Snow and Prince Redux #30 A visit with POTUS

11-10-16_2-53-00-amOnly one very important stop on the tour itinerary remains … the White House.  All were quiet and truth be told in a bit of awe as their cars pulled up to a stop in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  POTUS and Michelle beamed as they came out to welcome the King and his family.


The girls followed Michelle as she showed them to their quarters as Prince and Snow headed off to the Oval office to conduct some official business.  Agreements were discussed and affirmed to by a solemn promise by all.



Michelle rejoined them when business was concluded.  Prince regaled them with a lovely ballad as the ladies chatted getting to know one another better.


During the song POTUS got too close to the fireplace and right before their eyes he erupted in flames.  Prince stood stunned as Violet, who just happened by,  grabbed a fire extinguisher from the hall and quenched the flaming POTUS.


While Michelle and Snow look a tiny bit annoyed by the disturbance, they all agreed that they were thankful for Violet’s quick action in saving POTUS from harm!


After a quick clean up POTUS invites Prince and Snow to sample his famous honey porter.


Although a self professed brewing amateur, POTUS artfully concocts the dark rich brew in a specially outfitted basement kitchen.  The porter is made with the finest ingredients and is stored and aged in a special cold room so that once brewed it is cooled and never warms again til consumed.


Hmmm .. not sure what happened to this batch ..


Dinner is served.  Later Violet snickered that she was worried about dropping food on the table linen in front of POTUS.  Rose Red said she was so nervous that she could barely chew and swallow her food and held her breath most of the meal.   The the girls laughed in agreement .. it was an intimidating experience.


Tomorrow the happy band of travelers will happily return home .. but tonight … well how often does one get to occupy a grand bed room in the White House.


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Prince and Snow Redux Table of Contents


TY dear Elke for the amazing rendition of the White House .. you always inspire me!


And MANY THANKS to the sim creator of this FAB FAB FAB version of POTUS and Michelle


41 thoughts on “Snow and Prince Redux #30 A visit with POTUS

  1. Heya Lisabee!

    I loved Catching update once again!!! The homestead was amazing and that gourge? Gorgue? With the grey Ston and moss…it was beautiful! Loving the Autumn vibe in this last chapter. Being Australian it took me waaaaay to long to figure out what POTUS meant. lol – so silly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just caught up on your updates. All fab as always. I love the builds that you use in your story. There are some very talented people out there and you showcase them beautifully. One thing I have to ask though…is Snow perhaps showing a bit of a belly in these photos? Has she been overeating??? She looks awfully fat to me LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Why POTUS? President of United States of America ?
    I am sorry for my ignorance i am not American.
    To see Barack Obama in the sims with Michelle that’s so much crazy and for the little I see him and heard about him his sims is very accurate. He seems to be a very cool man he ruled the world, he rules a big country always with humour. I know why people will miss him an Michelle is beautiful always classy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know you respect his “job” no matter the political side you are, but seeing him on fire makes me laugh ahaha the president is on fire, a thing you never see about French President in my game I don’t play with them . I bet he also because he knows how much American like to play with Presidents and have fun with even with Donald Trump no matter how people hates or loves him. People will make the new couple and people will take revenge on them.

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      2. It is funny because that’s not expected to see a fire on a sim , it could be anybody else I took it funny too. On the official forum a sims 2 player published the christmas tree on fire I was lmao . The scene is funny. By the way your White House is well made and you never see me into political stuffs as well, my world is govern by totalitarism. No President no politics I myself don’t like , I just take everything into fun because the game is fun (not really ts4 to me but the atmosphere is)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. and thank you for confirming me about POTUS I didn’t realise at first sight, I said why Barack Obama is called POTUS I firstly thought it was the way they call US president in the Charming world.

        Liked by 1 person

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