Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #7 Meet Stephen

TY for being patient with me on this project ONLY 8 more introductions to go before the vote.  

“Hello, welcome to my sand castle.”  I tried hard to make my voice light and cheery in the hope that it would not waver from the pounding of my heart.   Princess Rose White’s pictures did her no justice!  When I first caught sight of her I was totally caught off guard by her grace and beauty.

03-09-17_2-53-21 PM

We made small talk about my home and decor as I quickly ushered her into her quarters.   I could feel the red rising in my cheeks as I was flattered by her compliments to my humble little abode.


She wanted to freshen up and then we would take a walk on the beach and a quick swim before dinner tonight.

03-09-17_2-58-29 PM

I have lived on this Island my whole life but seeing her revel in the vivid colors, warm breezes and bright sunshine seemed to make everything more wonderful.  Her energy was infectious.  I could not seem to stop talking.

03-09-17_3-00-41 PM

My heart nearly sank to my feet when Rose inquired of my parents.  This is not what I had planned for our first meeting but I thought hey might as well get it out of the way.

“My parents governed this island, as did my grandparents and great grandparents.   This has been out home, we have always lived here.

One day when I was 10 my Father told Mother he was feeling compelled to visit the heart of the island.  Mother never felt comfortable there but Father said he needed to investigate a very loud sound he had heard a few days earlier.  Mother would accompany him but I did not go with them.

As they neared the heart of the island they were approached by an odd little man.  Father was immediately alarmed by him.  He sensed the man’s malevolence toward he and Mother.

03-15-17_3-22-12 aAM

He introduced himself as Brandywise and told them how he had crash landed here just a few days ago.

03-15-17_3-21-50 aAM

He asserted that since his power and intellect were far greater that of the inferior beings who reside on this planet he would be taking over as governer until his rescue.  Of course, although it incurred the wrath of Brandywise,  Father and Mother objected vehemently!  Brandywise was a powerful alien wizard and not to be trifled with so this move was not without consequence.

03-15-17_3-23-12 aAM

In a great fit of rage he transformed Father and Mother into fish.  Human fish and they would live in the great lake at the heart of the island.  They begged him to spare me, their only son. He did but he also placed a cursed me that prevents me from leaving the island.

03-15-17_3-29-21 aAM

Mother and father still live there today.”

03-15-17_3-29-30 aAM

Rose assured me that she and her family were no strangers to enchantment but that she was perplexed, “If you are unable to leave the island how did you learn of the quest and even more importantly how do you expect to participate in this quest?”

03-12-17_1-56-25 AM

I related that I had over heard two dreadful pirates speaking of the quest over a pint at a local bar.  It seems they had a man who was to apply to be a suitor.  They bragged of his great prowess and ability to win the beauty.

“My heart sank, princess, at the thought of someone so innocent as you in the arms of such a dastardly scoundrel.  I immediately resolved to seek a way.

03-15-17_2-55-30 aAM

I knew it must involve an excursion to visit the wicked Bradywise.  He has grown darker and darker since his people have not come to rescue him and apparently abandoned him to this planet.  He is a loathsome being but I had to see him to beg to be allowed to leave for this quest.

In the end he gave his permission but only after I had agreed that if I fail to win the quest I never allowed to return to this my home.  Should I win I may come and go as I please.”

03-15-17_2-55-49 aAM03-15-17_2-57-15 aAM03-15-17_2-58-23 aAM03-15-17_3-00-02 aAM03-15-17_3-02-51 aAM03-15-17_3-08-10 aAM

Rose was stunned at my brash agreement but was relieved a bit when I told her that I accepted these terms at the urging of my parents who did not want to see me grow old alone on this island.

A dining adventure at Le Café Queue de Dauphin, a chic French restaurant featuring avantgarde cuisine followed by drinks and dancing was a perfect way to spend an evening getting to know one another.

03-13-17_3-09-03 AM03-13-17_3-21-31 AM03-13-17_3-22-04 AM03-13-17_3-29-43 AM03-13-17_3-32-09 AM03-13-17_3-34-09 AM03-13-17_3-34-10 AM03-13-17_3-38-47 AM03-13-17_3-40-29 AM

We ended the night back on the beach for a little night swim and some stargazing.  I am pretty sure I have never noticed how amazing they were before seeing them in Rose’s eyes.

03-13-17_3-40-50 AM

We were off bright and early the next am.  Headed on a hike to the heart of the island to introduce Rose to my parents and to enjoy the solitude and beauty that surrounds the great lake there.

I Must admit with King Charming checking in on her every hour or so I was glad that there would be no cell reception at the heart of the island.

03-12-17_3-34-02 AM

Rose ran down to read up on island lore while I visited the facilities.  While there a friend of hers, well actually a friend of her sister’s boyfriend Bruno, happened by.  I did not think we would ever get rid of him.  Arnold sure was a chatty one.

03-12-17_3-43-53 AM03-12-17_3-44-39 AM

FINALLY we settle in for a bit of lunch.

03-12-17_3-45-42 AM

UNINVITED, Arnold comes up and slides in next to us sputtering and chuckling something about , “Did I ever tell you about the bees in the honey story? (yucka yucka yucka)” *  I had no idea what to say.  You can’t just tell a bear to leave can you?  This is not the date I had planned.

Then I heard a sound, something like a small trumpet, and was instantly surround by the most horrific odor.  I thought I was going to DIE!  Rose just let out a small titter.  I think she is much more accustomed to bear behavior than I am!  My appetite was ruined.

03-12-17_3-47-45 AM

A quick pit stop and then we would be off.  Oh how embarrassing!   I dozed off while she was in the restroom!  I don’t know what got into me.  I was so tired the whole day.  We stayed up so late and then I did not sleep well knowing she was near by.

03-12-17_3-50-46 AM

The day was perfect for venturing into the dense undergrowth.  Rose seemed to be in her element even running ahead to catch bugs that interested her.  I am not into the bugs but I allowed her appreciation for them.

03-12-17_3-54-54 AM03-12-17_3-57-22 AM

(As always) suddenly the jungle gives way to the magnificent heart of the island.  An oasis of sunlight, vibrant colors and tropical sounds greets the heart and mind.  I have been here many times and still its beauty resonates within me.  We enjoyed our lazy day in the sun together.  My heart was content and I wished this day would never end!

03-13-17_2-22-58 AM03-13-17_2-32-16 AM03-13-17_2-46-51 AM03-13-17_2-49-34 AM03-13-17_2-51-57 AM03-13-17_2-53-52 AM03-13-17_2-55-20 AM03-13-17_2-55-21 AM

I did have such an problem with being sleepy all day.  Thankfully Rose was gracious and over looked my churlish behavior.

I was told by the park ranger that during one of my naps she was seen running around near nude pulling up rare tropical plants.  Those of us who live on this island know well that strange things happen here in the heart!

03-13-17_2-55-23 AM03-13-17_2-55-22 AM

Mother and Father arrived early that evening.  Everyone got along famously.  I could tell they adored Rose as much as I do.

03-15-17_1-39-26 AM03-15-17_1-48-14 AM

My feet felt like lead as I escorted her back to her Father’s waiting helicopter.  Questions swarmed in my head! Why did she have to go?  Would I ever see her again?  What feelings doe she have for me?  Only time will tell .. with great resignation I released her hand and watched as she flew off.

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*****************credits ***************************

*TY Dawn Dunlap for the marvelous bear joke one liner ❤

Cast of characters:

TY Maladi for the handsome prince Stephen


I know you have seen him before and will likely see him a lot in the Bruno Story .. Fab villain done by Lonnykins


Cameo appearance by the amazing Cpt Hook from Virtualee’s  S4 Disney Bachelor Challenge  (it is marvelous)


MMM the delicious Meatball aka Tony Corleonesi (dressed up as a pirate)  .. by Maladi and featured in her excellent story The Heffner legacy


Venues (TY to our wonderful builders .. without my stories would not shine):

Shrek’s Swamp build by the FAB Waterwoman of AKISIMA blog


The lovely beach bar done by The great Simphony

beach bar

Oasis National Park by Luex666

heart of island

Mini Sand Castle by Rivendell Star


Impact Crater by Simstruction


This blog features the FAB Tropical Getaway Mod ..

Tropical Getaway (mod)

Mermaid poses by Dreacia














39 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #7 Meet Stephen

  1. I like him, but not sure he is going to make the cut…sleeping all the time…how rude! The bear toots and bugs can be overlooked but not the napping. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love your sense of humor Lisa, borrowed or not. I think the pics looked fabulous and Wow!..what a great date. Who couldn’t fall in love this way, I have no idea. I loved the look of his parents as well. So vivid and bright, but perfectly magical.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! This must have been so hard to put together. It all looks absolutely amazing. The island, the crash site, the mermaids! And I have to admit I totally failed to recognize Tony in his disguise. Shame on me!
    I also fear Stephen lost points with his naps. Poor boy. He will never see his parents again if he loses.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, Lisa, why must you make the choices so hard? hahaha I love this guy but I’ve said that about all of them, I think. I sure did enjoy the story he told about his parents. And the bear joke was hilarious! 😀 Man, I can’t wait to see the next one but I know it will just make me like whoever is next. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A bad Alien, that if I remembered well already work with Evella didn’t he? Both together , firework of troubles ah ah ah 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yes he was even hired by Evella before Snow was kidnapped. I know I got a good memory but when I read an English text it’s so rare I don’t master it at all. I am glad he’ll be back ahaha I hope Stephen can find a cure from his spell as Bruno’s family found it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. probably it’s harder for him just because he have to stay prisoner in this island so compared to Bruno who can back and forth everywhere , Stephen isn’t really conscious . he probably suffer from a syndrom ..aha yes we joined a lot about the story.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. This is going to be a tough competition! His story was pretty neat and I liked the looks of his parents. Rose White sure is getting a bit free isn’t she?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your support for my stories. I really appreciate that. Yes Stephen had quite the heartbreaking story didn’t he. That story was like pulling teeth to get it done though. For whatever reason the game just went crazy on me all sorts of weird things happened.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This was an epic backstory I LOVED IT…and look I saw HOOK and TONY whaaa!!?? Loved loved LOVE it!
    Sadly, I don’t know abut the random sleep sessions but A for effort Prince Stephen ❤ Lisa your pics have always amazed me but wow is it possible they are so much better now?? YES

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading … I have been having lots of fun introducing the bachelors. I want to give each one of them a special time because they belong to other people. I do love the tropical mod that I used here … dang near impossible to get a bad shot LOL

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  7. This is certainly a sad chapter…and Stephen really put everything on the line to be with the princess, for if he is not chosen, he is unable to return to the island, where his parents are forever trapped. This is so sad. He is taking such a HUGE risk! And then wanting to be in the competition to “protect” her from scoundrels. lol So, this part got my vote….BUT…He really had a lot going for him, but he lost points when he didn’t really get along with the bear, who was Bruno’s friend, and didn’t appreciate the interruption. I felt that a side of his personality was shown here that was not too nice. He should have gotten to know the bear and not been so possessive about Rose. So, sorry, I don’t think he makes the cut because of this. A King has to get along with everyone.

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