The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #2 Murky Love?

Dear Diary,

As I drug myself home I was considering my Granite Falls trip.  I am so relieved that it was productive.  I learned the concoction and have collected all the ingredients for the bath in a jar potion. Tomorrow, after I am rested, I will begin brewing … what?? OH NO!


I saw them from afar.  All I could think was what are they doing here and what are they looking at?  DANG really?  A pile of trash!  MY pile of trash!  Ugh I was tired, hungry and smelly and did not want to deal with them!  They needed to go!


I arose early the next day, anxious to get my first batch of bath in a jar done!  It sure did not smell all that great while it was cooking.   Considering that I was very hungry and I often consume trash fruit … that is saying a lot!


Finally success!  I hoped against hope that it would work!


I was starving and I stunk.  OH which to do first .. eat breakfast or get clean.  It is an ever present murky dilemma!


I quickly went to work planting my garden.  What a mistake!  Not only did I squander time and effort (NOTHING grows in this contaminated soil except trash plants) BUT I also wasted the ingredients for more bath in a jar.  I will have to save up for another GF trip!


I was a bit bummed after that gardening fiasco.  Got it corrected and took a bit of time to cheer myself with my new old guitar.  I only know how to play “Home Home on the Range” so it really did not do the cheer me up trick.


The mutant raccoons are always good for a laugh .. WHEN they are home that is.  I waited around a bit but they were all off partying somewhere … ELSE 😦


I met up with a few friends at Slipshod Mesquite.  The Fire and Music Festival was here (OK it always is here but still).  They were all trying Strawberry bubbles.


It had some feeling a bit frisky!  AWKWARD!


I am not sure I like it all that much .. but hey everyone is doing it!


I am pretty sure those bubble lessened my inhibitions quite a bit because I found myself hitting hard on ole Paolo.  DUMB huh?  Total waste of time!  Everyone knows he loves his dumbbells the best.  AUGH jocks!   Don was trying to make time with anyone.  But honestly it would take a lot more bubbles for me to consider him!


Thankfully nature called before I started to consider a mutant furry friend.


Later that night a lady vamp showed up at my campsite .. she was wondering if I was looking for a good time … uhhhh


Augh .. the next morning and I was feeling quite pungent.  I wondered who smelled worse me or the rotting food on my table.  I am pretty sure it was me.  OH so glad it was SUNDAY!  A trip to the hot springs would be ahhhhmazing!


Don stopped by.  I challenged him to a dance contest.


I am thinking that was not the “contest” he had in mind!  Go home Don .. there are not enough bubbles in all of Murkland to make me consider you!  Does Murkland have a convent?


I had a quick snack and off to the hot springs I went.


WELL HELLO!  Look what I found in the hot tub!  I  keep it now .. okay … I keep it .. it’s mine now!


It was morning already?  Cannot believe we stayed up all night.  Ridge had to go.  It was his day to work on his family’s garden plot.


BUT first a nice LONG hug good bye!!  OHHH I think YES!


Well that is all for now diary … I am just going to close my eyes for a tiny bit … here on this bench … ZZZZZ


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Murkland (current) Table of Contents

***************************************credits *************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

Misery does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!  

27 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #2 Murky Love?

  1. LOL, great story. This challenge is so much fun. And boy did YOU find a nice chunk of hunk in the hot tub! What a bod…:-)

    I had to laugh when you said Paolo only loves his dumbells… and there next to him stood Don…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This chapter was hilarious! I’m really even more intrigued by this challenge now. Argh! Don’t do this to me Lisabee! I do not need another challenge. Rawr to the hunk in the hot springs. She sure does have a great sense of humor despite the oddness of her situation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I started already! It’s almost 1:30am here and I just finished my first chapter. Darn you. Haha, no really it’s fun I’m glad you found it!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi! Came to check out your story after you replied to me on the forums, thanks for the likes and such I’m like 7 comments away now! Love your story 🙂 I hope you don’t mind I had a question, where did you get those awesome bug jars (habitats? what do you call the container a bug lives in? haha)?


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