Snow and Prince Redux #15 GRRR

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Little did Snow know as she forbade Queen Evella to see her daughters that the Princesses had already had encounters with this vile one.

As you may recall once there on the beach near the royal quarters (blog flashback) AND …

Just a few weeks prior, the  girls were enjoying an outing to the movies.  They did not notice the dark woman who came silently upon them as waited for the show to begin.

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“What repugnant little creatures you  are my dears,” the vicious “grandmother” snarled.  “Especially YOU .. you are particularly odious!”  She directed all of her venom  toward Rose Red.  The fact that Rose Red favored her mother made the evil Queens blood boil.  Violet attempted to step forward in her sisters defense only to feel the sting of her grandmother’s tongue.

Prince arrived just in time to save the day for his darlings.   We see quickly that our gentle dad has a Papa BEAR inside of him when it comes to his cubs!  Evella found him MOST distasteful as he rose to defend these nasty little beasts!

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Queen Snow could NOT believe her ears Prince KNEW of this!   His daughters were in danger and he did not tell her about it!

Snow angrily marched into the house and demanded some of his time  …

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She fiercely confronted Prince with the information she had gained from Evella.  HOW COULD HE keep such a dangerous secret from her?  Prince was devastated.  Snow’s words cut him deeply!

Gathering up his resolve, Prince explained how he and the Queen Mum had only sought to protect her  from even the knowledge that Evella was near by.  He assured her he had taken precautions to ensure the safety of his family.  Hearing Prince’s heartfelt expatiation was enough to melt her resolve.  How could she be angry at him?  He alone had shouldered the burden of this terrible knowledge.  She embraced her beloved and felt her ire slip away.

That night Prince called in his sisters to come sit with the girls.  After giving them instructions …

he and Snow hit the town.   The message he was sending to Evella was CLEAR!   He nor his Queen would not be intimidated by her!   Cowering in fear was not an option!

Although Prince had breathed out many threats to Evella, she remained undeterred in her hatred and pursuit of Snow’s destruction.  She many hours stalking the Queen’s every move …

She was relentless ..

She had even broken into the house when the family was gone so that she could attempt to get info on Snow by hacking into their computer!

05-21-16_2-27-28 AM


Knowing now that she was busted and unable to personally gain information on the new Queen,  Evella decided to hire a couple of stooges.  She found the perfect patsies .. I mean employees in a local dive.  Although these two did not have a single brain cell between them, she was pleased with their willingness to obey and though they would do “just fine.”  OH and BTW she only has two stooges because she cannot afford the third one.

07-01-16_1-02-43 AM

AND it worked!  While they do not necessarily blend into their surroundings they are innocuous enough to get the job done unnoticed.


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17 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #15 GRRR

  1. Now it becomes serious. I fear for Snow since the villain stepmother seams to let her follow from the two sturges but not the girls… what has the evil woman in mind for her? I can’t wait for it! Poo,r poor Snow… I almost wish the happy end won’t be far… but then, when it means the story will soon be over… well… I ‘ll be very patient … also when it takes a long time! 🙂 3 ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh she’s an evil evil woman. I fear for poor Snow and the children. I almost don’t want to see what is coming up because it can’t possibly be good for the family 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no! I don’t like where this is headed at all. Why can’t she leave well enough alone that wretched old woman! (But I do like drama, so perhaps she can stay just a little longer hehe)


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