An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno) The Gift


You all know the story very well.  A Little girl wandering in the woods stumbles upon a bear’s den.  She smells the delectable aroma of a lovely breakfast.  The bears had gone out for a walk while their food cooled but the little girl thought she would just wait for them inside where it was nice and warm.  Certainly, they would not mind.


The fine smells of the kitchen overtook her and she thought maybe they would not care if she would just take a little bite or two … she did not want to be rude but she was so very hungry.

I know you know already that Papa Bear’s food was too hot and of course Momma Bear’s was too cold (I am pretty sure this is a universal mom thing … we don’t necessarily LIKE our food cold but that is what we always end up with … ahh but I digress).

Baby Bear’s food was perfect … nibble … nibble … nibble and BEFORE she realized it she had eaten the whole thing!  OH DEAR!  She would explain to them …


Perhaps she should go wait in the parlor.  They would not mind her waiting in the parlor.

Then there were those chairs … AUGH … Papa’s too hard … Momma’s too soft and Baby Bear’s JUST RIGHT.  She at there a while and began to feel very sleepy.

I missed something you say??  The part about the broken chair??  OH!  Well, that part is pure fiction!  The original storyteller used artistic license to create an interesting dramatic situation in order to set up his moral premise is all.  If deductive reasoning is used it would say that a baby bear’s chair would need to be quite sturdy in that a juvenile bear can weight 80 to 100 pounds at just a year old … and a scrawny little girl?  MAYBE 40 pounds if she was soaking wet .. but I digress AGAIN .. if I keep this up it will NOT be a SHORT story.

Sooooo … YAWN … she was getting sleepy and after a few tries of other unsuitable beds she finally she found her way to Baby Bear’s bed.  It was so comfortable and she was just going to close her eyes for a few seconds but instead she fell fast asleep.


“… and she’s still here!!”  Hearing Baby Bear’s shrieks, the little girl wakes up … sees the bears and runs for her very life, up the stairs, out the door and into the wintry chill.

The end??

NO!  As you probably have already surmised .. there is MORE to this story. 

Scared little girls can run very fast BUT mama bears can run even faster.   “Stop!  Little girl where are you going?  You will catch your death out here!”


Too cold to run farther the little girls resigns and slumps down on a nearby log.  Mamma Bear catches up quickly and sits down beside the sniffling child.  “What is your Name child?”  Mama Bear’s kind face showed her deep concern so she weakly uttered, “It’s Molly.”

Goldilocks??  Where did you get that??  OH yes, the original story.  I do not mean to discredit Mr. Southey but the truth is that he never even asked her name.  It was unimportant to his moral lesson so he just gave her the first name that popped into his head … Goldilocks?? Really??  Another truth is that even all the bears have proper names .. but we will get into that later.  I have run off the track again, haven’t I?

“Where do you come from Molly?” Momma Bear queried.

“Oasis Springs.” came the reply.

“Oasis springs?  How on earth child did you get here from Oasis springs?   Your parents must be frantic looking for you by now.”  Molly shook her head no, “No one is looking for me.  My parents dropped me off at the bus stop in Oasis Springs a long time ago.  They have never come back.   I live with Mr Rogers and 6 other orphans .. all abandoned like me.   Mr Rogers is nice to us but he does not have a lot of money and we do not have much food or clothing.  Sometimes I think it would be easier for him if he had one less kid around.  So I left.”

Momma Bear’s heart was near breaking.  She did not understand how could anyone abandon this sweet child!   “Come back in the den my dear .. let’s get you warmed up and fed then I will call for help to get you safely home.”


They called their good friend Officer Theis (sigh) and he was more than glad to help


get Molly safely home.  And true to his word he did .. I mean if you could call this a home.


The sad little child sat heavy on Momma Bear’s head and heart for days.  She simply must go see if Molly was ok.

Arriving at the place she was dumbfounded!  Could this really be the place?


The conditions were appalling!    She had to do something.


Mama Bear hugged Molly for a long time before she left.  “Don’t you worry Molly I will find a way to help.  I will be back.”


A very short while later (thanks to the diligent work of Officer Theis who located Molly’s mom and got her to sign a released for adoption) the happy family stood before the judge who granted full parental rights to Mama and Papa Bear for little Molly.   It was a very happy occasion for everyone!


Molly grew in favor with her parents and her brothers more and more every day.

Yes, brothers …  sorry Mr. Southey, there were MORE than three bears in the family.  Big brother Bruno had been off fishing that morning.  You should have asked.

The sad little girl they had met on the cold blustery day was gone.  In her place was a happy chatterbox who was a constant source of amusement to her family.


“Come,” shouted Papa “we are off to Santa’s Market!”   It is time to buy our Christmas tree and to talk to Santa.  Children seemed to come running from everywhere.  Mama scurried out of the kitchen smoothing her fur and removing her apron.  The market was a festive place resplendent with decorations and lights everywhere.  There were delicious baked goods to snack on, warm, spicy gluhwein to warm the heart and soul and the best hot chocolate this side of the north pole.  I have not even mentioned the toys .. oh the toys .. the best Santa has to offer!


The boys ran on ahead.  Mama and Molly stopped to admire the toy bears. “Mama what gift do you want for Christmas? ”

With a soft sigh, Mama Bear glanced up at her two strong, wonderful sons and to her  handsome, loving hubby already waiting in line to get a quick chat with Santa (I could never figure out why we talk to Santa near Christmas time … he looks a bit grumpy … why not in July when he is not so busy??).

Then dropping her gaze down to the sweet little face that looked up at her with smiling eyes ..


Her heart was filled with joy as a tear escaped her eye, she spoke ever so softly to Molly, “My dear little treasure, I have all the gift I have ever wanted.”


OH and BTW .. just in case you wonder …  Papa Bear and the boys were not hurrying to Santa to ask for gifts for themselves .. they were giving Santa the lists from the orphans and a list of needs from Mr. Rogers.   The Bears were on a mission to see that the kids would ALL have a very Merry Christmas!

AND that is exactly what they wish for you too dear reader 🙂

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Jenn Simtopia’s Christmas Collection

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61 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno) The Gift

  1. he he he

    I love how tongue-in-cheek this is. 😀 It’s also very sweet too. And Molly is adorbs!

    I love this idea! Kinda a similar idea to what became of my Balderdash series…which I should do more often lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore the balderdash series .. one of my favs of yours. I read you regularity in my WP reader but for some reason it does not allow me to comment. 😦 Been meaning to “stop by” your blog when I am on my PC but I get easily … squirrel …

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  2. Wonderful story with the bears (an other Bruno’s fan here ahaha) I am glad you started this story sound like amazing as the snow white one !


  3. Awww. How adorable is this?!! Such a cute and heartwarming story. Molly is one lucky girl. I loved your spin on the Three Bears story and also the touches of humor. Great idea for a new series, too. I’ve been mulling over something similar, as I’ve got TONS of saves in my Sims 3 game that need to be dusted off. 🙂

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  4. haha, I liked this story already, too. Well, I clicked “Like,” but positively loved it! ❤
    But I didn't realize that until the end because I was so drawn into the story which seemed so unfamiliar.
    I love that Momma Bear gives Molly a new start in life!
    Erm, I'm not sure where to go from here….I'm gonna go check the last two-three chapters of the Bachelorette Challenge…

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