Snow and Prince Redux #7.1 Horsing Around

❤ ❤ If you are horse happy (like I am) then you will love this blog ❤ ❤

Snow just needed a bit of time away by herself … she enjoyed the day with her pal  NobleFire 🙂

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Horse cc



22 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #7.1 Horsing Around

    1. Lol I knew you’d like that one. And by the way my daughter took reserve grand champion this past weekend. I’m so excited for her. We are off to nationals soon and she’s expected to do very well.

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    1. Wow then you are gal after my own heart. My daughters are equestrians and I used to ride horses when I was younger. Now I spend most of my time with the show ponies while my daughters get ready to ride. We just got back from the nationals in Idaho. It was so much fun to be around all those beasties. Her horse turned into an idiot she didn’t do very well but we sure had fun.


      1. Horse lovers unite! Hearing about your daughter’s horse made me smile. Ponies are such amazing, unpredictable little creatures at times haha. There’s a 4-H Pony Club ten minutes from where I live and I help out there on the weekends that I don’t volunteer at the rescue shelter (I am studying to become a vet) and those ponies.. LOL. I really think ponies have a larger than life attitude.

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      2. oh her horse is full sized .. he is an Arabian (and not the brightest bulb in the string) .. but we all want a little pony for the grands .. one day 🙂


      1. Finger crossed, ts4 lacks a lot of stuffs and a lot of lacking stuffs can easily fits with the modern partying spirit of the game.

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