike_bX


24 thoughts on “Spirit Animal Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination! I have a few nominations if you would like to give my spot to someone else. I am very grateful! I promise I will get a new chapter up soon. Life is hectic right now.
    I loved learnimg more anout you and that you shared your family with us! Does this make you Eliza Pancakes? (She gets a bad rep lol)

    Also, I adore Snow and her new beginning woth Prince.

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  2. OH LISA!!! Congrats on this beautiful nomination and write up I love getting to know YOU better :)!! I will work on mine soon Thanks so kindly for the nomination, for thinking of me and your support means the world to me!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re welcome! 😀
    It was great to see photos of your lovely family. And a photo with husband is great 😀
    I may sometimes comment as “Zygi” ^^”

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  4. Congrats, lisa! I’m in the Pacific Northwest too (southern Idaho) though my Dad moved to Kingston a few years ago. I’m going up there to visit for the first time this summer, we are going to the Mariners Labor Day weekend games together! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’m actually in Mountain Time, not Pacific, only the panhandle of Idaho is in Pacific time. Though WA, OR, and ID are collectively the Pacific Northwest… I have a strong affinity for these states (was born in OR, raised and live in ID, have family currently in WA). Gorgeous area, with so much geographic diversity, too!

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      2. Ha ha ha that’s true … My mind went to sleep. I always tell my family who lives in Michigan and Maryland that if you come out here I am two hours from everything you can imagine. Two hours from the mountains. Two hours from the ocean. Two hours from two major metropolitan areas. And only three hours plus or minus depending upon how you drive from the desert. This is a very unique place to live.

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  5. Congratulations, Lisa! Also, thank you for the nomination! Glad that you’re enjoying Medicine Man Matt’s Medical Adventures! 🙂 I’ll find time to get back and get some chapters for him. Right now, life is busy.


  6. Congrats for the nomination (though I don’t know what ist but surely has something to do with SimsLit 🙂
    I loved to watch your family pics (lovely Bob and daughters ♥♥♥ ) and noticed some similarities (I have two dauhgters and three grandchildreen) and I must confess you something! Bob and Elisa Pancake are the only sims allowed to live on my saves, bevor “Get together” and they are still my favourite Maxis sims couple ;))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wunderbar .. die kinder und enkel kinder sind ist der sagen … nicht certain ist das korrect lol

      Bob und Elisa ist miene liebste

      The nomination was from another blogger for my use of cc and screenshots


      1. Ja! Das stimmt! Kinder und Enkelkinder sind wirklich ein Segen! ♥♥♥ (you meant blessing, I think? (If you don’t mind I corrected you?)
        And thank you too for telling what the nomination was about (CC + pics while writing doesn’t count)

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      1. I did by curiousity 🙂 I never reveal a lot of myself so seeing others are happy and florish makes my heart warm. I know a little about Bob Pancake and calling friendly your hubby like him makes me laugh.

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