Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #8 Meet Jack

I have to confess that I was not looking forward to this meeting.  Oh not that I did not want to meet Jack .. I just did not want to visit this frigid region.   After my meeting last week in the tropics I was certain I would freeze to death here.  But when Jack picked me up at the train station I was cheered by his warmth and levity and I put my fears aside.

04-03-17_3-47-18 AM

Arriving to his Island I was awestruck by the beauty of the frozen landscape.  I think my astonishment was apparent because, with a twinkle in his bright blue eyes,  he motioned with his arm widely and cocking his head said, “welcome to my humble abode.”

04-03-17_3-47-17 AM

I got settled in to my room and then met Jack out in the living room.  “We have dinner reservations at eight,” he informed me.  “I thought we could have a quick cocktail before hand.”  Jack waved and opened his hand and …

04-05-17_3-07-33 AM

an ice cube appeared.  He laughed at my slack jaw and said, “sorry to be a show off Rose.  I have a special .. um talent .. I guess you could say.  Ever since I was a small boy I have had the ability to freeze things.  As a boy I loved to trace patterns on the windows.   It is why I got my nickname .. Frost.”

I told him that I had heard tales of Jack Frost.  That he was stuck at the age of 14, but is able to change to physical age up or become younger at will.  I peered at him to urge the truth form him.

At this Jack howled with laughter.  “Oh my, the tales of my escapades are greatly exaggerated.  The only autumnal foliage of red, yellow, brown, and orange that I paint with paint brush and bucket is on my art easel.  AND I have never been one for nipping the nose and toes … although yours is pretty cute I might consider starting.”

OH my face flushed red .. I thought I was going to erupt in flames.  Jack just smiled widely with those ever twinkling eyes.

04-05-17_3-08-01 AM

He was so entertaining and a wonderful mixologist too.

04-05-17_3-09-58 AM04-05-17_3-14-27 AM

The drinks were wonderful.  Hit the spot!

04-05-17_3-15-00 AM

We headed back down to the village for dinner.  Jack had chosen a fab seafood place.   It was so charming with soft lighting and soft music.   The menu was excellent.

04-05-17_3-14-28 AM

As we waited for our food I asked him how he came to this place.  He told me that when his elder brother, Leopold, had become king it got kind of awkward around the kingdom.  Leopold was rather stoic and did not appreciate Jack’s sense of humor.  Jack had the love of the people but he felt it was unfair to his brother to remain.  Shortly after that he had found this place and the island  castle he now owns.  “I will show you around the island tomorrow.  There is so much to do.  I just know you will love it as I do.”  I could not wait to explore it.

04-05-17_3-14-29 AM

Dinner was delicious.  Jack was anxious for me to try the Eiswein  from his personal vineyard.   He personally freezes the grapes for this super sweet desert wise.   “It is the specialty of our region,” he declared and he anxiously watched as I took a sip.  It was exquisite!

04-05-17_3-14-30 AM

After dinner Jack recommended, if I were not too tired from my travels, that we take a walk to the beach and enjoy a nice campfire.  Even tho, truth be told, I was a bit sleepy I accepted oh and I was so glad.  The seascape was magnificent and warm fire and engaging conversation soon had me feeling toasty.

04-05-17_10-58-16 PM04-05-17_11-04-11 PM04-05-17_11-12-45 PM

It was midnight when we got back to the castle.  Even though I was quite tired, sleep did not easily find me.

04-05-17_11-12-46 PM

Bright and early the next am we were off to explore.

04-05-17_11-12-47 PM

He was correct .. there was SO MUCH to do!

04-06-17_12-30-33 AM04-06-17_12-34-15 AM04-06-17_12-34-38 AM

Augh me and my attempt at tricks. I caught his blade and he went flying,

04-06-17_12-34-39 AM04-06-17_12-45-26 AM04-06-17_12-52-40 AM

The horse and carriage ride was amazing but the sledding hill???

04-06-17_12-52-44 AM

This one took a lot of persuasion to get me convinced to fly down it on this little bit of wood.  04-06-17_1-17-27 AM

Yes, I did do it EVENTUALLY!!

04-06-17_12-52-45 AM

He even showed me an underground hot springs.  The smell of the salt and minerals filled the air with a delightful essence.  The cave trapped the warm steam and caused the temperature of the cave to be rather balmy.  Oh I was actually warm .. it was divine …

04-06-17_12-59-59 AM

I was sad to leave there.

04-08-17_1-39-50 AM

Jack had promised we would try to see some of  Bruno’s family who lived there on the Island.  It was a joyful visit.  I had missed them so much since they moved away.

04-08-17_1-39-56 AM

I did so enjoy the afternoon with this whimsical man .. soon it would be time to head back home.

04-08-17_1-39-57 AM

But first a quick cup of coffee and a sweet was just the perfect way to end a lovely day.

04-08-17_1-39-59 AM

Before I took off I had to make a confession .. I had indeed come to love this quaint little island.  I do want to come back and visit it again one day!  Good Bye Jack Frost .. hope to see you in the finals!

04-08-17_1-39-60 AM

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********************** credits ****************

TY to the following creators ❤

Michelle Millington (gothkittymimi)  for Jack


Elke Renz (Simioniona)  for yet another FAB build

froz castle

Brennachan (Brennchan) for this sweet bear home


Melanie Von Lichtenberg (Melly20x) for a very romantic eatery

Mod The Sims for the sledding hill
Jay Ocean for this adorable little cafe

TY pose makers 🙂

Dreacia Dreacia snowman

Inabadromance In A Bad Romance Skating

Nerdofsims Sledding


Finally the amazing winter mod by SimCookie

First Snow

34 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #8 Meet Jack

      1. LOL an other common point ! Yes he’s a fun guy he loves Life whereas he doesn’t live in the best weather condition to go out. His world is gorgeous by the way.


      2. I let you a parenthesis I post a picture of Jenna in my tumblr I’ll share the link in our reading circle like this you can see her.


  1. You spoil us with all those beautiful pictures! Amazing work with the poses and mods.
    I’m really curious who she will pick in the end, because all these guys are so fascinating. You have to let us peek in her head! I’m sure she’s thinking of all of them, comparing them 😉

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  2. I love the huge variety in all the suitors! You have done a great job and no two contestants are alike! I’m so excited to see where this goes 🙂

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    1. I have been trying to give each Suitor a lovey blog spot … I was very blessed to get 14 candidates (actually 15 now cause one simmer friend wanted to give it a try ) only seven will go on to do the actual contest … when all 14 boys are introduced I will then put up a readers poll and you guys will decide who goes forward.

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  3. This is so lovely! I also tryed and loved the First Snow Mod! The pics and havin a Jack Frost in a snowed island was a wonderful idea! I had to laugh about the “Eiswein” So very well paired! ♥
    Thank you for writing! I loved to know you haven’t forgotten me. I had many RL issues in the last months but it is getting better. This weekend I am helping my oldest daughter moving around and after that I hope I will have more time for me. My wordpress blog needs desperatly something new and I have so many WIP and don’t know where to start. I’ll be catching up very soon 🙂 Have a nice holyday 🙂

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    1. It sounds a bit like we may be having the same type of RL issues 😦 ❤ two of my girls in dire straits and I send a good amount of time helping (especially with the one who has two small children) BOUT I have indeed missed you! LOL I am soo slow that you have not missed the episode with you build in it. Bruno's story is lagging for sure!

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      1. Lucky me you’ve been slow or I would have been missing much more. Yeah, the german say: “kleine Kinder kleine Sorgen, große Kinder große Sorgen … and they are right! I hope tomorrow we’ll be ready with my daughter’s new apartment and I really hope that next weekend we’ll be a “normal” one 🙂 Bruno must wait! :)))

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  4. I’m just taking some time to read back thru your chapters. Its been nagging at the back of my mind, one of the bach’s that I really liked and I am positive, it’s Jack. I hope to see him at the end as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh yes – love this one too. They had so many wonderful activities, I have to admit to being jealous of all the places she gets to visit and things she gets to do ❤ Super job with all the mods and cc and incredible art that are your pics!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Even though Jack IS jack Frost, he is so funny and “warm” I really felt that he and Rose had a great time together. He even went with her to visit the bears…bonus points. He may be on my list….

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