Snow and Prince Redux #9 Death of the King

It is a very somber time for our dear Charming family. King Charming has died.

The day began, as so many did, with family gathered all around. The fellas by the pool and the ladies chatting in the parlor.

03-31-16_3-56-39 PM

03-31-16_3-59-54 PM

There was the usual eating .. drinking .. laughing and merriment. Just doing life together when suddenly he was just gone.

04-01-16_1-54-55 AM

Right there in their midst he passed, doing what he cherished most, loving his family! Queen is quite shaken and has taken to her bed!  Snow and Prince struggle to remain strong for her and the girls. Snow is thankful that Ellie has stayed on and will tend to Queen in her grief.

The death of his father has Prince’s thoughts in swimming in confusion. He is caught in a jumble of memories that crash in on him and trigger waves of grief. Overwhelming concerns for the future of his family and the kingdom is a the forefront of his mind.  He spends a lot of time walking on the beach. The fresh air and the sound of the ocean always seem to bring him clarity.  Today as he turned for home he looked up and there he saw his sweet little Rose White coming toward him. He stooped to hug her and he saw his lovely bride approaching too.

04-02-16_9-47-47 PM

He considered how fortunate he is to be blessed with these two!  They walk along side of him in these dark days!  His heart was comforted by this thoughts!

It has been about two weeks since King has passed. Snow is concerned that Queen has been spending too much time cloistered.  She needs to get out for a bit and start interacting with the outside world.  Snow suggests a trip to the  newest Windenburg Library.  It is housed in a regal old castle and is a delightful amalgam of yesterday and today.

04-02-16_10-28-13 PM

You can find state of the art computer systems and latest books in the upper main rooms but the literary treasures and artifacts that lie deep in the lower rooms are amazing.  The family arrives in a flutter of mirth and excitement.  The girls seem to always make their presence known instantly.  Blair and Irene opt to do their exploration on the computer systems and to chat (quietly of course) with the young people who assemble here.

The two little scamps, Rose and Caroline, have other plans.  There is serious exploring to do here AND they are off to go do just that!

04-02-16_10-52-57 PM

04-02-16_10-52-58 PM

Queen and Snow select reading material from the lower rooms.  With dusty tomes in hand they settle near a cozy fireplace for a nice read.  Truth be told they did not do much reading.  You could tell that Queen was so glad to have her sweet DIL to talk to.

They all whiled away many happy hours in this place on this day.  it was like a breath of fresh air for the family!



The FAB build is from Simoniona  .. all cc free!

castle trip

Just to show you what a WONDERFUL replica she has made here is the original …



30 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #9 Death of the King

  1. Another wonderful venue showed, I adore her builds indeed and follow her creations in the Gallery too. Such a shock to have the King leaving the charming family but good to see the family is coping together

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The poor Charming Family. I am glad that they have each other to lean on during their hard times for sure, Queen and Snow seem to rely so heavily on each other for support and comfort! It actually reminds me of my relationship with my MIL, which is so nice. It is wonderful to be able to relate things from your own life back to a story, it makes it that much more realistic to me.


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