Snow and Prince Redux #10 Good news!

Snow has some very exciting news. Heaven knows this family could use some happy news. King has been dead for nearly a month now and the family is trying to find normalcy but it has been slow going. This morning a pregnancy test had confirmed her suspicions that their happy little family was growing. Snow had a struggle just to keep from blurting it out at breakfast.

04-04-16_2-36-36 AM

She wanted to wait til the afternoon when Rose White would be home from school and Prince finished with work.  Then they all could have time to celebrate together.

The clock ticked so slowly that it seemed to stand still.  One o’clock .. two o’clock .. three o’clock .. FINALLY!  They are all at home!  Snow could hold it in NO longer.  She blurted out the news.  Rose White could not believe her wonderful fortune. OH she wanted a little sister or brother so badly!  She hopped around exclaiming, “just wait til Caroline hears this!”  Snow laughs at her daughter’s spirited response. Prince’s head was spinning. He was so happy and yet found himself fighting off fleeting feelings of dismay. The thought of this sweet little baby entering the world under this gloomy cloud that seems to be surrounding them these days was oppressive.

These fears were dispelled when he saw the joy on the faces of his two precious ladies. Who would this new little person be?  While he did not know who was coming what he did know who would be waiting.  He or she would be dearly loved!‪

The kingdom is in a fervor over the new baby and Prince feels it would be best for Snow if he took the family off for a little time away. Snow has not felt well this pregnancy and she needs a nice rest. Taking a couple of days off to go camping and spend some time on their boat is a perfect Band-Aid for what has been ailing them.  Prince is already on deck when snow comes up ready for some sunbathing.   He catches sight of her and lets out an audible breath.  Snow instinctively attempts to cover her 3rd trimester tummy with her hands (to no avail of course).  “I feel like a cow,” she moaned.  Prince rose and taking her in his arms,  reassured her that she is the fairest of them all.

04-13-16_12-52-59 AM

Their time on the boat has been delightfully quiet and peaceful. In the fresh air and sunshine Snow is doing so well that she is positively glowing. Prince is taking some time out to pick a few tunes on his guitar. Music has always been his passion but life gives him few opportunities to enjoy it. He is also having a blast whipping up new drink inventions on the mini bar. He cannot wait to show them off to the Royals when they meet again (they have not met since King’s death).

Things are a little too quiet for Rose White. She decided to do some frog hunting and a bit of exploring. As she was digging out a nice fat frog from a log …

04-13-16_1-13-53 AM

she glanced up and freezes in place. Coming towards her is a bear!  Her little heart pounds as she frantically considers what to do …

04-13-16_1-16-15 AM

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24 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #10 Good news!

  1. Yay a nooboo! I was a bit surprised at Rose’s reaction. She seems so happy in her little world with the other princess that I would think she wouldn’t want to share it but alas she’s happy! The preggo pics of Snow are adorbs. I love the camp/boat. You always find the coolest stuff. Look it’s a bear walking on two legs! *gasp*

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    1. AHHH I wondered why you never answered the nomination I submitted for you on the spirit award (but it is ok you and everyone else … I read many but read by very few from the forum) … As I explained in there Snow White was not supposed to be a story. She was one of the wacky characters in my insane asylum challenge. Slated to start a new one but not yet ready I decided to “stop” by and see how Snow was doing … and the story sprang to life. (I am new to the blog but not new to stories .. I posted to FB for years)


  2. Rose looks so cute reading under that big sun hat and looking for frogs… I love her adventurous nature. I’m sure she’ll have a blast with a younger sibling to play with, I know I certainly did as the oldest sibling with my younger sister!

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  3. Yay to a new baby! I hope it is a little Prince hehe 🙂

    But oh no… the end seemed quite ominous. I hope Rose is going to be okay!


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