The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #4 Puffer-Dome Experience

Well … I know that Lisabee normally does these updates but as you can see from the last 4 diary entries that she is not really with us …

Even tho seriously distracted, Lisabee is busy with the survival challenge set before her and trying to beautify her surrounding as best she can.  She is not quite the amazing junker that some other Murky types are (ahem .. ahem Freddy and Trin) but she is giving it her best shot.

02-19-17_2-32-41 AM

MMM some lovely free hotdogs were just sitting there waiting to be enjoyed.  Happy (FREE) lunch!

Now you know you are seriously funkadelic when you offend even a mudder!  Thankfully (for all of us) it is bath day!  Goooodnight what a stench!

02-19-17_3-01-33 AM

Off to home and to finish up a few chores before heading over to the hot springs.  Just walking along …  enjoying the sunshine .. meeetin’ and greetin’ friends along the way!

Augh Don .. always Don … every time she turns around there is Don.

AND you keep on a stepping Caliente  … ya little floozy .. only room for one ravishing redhead on this block!

03-01-17_2-15-25 AM

Either those hot dogs were bad or …

03-01-17_2-24-28 AM

UH Mad .. you got something like white glowing all around you.  I .. I think it is freaking her out.  Perhaps you need to get yourself under control dude.

03-01-17_2-16-35 AM

The hot dogs did not hold her and the trashfuit snack did not fill her up soooo  …

03-01-17_2-24-29 AM

she thought to ask Ridge and his family out to dinner at Murland’s only restaurant … the Pufferdome.

There they are … all smiles (and sit ups ??) .. ohh and just look at that sweet face.  Is it any wonder that (like a love sick junior higher) Lisabee has scribbled his name in hearts all over her diary.

03-01-17_2-28-33 AM

Lisabee having a fan girl moment … “Hi Bella .. Hi.”

03-01-17_2-27-39 AM

This place is so fab that even Bella Goth eats here .. wow .. our girl is all a flutter.

03-01-17_2-30-05 AM

(Must be the fish right?)

03-01-17_2-30-58 AM

Dang .. the second Ridge turns his back look who slithers in ..

03-01-17_2-33-53 AM

The waitress seems to be having difficulty seating the family.  Momma Cliff Dweller is objecting.

03-01-17_2-35-06 AM

Ridge rushes to her side and beseeches her, “Momma PUHLEEASE don’t embarrass me!  Just sit down.”   The family obliges because they know how much this odd little red head means to him.  AND as Pops Cliff Dweller says .. it could be worse he could be dating one of the infected.

03-01-17_2-35-07 AM

UH OH more drama .. seems that Lavender and one of the infected have something unsettled between them.  Well actually they have dumb old Don between them but .. (Lisabee did not notice she was too busy trying to hug Ridge .. who appears to be standing a bit far off).

03-01-17_2-37-06 AM

Anyway two settle down and save the drama another time and another place.  With hissing and glares the argument is tabled (and so was the family).

03-01-17_2-39-08 AM

Time to dig in ..

03-01-17_2-40-36 AM03-01-17_2-42-51 AM03-01-17_2-44-12 AM03-01-17_2-45-27 AM

None of the Cliff Dwellers ate the fish.  Lisa later learned they were all vegetarians (DOH) and she has vowed to never cook anything but tofurkey again!


They are all off to the hot springs.  By now Lisabee smells like a ripe Limberger Cheese but the Cliff Dwellers are hippies and they are not offended by it.

(Fun fact:  When Limberger cheese reaches three months it produces its notorious smell because of the bacterium used to ferment it.  Brevibacterium linens is the same one found on human skin that is partially responsible for body odor and particularly foot odor.)*

03-01-17_2-50-51 AM

OH poor thing by the time she got to the community ice chest her family had already gotten all the good stuff and all that was left for her was Froot Loops ..


she hates Froot Loops!

03-01-17_2-50-52 AM

Tub time!  Community bathing WTG!

03-01-17_2-50-53 AM

Girl you had best wake up … opportunity lost!

03-01-17_2-50-54 AM

Ahh but at the bon fire … opportunity found!

03-05-17_11-34-01 PM

You know she must really like him .. she has not payed any attention to the fire at all!!  That is seriously out of the norm for this pyro.

03-05-17_11-34-43 PM

I am thinking Ridge is liking what he is seeing too!

03-05-17_11-37-49 PM

UHHH scram Lavender!

03-05-17_11-39-18 PM

ooo la la ..

03-05-17_11-40-25 PM

Happy camper (well at least one of them … the cat is ticked because his bowl has been empty all day … don’t worry he will get even later when she sleeps).

03-05-17_11-55-49 PM

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********************************** Credits ******************************

TY Brennachan Sims for all your hard work to give us a FAB challenge.  ALL the builds and townies are Brennachan’s and you can find links on her forum thread.

If you are interested is seeing more of what this challenge is about visit   

“Misery” does love company soooo we would love to have you join us!


*Thank you Wikapedia for fun facts about Limberger Cheese



40 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #4 Puffer-Dome Experience

  1. I loved the extra touches. The scribbles, fruit loops and limburger cheese refrence. Boy Don sure was trying to get a cameo wasn’t he? Seems like things are really heating up with Ridge. I can’t believe she spent the entire day that stinky! I kept laughing at the green cloud of stink following her.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. lol … mine feels that way about Kimchee … my Korean friend taught me how to make it when we lived in Germany (lol strange I know) and he complains all the time when I make it … he fears the stink even though mine does not stink because I don’t ferment it

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I am a simself player since I got the sims original and I never find to play with me strange, it’s so amazing and very funny. If you got some fears to share with a simself player , don’t hesitate to ask me here or in the official forum.

        Liked by 1 person

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