Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #3 Meet Mike

This story is a spin-off of Prince and Snow Redux.  Rose White is heir to the throne of Windenburg.  There have been many young men who seek to be her suitor and wish to attempt to win the heart and hand of the young princess (AND the right to sit at her side as King).  A plan was made that would give each young man a fair shot at this quest.  Join us as we see the plan unfold.  You dear reader will be asked along the way to have your input into these proceedings so keep watch!

Today we meet Mike Senna.

“Good morning,”  Mike cheerfully greeted Rose White.  “I trust you rested well.  While I have not stayed there myself, I hear tell that the Castello Di San Marco provides wonderful accommodations!”   “Oh yes,” Rose said wistfully, “It was just perfect.”  Mike held her elbow as he directed her gently into the lovely home of Duchess Matilde.  “Auntie awaits us.  She assures us that breakfast will be ready soon.”


Rose was astounded that what from the outside appeared to be a modest home was filled with wondrous works of art.  Noting Rose’s surprise, Auntie offered, “I enjoy the travel that comes with promoting my fashion line.  I have collected many lovely things on my adventures.”  Rose, eyes wide, smiled and nodded her agreement.


“I am so glad to have you visit my dear.  In the year that my nephew has lived with me he has not been on an outing with friends at all!  Not one!”  Playfully rolling her eyes she added, “The boy spends all of his time working on that boat.”  Mike returned the eye roll.


“While I do enjoy his company, I will be glad to have him distracted for a bit,”  the duchess said with a small titter.


“Auntie stop your play.  I believe I do smell that breakfast is ready,” Mike retorted, a twinkle in his eye!

Over breakfast Rose learned that Mike had come to live with his aunt a little over one year ago.  Her husband had passed away and, in that they had never had children of their own, he had bequeathed his beautiful yacht and the upstairs apartment to their favorite nephew.  Mike had been devoted to the Duke and Duchess since his childhood and still continued to see to his Aunt’s welfare.  “He is to me the son I never had,” Matilde said softly, “and I could not be prouder of him!”  “With that we take our leave Auntie,” Mike stooped to kiss her forehead.  “We will return in a few hours.”


Rose breathed deeply, letting the salt air relax her.  The fresh Mediterranean sea breeze seemed a caress to her face.  Rose uttered dreamily, “Oh Michael, I see why you love it here.  It is so beautiful!”  Beaming, he bowed low sweeping his arm towards the boat, “welcome aboard your majesty.”


Mike grew quieter and quieter.  Rose was concerned and asked what the problem was.    He began, “Rose … I am deeply disturbed.  This … uhh  … searching thru the suitors thing …  and the quest to seek your hand.  Why?  I just do not understand.  What about love?  How does love fit in to it.  OH Rose, come away with me,”  he whispered his plea, “we can sail to  distant islands and be together in paradise.  I will take care of you.  Come with me.”

Sail Away by David Gray   <—- A little mood music if you wish ❤


“You must understand Michael.  My heart says yes lets sail away for adventure and love.  But this is not my lot in life.  I am heir to the throne and this I do for my kingdom and my people.  Once Father and Mother are gone the responsibility to govern them will rest on my shoulders and upon the shoulders of the man who shows himself worthy to be my helpmeet.” Rose affirmed with a slight waver in her voice, “I have agreed to this and cannot go back on my word.”




“Mia principessa, I have decided to throw my life into the hands of the fates.  I will go to your Father and beseech him to allow me to join the throng of suitors who seek your favor.   If it is me that wins out then so be it and if it is not I am no worse off than I am at this very moment.”


Mike was overjoyed to be summoned to the King.   He knew that his pleas had been heard.  Dressed in a very conservative blue he arrived and was ushered in.  The atmosphere in the King’s office was a bit more somber than he had expected.  A seated King Charming was flanked on either side by Officer Theis and Claudia, the assistant to the Princess.   Both had grim expressions on their face.


“Welcome Mike Senna,” the king began sternly, “or should I call you by your given name and title, Michael Prince of Layonne.  By what manner of deception and trickery do you come by this kingdom and my daughter with such a request?   I know well of your family!  They are treacherous and would they seek to acquire my kingdom by your marriage to my daughter?  It is well known that your parents tried at all costs to find a noble wife for you while you were yet a child.  Speak for yourself now and tell me why I should not have you arrested and removed from here.”  Officer Theis adjusted himself a bit to be at the ready.  The silence that followed was oppressive.  The resourceful trio had uncovered a dark secret that Mike had hoped would be buried forever.  He gazed into the face of the angry Father and King and was surprised to note the feelings of admiration for this man growing inside of his chest.   15577931_739420396205828_8869358156044231841_o

“Sir,” Mike spoke with a slight crack in his voice, “I see how this appears but I assure I am not of this mindset.  I renounced my position with my own kingdom when I was to be forced into a marriage of convenience and thru duplicity assume control of her family’s kingdom.    My benevolent Aunt, sister of my mother and woman that your mother knew so well, took me in as her son and has allowed me to live a life of honesty and give me leave to pursue  my passion for the sea.  Auntie Matilde was not directly involved in the life of the court and above all she is a woman of integrity. She did not approve of my parents ways.   I also assure you sir that I am not running away from the nobility but from a the kind of nobility that would oppress the people.  It would be my dream that with Rose White, I would establish the kind of royal family that would bless the people of my kingdom, such as your is sir.  For me love and family is far more important than blood heritages and power.”   This gave pause to King Charming.  Startled he looked over at Officer Theis and then at Claudia.  Both wore silly grins.


After a moment, he rose and crossed over to a seat near Mike.  Leaning in, rubbing his chin and speaking intently he addressed Mike, ” I am a pretty good judge of character and  I believe you.  To be honest, before you arrived, we had decided to arrest you and send you back to your country in disgrace.  I thought you were a charlatan. However, I can see you are sincere and I wish you good luck in the quest. Now Claudia will take your information to make the final arrangements.”  Then in a decidedly daddy moment Prince stated, ” You will do well to remember my daughter is very dear to me and I trust yours and the actions of the other suitors will reflect this understanding.”  Mike nodded somberly, “On my life sir.” Satisfied Prince rose and smiling he motioned to Officer Theis, “Come Jake.  I do believe there is fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen.  Good bye Mike and again good luck.”


That afternoon the princess picks up her tablet and reads about the next suitor … OH .. David Manolas??  I remember this gentleman, we have met before.  Lovely!  I look forward to seeing him again.


On a quick side note.  It looks as though these two enjoyed working together.  Our hunky hero and the helpful right hand 🙂  Ohhh I could see it .. but for now she has lots of work to do to get that princess motivated!


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********************************** credits ********************

Many thanks to my amazing co-lab for this WONDERFUL post  … Ascanius your  romantic boat pose screenies and builds are magical!  Mike is just dreamy!

Be sure to go visit and follow his tumblr (you might even see a few more adventures from Mike on there soon)

Lyhandros  Love Nova Vita  (Tumblr) and his FB Page Lovenovavita





39 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #3 Meet Mike

  1. I wish there was a LOVE butyon, sigh!!! My fav libe of the day…”on my life, sir.” Oh and thos screenies good lands….just remarkable. Hugs to you and Lyhandros you have made my morning.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Very early this morning too. This lovely Sunday morning. Still my Saturday night Lol I am waiting to introduce your two boys so that life will settle down a little bit for you so I can give them a really good introduction too … I have been trying to brainstorm with ‘berto and kali the mix …

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know I want them all to meet at the same time. Meet the family altogether. But then each boy would get his own turn with the princess … I know that at least one of them must have a little bit of boho in his spirit because of his mom and dad. Music must be very important too.

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      2. Yes! Their parents are their heros, mentors and inspiration on what love is and should be. They are repecrful of their differences but give eachother grief none the less hehe

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Vanessa … We need to brainstorm over introducing yours as well. I am letting the artist have a good amount of defining if you will. Keeps me from having seven princes LOL I tend to do the same kind of guys all the time … No worry about relationships in the pre-challenge fun. Everything will be reset once we get to the seven who will participate.


  2. Oh I do like Mike. I became concerned when Charming started questioning him and the deeds of Mike’s family were brought to light. It was good to see that Mike is different than all of that; more like his aunt. I’m kind of shipping these two, but will keep an open mind as the dates continue. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️❤️ ty so much … I do love his aunt she is a sweetie isn’t she. On a personal note I thank you so much for helping with my WordPress. Not a terrifically bright student you have here LOL but I am glad that I managed with pictures and words to actually accomplish what I set out to do. I’m looking into a paid site because it might be friendlier to deal with … I don’t know. what’s your take on that?

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      1. Me, too. It’s a terrible thing. She and I are going to collaborate on a site with a different kind of sims idea. 😀 It should be funny if we pull it off.

        Speaking of upgrading, for me it was totally worth it. I like having my own domain, for one thing. It also gave me more control over my theme because I could then use CSS to change some things about it or add to it. If you decide to upgrade and need any help with anything, let me know. I’d be more than happy to lend a hand. 🙂

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  3. What a twist! I. Want. More.
    The poses and the boat, you really did some magic there.
    Mike set the bar so high. I can’t even imagine what the other dates would look like. Can’t wait to see!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. As for the poses in the boat and the builds that is all thanks to my uber talented Colab Ascanius. He’s a genius when it comes to these type of things. I have to laugh at your remark because he and I were just discussing that the bar was set pretty dang high and that I’ve got my work cut out for the other 13 fellas that will be presented first. As for your wonderful prince Stephan … I would love to connect with you maybe through forum p.m. and ensure that your vision is included when it is his turn up to bat.

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  4. *swoon* I don’t care if your family beyond your aunt and departed uncle are horrible, I still adore you, Mike. You and Rose will live happily ever after. We Mike fangirls will be wearing our shirts and waving flags with your face on it during your next meeting! 😀

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  5. I love Mike. He is a certainly the romantic wanting to sail away with Rose. His background is juicy, with those greedy family members, sounds like a good story plot right there. But, he is sweet and loves his Aunt Matilde and he loves to travel, which would be a good fit for a King. He is a really good contender, well, great, I do believe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ascanius is writing and shooting the backstory … I like the idea so much. But he is fighting the clock is he and his family are getting ready to go on holiday.


  6. I went to Like this chapter and saw that I already did that last year. lol.
    On re-reading, I have a pressing question.
    After all those smexy poses on the boat with Mike, how is the Princess not pregnant already?
    Just kidding.
    Visually fantastic update!!! Kudos to you and Ascanius and the creator of the boat!!!


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