Snow and Prince Redux #17 The investigation

Snow is missing!  She was not at home when the girls got home from school.  By the time Prince returned from his office the girls had called family and friends searching for her.   No one had seen her.  The girls are quite upset.

07-03-16_2-46-31 AM

Prince heads down to the police station to file a missing persons report.  06-12-16_2-59-00 AM

Officer Tony Woods was manning the front desk and when he heard what was happening he immediately sent the King back to Chief Bill Stancil.

06-12-16_3-04-58 AM

The Chief was quite alarmed about the missing Queen and immediately assigned his best officer to the case.  Officer Danger Theis was to drop every thing and concentrate all his efforts on the missing Queen!

Officer Theis listened carefully as Prince explained the few details he knew about her disappearance.   Officer Theis recommend they start the investigation back at their home.

Officer Theis searched the house and grounds for clues.  He checked Snow’s personal computer and interviewed Prince at length.  He even interviewed the children.  Carefully gathering the information and noting it in a small spiral note pad.

06-13-16_1-52-46 AM

06-13-16_1-54-54 AM

06-13-16_1-50-38 AM

Officer Theis is done with his search at the house.  He has scrutinized every nook and cranny.  Before he departs he reassures Prince that he will not rest til he discovers the Queens fate!

One of the first places he will need to go is to interview Evella.  Her animosity towards the Queen is well known!  She is suspect NUMBER ONE!

06-13-16_1-59-35 AM

06-13-16_2-01-01 AM

As he approached the house he could sense the evil that seemed to surround this place.  It made his skin crawl.   He fought off a momentary sense of dread and entered the house.

His first encounter was with Shamus O’Malley.  What is he doing here?  Shamus and his pal Jimenez Abello were well known nere do wells in the community.  It cannot be good with these two involved, thought Officer Theis.  This certainly does not bode well for her majesty!  It did not take much prodding to get Shamus to give up Evella’s location.  She was downstairs in her boudoir.

06-13-16_2-10-57 AM

Officer Theis descended to the  vile woman’s sitting room.  Her fascination with mirrors was certainly a bit odd.  Seeing himself from every angle was disconcerting BUT not nearly as disconcerting as speaking with Evella herself.  Although she purred like a cat and her voice dripped with honey, Officer Theis was not fooled!  He just knew in his gut that she was involved!

06-13-16_2-28-21 AM06-13-16_2-28-07 AM








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Author’s note:

Evella’s evil abode is the creation of GothKittymimi (well converted a bit for use as a residence)


The wonderful officers are from the gallery …


23 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #17 The investigation

  1. Ooo officer Theis is on the case! and he is GORGEOUS (sings loudly)!!! I have to say that the screenshots of Evellas’ place is extremely stunning too bad she is a bad egg I would have asked her for decor tips LOL. Snow’s girls are stunning even with sad faces they make me wanna squeeze them all. Poor prince will find her yet again I feel it in my bones 😉 – thanks for the update my dear!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol you always make my day … I can hear you singing now. Evella’s place was a conversion I have a community lot done by Michelle (from group) … I am remiss not to have posted that and will correct that when I get home.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No cristal coffin? No dwarfs? (joke :)))
    What has Evella in mind? And now she must know she ist suspected, that may turn very dangerous for Snow! I hope officer Thies will know fast what to do. Or is it now that a friendly baer comes to help?
    The poor girls need some chear up really bad …

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Evella truly is an evil witch! I loved the cat transformation 😉 and speaking of cats I see you have a taste of similar TS4 lot creators as I seem to have. Gothkittymimi is yet another one! I once redid the Caliente home in a Christmassy style for a building comp together with her. Anywayz, great update 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michelle is a very good friend and wonderful builder … oh she is one of my admins in my FB group … love her tons … I need to find you in the gallery then ❤️ …if you do FB then I invite you to join us there too

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, really, how cool! I joined the Sims 4 Community (official) on FB and post a new build there now and then under my own name. Otherwise, I don’t follow a lot of FB groups concerning TS besides that one and a Dutch page 🙂


  4. I found Officer Theis’ presence in the living room SO strange. He’s dressed in all dark and just clashes with the family and their lovely surroundings. It perfectly shows the contrast between the beautiful fairy tale feeling of your blog and the ‘regular’ world the setting is placed in. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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