Snow and Prince Redux #19 The Interrogation

How long had she been here?  Snow did not know.  She tried to keep track of the days but without windows she lost track early on.  Evella or one of the stooges would bring her food every day.  They passed it through a small window.  Shamus never spoke a word.  He seemed to have no heart just like his mistress.  Every so often Jimenez would whisper a greeting and ask how she was doing?  Snow could see in his eyes that he did not like what he was doing.  On the rare occasion that Evella would bring her food she would taunt Snow by telling her that everyone had stopped the search for her and the Prince is convinced she is dead.  This has its desired effect.  Snow had never known such sadness!  Her heart seemed as though it would break in two.

Officer Theis still felt strongly that the stooges and Evella were involved.  It was determined that they should be brought in for interrogation.

Officer Theis presses Evella hard.  He presents evidence that implicates her.

But she is wily and even tho he pressed her for hours she did not break.  He was certain she was insane and knew she would not give any information.

The next in the hot seat was Shamus.  Oh this man is infuriatingly thick.  His heart was as hard as his head.  Press and press and press to no avail.  Despite a few trip ups in his story  Officer Theis was unable to get any new information.

Officer Woods came in to relieve Officer Thies who had thrown up his hands in desperation and gone out for a bit of fresh air. Stepping in he quickly sized up the lummox that sat in in the chair near his desk.  This one may not be the brightest bulb in the string but he is also not of the same wicked character make up as Evella and Shamus.


06-14-16_1-57-43 AM

This would not take long ..  He musters up his best BAD cop and sits down to have a little chat with Jimenez.

A bit of stern talk and some finger wagging does the trick …  Jimenez is back pedaling quickly .  Officer wood takes one more lunge for the jugular and and smooth as silk Jimenez slides into a confession …

06-14-16_2-02-08 AM

Officer woods immediate books the three villains into the slammer … Evella is very unhappy .. ORANGE is not her best color!

06-21-16_2-22-42 AM_compressed06-21-16_2-20-34 AM06-21-16_2-19-48 AM

Officer Theis is immediately dispatched to Evella’s lair.  There he removes the copy of Oliver Twist from the bookshelf as Jimenez had suggested .. the bookshelf swung slowly open.  The smell dank odor of a deep root cellar wafted up to meet his nose.

06-21-16_2-25-00 AM

He stepped in and descended into the darkness … the long eerie hall stretched out before him …

06-21-16_2-25-34 AM


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27 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #19 The Interrogation

  1. I do hope Officer McSteamy finds Snow in one piece. SO THRILLED they caught Evella oh my she was a twisted little booger wasn’t she. Part of me wants Snow to help Jiminez since he was the one that spilled the beans ❤ Thanks for a wonderful update!

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  2. I.m so glad Snow will soon suffer no more and the evil Evella won what she deserves. Your pics to interrogation were really great and so all the oders. … what a great luck Jimenez is not so bad as the oders an told the trueth… but a pitty het didn’t only under pressure…
    I also thought the last bild was somehow dubious because we didn’t aknowledge how Snow is doing… but maybe she isn’t there any more … or even worse? But no way thought I then I trust you to prefere happy endings 🙂
    And third thought: was there a special reason because Evella abducted Snown… or just because she is crazy?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, there is hope!! Of course Jimenez would crack, thank goodness for the weak link. Now to get Snow back home to her husband and daughters!


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