Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Meet Nick

“OH Officer Amaro, how nice to see you!”  Prince smiled as he greeted the obviously uneasy young man who had just arrived at his door.  “I have heard many good things about you from Officer Theis.  Got a few commendations for bravery I hear.”   Snow, standing a bit back, grinned at her husbands antics.   He was having sport with the poor fella.

Nick could feel his face turn crimson as he cleared his throat, “Ah ah hem ..  yes .. uh Thank you sir .. uh your Majesty .. I mean .. uh”

An admonition rang out.  “Daddy!  Stop embarrassing our guest!”  Nick’s stammerings were fortuitously interrupted by Rose White’s entrance.

“Ahh my dear Rose you would not allow your papa a bit of jest.  Nick here knows I am ribbing him.  I have it on the very best authority that he is a good egg .. this one!”

Giving her father an impish stink eye and a kissy face to her dear momma, Rose quickly ushered the relieved young man out the door.

Snow called out after them, “Have fun dear one and do take good care of her Officer Amaro!”   Still flushed and a bit flustered, Nick managed a quick “Yes ma’m .. uhhh your majesty.”

As they walked away the Rose and Nick could make out a soft chorus of twitters and snickers coming from inside the house.

“Parents!”  Rose shook her head with a playful sigh and exaggerated eye roll!  She would never admit it to her date this evening but  she found her dear ole dad quite amusing!

04-30-17_1-59-40 AM

The day was lovely and they decided to walk to the restaurant.  Nick parked the car by the marina and they took a short cut thru City Square Park.

The sunshine and fresh air transported Rose back to her childhood when her parent would bring her and her sisters down to this park to play.  As she reminisced Nick grabbed her hand and pulled her over toward the monkey bars.

04-30-17_2-11-30 AM

“Come on Rose let’s climb this thing like you did when you were a kid.”  Nick laughed and hopped up on the first rung.

“Wwwhat .. OH MY you are crazy!  We cannot climb up this …”

Nick retorted with a mischievous look in his eyes, “sure we can!  Come on up you go!”

Rose’s mind spun.  What would people think if they saw their future queen sitting upon the top of the monkey bars in City Square park … but I am NOT queen yet … with that thought up she went!

04-30-17_2-19-15 AM04-30-17_2-20-24 AM

Life at the top of the monkey bars felt simple and sweet.  Rose was basking in the moment when all of a sudden Nick shouted, “Who goes there?”  Jumping down from his perch …

04-30-17_2-21-08 AM

he ran and jumped onto the Pirate ship playground structure.  He landed with such a thud that it frightened poor little Armando Goth to death.  As Armando ran away from the ship Rose ran towards it.  Some distant tomorrow she would be Queen Rose of Windenburg but for today she was Pirate Queen Rose scourge of the seven seas  (Armando would have to forgive her.. someday).

04-30-17_2-21-09 AM04-30-17_2-21-10 AM04-30-17_2-21-11 AM

Rose was so excited.  There was a new American restaurant in Windenburg.  McDonald’s.  She had been just waiting to eat an American hamburger with fries again.   Nick had wanted to take her someplace more elegant but if this made her happy well then that is what they would do!

04-30-17_2-36-56 AM

Throughout their meal Nick regaled Rose with tales of crime and justice.  Rose found it fascinating.  BTW .. the burger was all she had hoped for … delicious!

04-30-17_2-52-08 AM04-30-17_2-52-59 AM

During the meal Nick had made mention of being a member the police department bowling team.  Immediately Rose wanted to try it.  Nick tried to dissuade her but she was NOT having it.  Bowling it would be!  He was afraid that it was stacking up to be that he would end up being the least romantic date in all Windenburg history.

They stopped by his house to change.  Luckily Rose was the same size as his little sis.  She borrowed some “appropriate” clothing so she would have “proper bowling attire.”   HER words.

While he thought Rose looked very beautiful before, he had to admit she was just adorable in a bowling shirt!

04-30-17_3-06-15 AM

She was NOT a natural bowler ..

04-30-17_3-09-30 AM

but with a little bit of instruction ..

04-30-17_3-09-32 AM04-30-17_3-09-33 AM

she did quite well.  The game was on but Nick made sure to land a few atypical gutter balls to keep the score close.

04-30-17_3-09-35 AM04-30-17_3-09-39 AM04-30-17_3-20-41 AM04-30-17_3-22-39 AM

Their date was going so well.  Rose was having a wonderful time and proud of herself! She was actually getting quite good.

04-30-17_3-28-10 AM

The evening waned and the date was drawing to a close.  They sat and chatted over a couple of sodas.

Donell Mehan and two of his buddies had been at the bar all afternoon.  Bob Bumbles and Sal Amander had just arrived from Murkland (OH don’t be so shocked at my flagrant promotion .. you all know I have no shame) yesterday and were taking easy.  Donell was getting louder and more and more obnoxious with each passing minute.  Nick recognized him and knew he was trouble.  Approaching the bar he asked the fellas to keep it down so he and his date could enjoy the remainder of their evening.  Bob and Sal complied but Donell grew more surly.

You could tell that the bartender was getting worried.  Donell was belting beers down quickly.  He became quite belligerent when he was told he could have no more to drink.  He became so irate that the fearful bartender had to call 911.  When Donell started threatening the bartender with bodily harm and in his fury fell backward off his stool Nick knew he had no choice but to act .. and act quickly!

05-01-17_2-31-29 AM05-01-17_2-32-39 AM05-01-17_2-34-30 AM

Now Donell is a big guy but he was not match for the quick witted Nick.  By the time the WPD arrived Nick had him down and cuffed.

Promising the princess he would return shortly, Nick and Officer Blackstone took the boorish drunk out to the car and down to the precinct.

05-01-17_2-48-43 AM

Rose waited …………………….

05-01-17_3-00-49 AM05-01-17_3-01-04 AM05-01-17_3-02-11 AM

Finally, she called for a cab and went home.

A few days later a sheepish Nick showed up and ask to speak with the princess alone.  “I am so sorry for what happened the other night.”  He explained that the drunken Donell had gotten loose in the precinct and had to be subdued again.  The booking process for assault on a policeman was a lengthy process.  Rose graciously accepted his apology and let him know she understood.

Nick sat quietly for a long time.  His eyes had a very sad look to them.  Rose waited patiently for him to speak.

With a deep sigh, he began softly, “Princess I know you are like me in many ways.  We understand duty.  I am a policeman, Rose.  I vowed to protect and serve this kingdom.  I take that vow very seriously.  You are a very beautiful and charming woman.  I know you will make a wonderful Queen one day.  I know too, you will pick a wonderful man to be King along side of you.  As much as it saddens me to say this I feel it cannot be me.  I cannot break my vow and I will not subject you to the neglect and fear that this job can bring to the families of police.   MY duty to you is to serve and protect you and Windenburg as a member of the WPD not the royal court.

Rose’s heart melted .. he is a good egg indeed!

05-01-17_3-17-09 AM


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Thank you to the wonderful builders and CAS sim creators for allowing me to use your creations in my story!

officer nick

bowling alleycity sq


1st family home

These are a couple of FAB fellas from the Murkland Challenge.  If you have not checked it out yet … Murkland Challenge


Found some amazing poses for this story … here are a few links if you are interested

Bad Boys .. Serious Guy .. Ready aim fire .. You have the right to remain silent and Dangerous game are all from Princess Paranoia

I want to be a pirate and bowling (strike) … rethdis-love

Monkey bars …  Rinvalee

Bowling inabadromance

(fun) Bowling shirts Mutant League Bowling Shirts

38 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Meet Nick

  1. What I enjoyed most about this date was, of course, your use of the perfectly chosen poses!
    She had so much fun with Nick!
    All the pirate gym and monkey bar poses were so adorable. My favorite pose is where Rose stands pigeon-toed with Nick behind her, helping her bowl.
    So, he didn’t get back to her the night of the date. Not sure why he wouldn’t simply phone her instead of waiting so long.
    Did he disqualify himself in the end? His date might not have been the most romantic but Rose could be very happy with him, I thought.

    LOL, slipping in Sal Amander and Bob Bumbles for the bar scene!
    Loved this update, Lisa!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH TY so much 🙂 I loved that bowling pose too .. and I really adored the top of the monkey bars ❤ Although he will not be in the quest Officer Nick is not going anywhere .. (he was one of my "entertainment value" suitors that would not go forward .. like the vampire LOL) and he will be back when ever law enforcement is needed and there may come that time who knows 😉 .. he loves his police work too much to give it up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had to plan in a few don’t go forward because even in simmy life it’s never perfect and I wanted some interest besides everything just being all cute and lovey-dovey

        Liked by 1 person

  2. lol the guy dead drunk in the bowling bar . On drunk tank ! You put the blame on the whole Windenburg kingdom you drunk too much in front of the next Queen. Murkland is probably a part of the whole kingdom but other there , being a hard drunker is just a pasttime.
    Nick is a simple police officer, he likes pleasure of everyday life but he is right, work and duty first as Princess Rose. I don’t think they can live together but as a good friends .

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi Lisa! I’m sorry it took me so long to get here. I thought this whole thing was charming, yet I am glad he will not be the one. I found it interesting that he challenged her to come out of herself a bit, by playing in the park, but I feel once she is Queen, he would be a detriment.

    This whole story is sooo much fun! I’m loving it!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The poses and locations you chose were just perfect! I think it took you a lot of time to make them so matching and realistic. And the story you told today was both hilarious, sad and trueth. The families of police officers do not have a easy life, for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Is this the first time I’m connecting on one of your stories? Hmmm, will I just loved this chapter. It was so clear he might not have been a good match for her future. But he sure was fun, I felt he would bright a lightness, warmth, and comfort to her world.

    Oh well, I guess on to the next? I’m almost a month behind on everyone’s stories, lol.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I adore Nick and I need him in too many stories to restrict him to King. He and my precious Officer Theis weave in and out of all stories except Murkland … have not gotten the law in place there LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Darn…I so loved Nick…well, except when he kept her waiting at the bowling alley….too bad…but he has his duty….I just wanted his duty to be to protect Rose instead. Shucks!

    Liked by 2 people

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