Snow and Prince Redux #8.1 Hogwarts Adventures for Princesses

Yipee it is Saturday!  Now that their homework is done the princesses Caroline and Rose White, with their imaginations fueled by the book their teacher has been reading to them, can play all day!

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This incredible build is from (origin ID)  Simoniona (if you have not stopped by to visit her on the gallery you are truly missing out on a fabulous creator)




21 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #8.1 Hogwarts Adventures for Princesses

  1. And again you surprised me! Somehow your’re showing me what I always thought it is true: there is maybe nothing one can’t do with the sims… and the possibilities keep growing! I loved how you changed from the pic with the dollhouse and and the “true” Hogwarths and this time a story almost without text told! I’m following Simoniana already. She is a great builder, indeed! 🙂

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      1. That is precisely what I think about sims lit! When you got a “perfect” pic, why spoile it with many words and took the effect of it? – but mostly not any pics are perfect … and some texts and pics just belong together… the right mix is what I keep looking for. 🙂

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      1. NOt yet – I am planning on going into manage worlds though and kicking the clown convention out of town – you know as a concerned mayor of simsville I have to maintain order LOL

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