Grandma’s House

first Place jULY 2016

Grandma’s house was magical.  No place has ever held as much charm for me as that little pine log cabin did during my childhood.  If I close my eyes (sigh) I can almost go back there in my mind.  The sound of Grandma’s laughter would ring thru the house.  Her sweet voice spoke kindly to all who entered there.  The fragrance of her house was gladdening.  The rich balm of the rustic pine logs … the pungent aroma of coffee brewing on the hearth (grandma loved her coffee) … the enticing spices that flowed from her little brick oven … and just the slightest smell of smoke that rose from the crackling fire that warmed and cheered us, it was the smell of love and contentment.  Their bouquet is etched in my memory.  Even to this day it will rush me back there when I catch their scent.

The very best of times were cousin sleep overs at her house.  My older brother Jonah and I loved to “camp out” on the floor by the hearth with our younger cousins Johnny and Leela.

06-28-15_1-44 AM

Jonah and Grandma always chatted a lot.  She said she had him first so he had just gotten used to having a lot to say to her.

06-28-15_1-42 AM

I spent lots of time with Leela my baby cousin.  She loved to copy whatever I did.  I pretended to be annoyed but secretly I liked it.

Grandma knew what delighted our hearts and she did not forget any of our favorite snacks. After eating our fill of her wonderful cooking and before we would pull out all of her pillows and blankets and “prepare” our beds she would call us to story time. 

06-28-15_1-45 AM

Oh how we loved story time.  Grandma would write out her stories in little note books to share with us.  We always were the stars of her story.

“Once upon a time …” she would begin softly.  Instantly we were spellbound.  Her eyes twinkled as she leaned in to whisper (our favorite part), “There were four little fae who went to visit their Grammy fae.”

As we listened it was not long before her soft voice drew us to a far off enchanted woods ….

07-26-16_3-41-25 aa AM

“Grammy fae was so happy to see them.  She loved to have them visit her.  She had planned to make a very special treat for them.  ‘Now my little fae,’ Grammy fae said, ‘I wish to make you a dainty berry pudding.’  The little fae gasped they could scarcely believe their ears.  Oh they loved dainty berry pudding!  Their merry little faces turned up at her made Grammy Fae so happy.  Smiling, she instructed ‘you my sweet little fae must go gather the berries for the pudding and return them to me so I can bake your treat.’

Joyously they scurried off with berry buckets in hand.

07-26-16_2-26-42 vAM

Little fae E was the first to find some yummy blue berries.  She placed them all very PROPERLY in her berry bucket.

07-26-16_2-33-55 vAM

Little fae Jo found the strawberries all fat red and ripe.  It was hard not to eat too many of them but he got most of them in the bucket.

07-26-16_2-36-06 vAM

Little fae LeLe scampered to the back of the park where she knew the huckleberries were ripe.

07-26-16_2-38-18 AM

She filled her bucket to the brim.

Now little fae JonJon, he loves berry pudding as much as any little fae possibly can.  It is not that he did not want to pick the berries.  It is  just that, well , he has adventure in his heart.

There is so much to see and do at the park ..

07-26-16_2-39-41 AM

the tree branches are perfect for swinging!

07-26-16_2-28-05 AM

There are such wonderfully huge puddles to slosh around in  …

07-26-16_2-43-12 AM

There are frogs to befriend and fish to catch …

07-26-16_3-01-46 AM

AND someone has to watch out for pirates!  What is a fae boy supposed to do???

Grammy fae was pleased with all the beautiful berries they brought to her.

07-26-16_3-30-56 AM

She went right to work on the preparations and before long the table was set with the most splendid treats.

07-26-16_3-33-44 AM

A dainty berry pudding, chamomile tea AND a lovely fish caught by little fae Jonjon.

07-26-16_3-39-02 AM

The happy fae and JonJon’s new frog friend gathered around Grammy fae’s table to enjoy  a wonderful afternoon together in the enchanted woods.  The End.“

Our eyelids grew so heavy.  With our thoughts filled with sweet images and our tummys full we quickly drifted off to sleep in the happiest place in the world.

They were wondrous days.  I loved grandma so and I wanted to go see her every day.   She was my special someone.  She is gone now but she lives on in our hearts and thru her story books which I read to my own children.  I always tell them, there was no place in the whole wide world like grandma’s house.   Grandma’s house was magical.

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Author’s note MANY thanks to the wonderful builders and cc artist who contributed so much to this story!

fae house build

ding dong


If you see any cc you are interested in please post me a request and I will do th best i can to dig out links.

56 thoughts on “Grandma’s House

  1. Oh this so special and goodness those screenshots were to die for. My grannie was special too – except she made me rice and beans and fried spanish goodness for treat LOL!! I love this short story so much!! ❤ Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Curious to know how your grandchildren reacted to this gem ?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OH I wold be so glad to hear what they think! I find that so charming! A friend of mine in my sims FB group is on holiday in Sicily .. said he read my story (translated to Italian) to his children sitting on the veranda over breakfast .. They loved it 🙂


  2. I loved this! Reminds me of going to my grandma’s house. I remember playing for hours at grandma’s and how “magical” everything seemed as a child. Your story was so sweet and lovely, bringing back many good memories for me. BTW, I loved the screenshots. They are all fun and full of color and life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awwwww!!! I have tears in my eyes. I absolutely feel a kinship to this story as me and my cousins would spend time with my grandmother in the summer. So sweet. Thanks for writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Daaaw! I have such fond memories of staying over at my grandma’s house too! (It will forever smell like her breakfasts to me, even though she “closed the kitchen” after my grandpa passed). The storybook imagery is very magical, it really does look like it belongs in a children’s book, so adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrat! 😉 I just read about it! Well deserved.

    I showed you sweet story to my little ones and they were very found of the wonderful pics… I must but confess that I changed a point and told them the children could turn into little fairies. They loved it and That made your story even magicaler for them. However, for me is your version the beautiful one because I will also never forget how wonderful it was at my both grandmothers and how I can still remember the fine meals they cooked and Grandfathers told 😉 ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The photo editing and the sims and photos themselves with all the decorations was MAGICAL ❤ A really beautiful story that I think many people can relate to- from their own grandparents telling them stories as kids. This was very cute and well detailed. I loved the pirate ship especially! 😀 And when grandma was making the pudding. Great story Lisa. I really love your short stories especially! You're very talented.

    Liked by 1 person

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