Snow and Prince Redux #13 The Babies

04-23-16_3-13-04 AM

HOME!  They are finally out of the hospital.  Snow looks down at the bed full of babies and honestly wonders how she is going to do this.   For the first time she wonders if she should get a nanny to help.

She is grateful for the support of her beloved husband and Mother-in-law.   Caring for the triplets is a daunting around the clock ordeal!

Prince is working from home so that he can be near by to help.  He even has a crib set up in his office to have his baby daughters close by.

He has also been very sensitive to other ways he can be a help in running the household too.  AHH Prince knows that there is very little as attractive as a man who says, “you sit here dear and I will do the dishes.”

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Queen is exceptional as a doting grandma.  She always seems to have a little in her arms.  The babies already know her quiet voice and settle easily for her.

05-21-16_2-26-29 AM

Rose White take her role as BIG sister very seriously.   Her greatest joy is in making the babies laugh.  She just adores them.

Soon they find their rhythm.  Caring for the babies becomes less laborious and they even find a bit of free time for themselves.

05-21-16_3-13-41 AM

04-02-16_10-08-50 PM

Snow notices that Prince seems anxious in these past days.  A specter seems to hang over him. Is it the babies she wonders.  “What has you so worried,” she whispers to him as they walk on the beach.  Prince took  her hands and admitted,  “Beloved Snow, I could never live without you.  Should anything happen to you I could not go on!  I never lived until I started loving you.”  The sight of tears in his blue eyes melted her heart.  Wistfully she assures him, “My dear husband, I will be yours ’til the moon and the  stars fall from the sky and this ocean runs dry. You need not worry over such things.”   A dark thought seemed to cross his face but was gone in a twinkling as he held her close.

That very night a dark and sinister shadow crept in to the house.  It was there for Queen.  The anxiety of meeting up with Evella had finally taken its toll.  Prince heard the fall and came rushing in.  He pleased with the grim stranger but it was not no avail.  Snow was crushed.  Queen was not only her loving mother in law but Snow’s dearest friend!

As he stands alone Prince in his grief he weight of the Kingdom comes crashing down upon him.  It is not a burden he is ready to assume.

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23 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #13 The Babies

  1. Oh so many beautiful details in your screenshots it is in itself a work of art!. The triplets look like a handful but this family has so much love and support for each other I am not worried in the slightest that they can make it through. Also I am as gutted as prince for losing the precious Queen 😦

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  2. I’m on my phone… trying to figure out commenting. Sad about the Queen, happy about the babies and loved the pic with the moon behind them. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are the only one to see where I was going. But the game threw me a curve ball when it gave me triplets. That fairytale is one of my favorites. And while it was originally snow white and rose red there is alternate version where they are named Rose white and rose red … You know your fairytales ❤️

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  3. How sad the Queen is gone. She was such a wonderful sima! Poor Snow, not only she lost her best friend but must soon known her beloved family is living under a threat!
    The pics are so beautiful!

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  4. Triplets! Wow that will keep you on your toes. Beautiful pics and a beautiful story…poor Prince and Snow. Now they are truly on their own and so much weight on Prince’s shoulders 😦

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  5. So the sad stuff first.. I hate to see the Queen pass away, She’s been so wonderful to Snow and such a great grandma. Hopefully there will be a happily ever aftermath where she can see the King!

    And the triplets – oh my. I love the crib that they have, and that Rose is such a good sister. It’s a good thing she was excited about becoming a big sister haha.

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  6. Oh no! Things seem to be down for the Charming’s don’t they… Poor Queen, she was such a wonderful and loving mother, wife, grandmother and friend. I know that her memory will resonate with her family and even generations from now her great-grandchildren will tell their children stories of her and her wonderful husband.

    And dear Prince! My heart aches for him! He has so much burden on his shoulders, I can’t help but wonder how he is going to carry it all, will he tell Snow about her step-mother’s threats? Or will he continue to carry it all himself. I think both situations have their pros and cons, and hopefully he will be able to live with whatever choice he makes without feeling too burdened by his responsibilities.


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