Snow and Prince Redux #18 Tell Me Have You Seen Her

Tell Me Have You seen Her  … the song repeats in Prince’s heart over and over.  It has been a full month since anyone has seen his Snow.   Although there has been no sighting of her, he refuse to believe she is gone.  Every night he searches thru Windenburg.  Despite his broken heart he is ever hopeful!

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Prince is not the only one who is not giving up!  Officer Theis is searching desolate areas for her body and still hot on the trail of Evella’s stooge Shamus O’Malley … he will not give up.

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He has his partner Officer Woods interview townies and keep an eye on Evella’s other stooge Jimenez Abello.

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He knows in his gut that these two and Evella  have something to do with this crime …

06-10-16_1-53-43 AM06-10-16_3-20-31 AM

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Sim Jimenez Abello is the wonderful creation of DeannaCarver …


22 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #18 Tell Me Have You Seen Her

  1. Awe I had the music playing in the background as I read – love that song! I am gutted for Prince and his beautiful little treasures. I cannot wait for Evella to get her just desserts…I am curious what the deal is with her what is her obsession with Snow? Thanks for the update 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Already a month?…. o dear, poor prince and childreen…. how sad is this? Your pics from Prince’s surch are heartbreaking, so beautiful… and so the song!
    And thank you for letting us know Snow lives… although I believe evil Evella has still something terrible waiting for her. So please let the helpless helpers hurry, will you?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely love the music to accompany this! It really added to the mood of the chapter, isn’t it amazing what music and some well taken pictures can make a person feel? Absolutely adored this.

    But, on the note of reader who absolutely adores the characters in this story, poor Snow! I hope that something happens soon, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be locked away for a whole month. Her children must be terrified and obviously Prince is heartbroken. </3


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