The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #9 PARTAY

It was hard to believe I had just met my new salamander friend a day ago.  Oshi and I have become fast friends already.  I don’t think it is because we have so much in common.  She is an excellent gardener and plays the violin so wonderfully.  Me … well most of my skill set centers around collecting cats, talking and starting fires (I would like to take some more guitar lessons but I get the feeling that Ridge is trying to avoid that subject).  Anyway, I digress!  Whatever it is we clicked right from the start.

Oshi had accepted my dinner invite and we found ourselves just chatting away all thru the meal.  The conversation was just as sweet as the grilled fruit kabobs with honey and cinnamon that I had prepared for the occasion.

We are kindred spirits, I guess you’d say.  We shared similar experiences wandering in the wilderness right after the devastation to our world. Like me, she was glad to find a secure community.  Murkland might not seem like much to some but for us it is home. Ahhh but again I digress (add good at rabbit trails to my skill set).

04-13-17_6-42-02 PM

After dinner I got a small inferno going.  Mmmmm smores (my favorite ) were on the dessert menu!

04-13-17_6-42-03 PM

Marshmallow roasting can be a bit perilous but thankfully we both survived.

04-13-17_6-42-04 PM04-13-17_6-42-05 PM

After dinner, Oshi invited me to visit her camp to meet her fellow campmates.  I had never been to Salamander Burner Camp #36 and I was tickled to meet some new folks.

I told her I would be along after I finished putting the food away.  I could see the goat eyeballing the fruit kabobs all through dessert .. just waiting for me to vacate the premises.  He has been quite hard to handle lately.  ( I think the notoriety that he got after his journal entry has gone to his head ).

My first encounter with an SBC #36 dweller was uncomfortable, to say the least.  Raerei found my sudden presence near her camp a bit distressing.  In fact to say that she was skeptical of who I was and what I was doing there would be an understatement.

04-13-17_6-43-01 PM

I do try to be a contributing member of the salamander community and did not appreciate the insinuation that I may be a person of ill repute!  She had my hackles up and I was not shy about expressing my issue with her point of view.

04-13-17_6-43-02 PM

Thankfully Oshi quickly intervened before the finger pointing turned to fisticuffs.  She settled the issue and “properly” introduced us.  With a mutual apology, all was made well between Rae and I (as Brennachan says) with HUGS

04-13-17_6-56-26 PM

and hip bumps!

04-13-17_7-45-36 PM

Rae was quick to offer an explanation for her foul mood.  The camp has been experiencing a lot of stress lately that stems from Lavender’s continuing insistence that she is suffering various unusual maladies.

04-13-17_7-45-37 PM

“She has persisted in her “anguish” despite constant reassurances from Dusty boots that she is just fine.”

04-13-17_7-45-38 PM

Rae continued over dinner, “the camp has descended into a melancholy despondency.”

04-13-17_8-18-30 PM04-13-17_8-19-38 PM

Off to the side, I could make out that a few of the girls were having a conversation regarding the situation.

Rainy groaned, “OH I have had enough!  This place is gloomy without her dying of something new every week!”

“Last week it was Erdheim-Chester disease and before that Porphyria.” An obviously exasperated Megs sighed, ” and let’s not forget how much of an uproar she had the camp in when she “found out” she had Castleman disease.  I did not think any of us were going to survive that.”

Jeep girl interjected sullenly, “And she has starting to try to diagnose us.  Just two weeks ago she told ME that I had something called Turner Syndrome because she said my eyes were abnormally narrow and squinty .. now REALLY do I LOOK like I have abnormally squinty eyes.”

Megs coughed.

Rainy and Oshi just looked around awkwardly.

Thankfully Jeep Girl did not notice.

Oshi piped up, “We all agree then .. someone needs to get THAT book away from her.  Ever since she found it down at the old library we have had no reprieve from her many illnesses.”

Megs frowned at the thought and stated the obvious, “she’s going to be angry you know.”

Jeep girl brightened. “I have an idea,” she glanced in my direction, “let’s let the new girl do it.”

04-13-17_8-19-39 PM

With the stress level in camp so high, Rae excused herself and sought refuge (and a nap) in a quiet place outside of the fray.

04-13-17_8-21-36 PM

Seeking to (also) extract myself from this gloomy situation and since technically it was the next day already (bath day) I suggested a trip to the Hot Springs and invited any would wish to join me.  Rainy happily accepted.  A few of the other girls said they would love to and would meet us there.

04-13-17_8-21-37 PM

Would have been a lovely evening too but … uuhhh yeah … guess what … er who showed up …

04-13-17_9-14-35 PM04-13-17_9-15-24 PM

Don the party crasher decided to “join you lovely ladies” … AUGH!  We tried hard to ignore him in the hopes he would just go away.  Don is not easily rebuffed.

04-13-17_9-16-49 PM04-13-17_9-18-47 PM04-13-17_9-53-23 PM

Poor Rainy!  She’s not that kind of girl Don.

04-13-17_9-56-12 PM

(Yeah he is there .. he is always there … I swear EA hates me.)

04-13-17_9-56-13 PM

Mother nature calls and honestly, there is nothing worse than finding someone asleep in the potty bush!

04-13-17_10-05-25 PM

Really Simantha this is NOT the best place for a nap!

04-13-17_10-05-26 PM

The next morning camp chores would not wait.  I was suffering a lack of sleep from my late night Hot Springs excursion and felt as though I could fall asleep standing up.

I need to buy a coffee pot. I’ve heard there’s a new Mercantile in town perhaps it is time for me to make them a visit and give up a little bit of my hard-earned simoleons.

03-19-17_3-12-10 AM03-19-17_3-12-11 AM

With only a few hours left in “today,” I decided to head on down to the Hot Springs for a quick dip. The day’s chores had left me definitely feeling murky.

On my way out I bumped into one of my new neighbors.  I introduced myself to Autumn Freegan.  As we chatted I learned she was also going to the Hot Springs.  We agreed that we should go together because the hour is late and the buddy system is always a safe bet.  She needed to stop by her house to grab her suit.

03-19-17_3-12-15 AM

I was glad to meet my new neighbors.  The Freegans are an interesting bunch.

As we entered the encampment Autumn and her brother Forest immediately became enmeshed in some sort of heated controversy about some mysterious visitors … I really don’t know … I couldn’t make out what they were talking about.

03-19-17_3-15-19 AM

I attempted to break into the discussion, “We should probably get going Autumn … ”

03-19-17_3-15-35 AM

Then the very famous Brennachan Freegan popped out to see what was going on. I was thrilled to make her acquaintance. I told her I had stopped by with Autumn to pick up her bathing suit and that we were on our way to the Hot Springs for a quick dip.

Brennachan thought that sounded like a lovely idea.  “Would you mind if a few more of us tagged long?  Perhaps a little time in the hot springs will cool these two off.”

03-19-17_3-19-43 AM

WOW even Pops Freegan came out for this trip.

05-04-17_6-02-31 PM

Guess who shows up!  Brennachan has to firmly tell Don that she is not interested. Her heart belongs to Pookie … wherever he is.

05-04-17_6-03-27 PM

I sure had a great time with my new neighbor. Got a little too murky playing in the slippery marsh.  (Oh don’t worry … yes he is very handsome but my heart is sealed to Ridge).

05-04-17_7-17-07 PM

05-04-17_7-20-13 PM

The next day I was so surprised to get a lunch invitation from Brennachan.  I was especially surprised to find out we were going to the Pufferdome for sushi.  Like my Ridge and his family, the Freegans are all vegan.

I was happy that we were meeting up with Meagan too.  We managed to duck in and get seated before Don could wander in and “join” us.

04-14-17_1-02-03 AM

At lunch we decided that we should bring a few of the camps together for a party.  The word went out that there would be a meet up at 9 pm in The Nukecrest Ruins Park and whoever wanted to come was invited.  While some of my friends were MIA, the turn out was awesome.

04-14-17_1-02-41 AM

Lisabee grilled up some yummy tofu dogs to take care of any late night munchies.

04-14-17_12-32-59 AM

Everyone was having a great time connecting. Even Don was behaving.

04-14-17_12-35-29 AM04-14-17_12-36-11 AM04-14-17_12-54-38 AM

Pop Freegan made friends with one of the infected.  He said he definitely met his match on the chess table with this one.  That game went on forever.

04-14-17_12-56-27 AM

The DJ showed up about midnight and the dance party began in earnest.

04-14-17_12-56-29 AM (2)04-14-17_12-56-29 AM04-14-17_12-56-30 AM

We all danced until the wee hours of the morning. I drug myself home … three days of late nights have taken its toll. That old tent of mine never looked so comfy.  I crawled in and crashed instantly.

Say WHAT!  You’ve got to be kidding me!

04-14-17_12-56-44 AM

It was about 4 AM when I finally got rid of her and crawled back in to get a couple hours of shut eye.

I am sad to announce that my late night carousing had rather some unfortunate repercussions. I am a part of the dance team Doomsday divas.  The next night we were competing in the Freezer Bunny Dance Off  …

doomsday divas

and right during our routine … yes it was NOT pretty.

in the middle of their dance routine

You can read of Lisabee’s misadventure on SoulGal7’s blog spot (linked below in the credits) and find out who won the dance contest (the rest of her awesome Murky story is fab too).

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Part of the charm of the Murkland Challenge is the tight community that has coalesced around it.  Many of us share our simselves with other Simlit authors and enjoy “going along for the ride” with them in their stories.   Listed below the picture credits for this story are links to the ones I know of and follow.   I assure you that they are all quite wonderful!!!

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Oshizu’s WP (Oshi in my story)

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47 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #9 PARTAY

  1. Awww, thanks for the dinner invite! oshizu enjoys hanging out as much in Murkland as in cyber-space, ❤
    Your story had me laughing so hard! Oh girl, Don is stalking you more than even a vampire!
    I giggled when I saw he'd climbed into the Hot Springs behind you and I reeled in shock as he even photobombed one of your fire-dancing shots!

    I was so immersed in LisaBee's shenanigans that I totally missed the fact that you were leading up to SoulGal7's dance-off! Nice narrative move!
    Loved this update!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh ty … someone told me that I should delete Don … shoot if I did that there would be no one for me to pick on. I swear that EA has designed in the game if you’re mean to Don he shows up more. I bet if I flirted with him he would go away but please NO LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rofl about deleting Don! I confess I thought about deleting both Don & Paolo because they’re always loitering around my yard sales table and distracting the customers.
        I’m sure EA did that! Whenever that pair comes around, I just cancel their socials in my queue. But they never give up, hahaha.
        As Don and Lisa Bee, I bet he stalks you because you’re like “the one that got away”!
        And I will let you be the one to experiment with what happens after flirting with DL. And yeah, it was hilarious how he was hanging around, though, so no, don’t delete!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not sure Brennachan has not dropped any hints at all. And by the way I hope the forum get straightened up because I can’t get in. I spent a week with my Facebook all jacked up and now that it’s fixed forum is messed up augh

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Back to Brennachan not dropping any hints. First, there are empty lots in our hood and Mad Mud’s hood. And then, there’s all the toddler stuff in the Murkland Mercantile Co. store. Why devote so much space in the store to toddler stuff? But, I’m just guessing.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ohhhhh toddler stuff huh … I know that she has said a surprise is coming. Perhaps I should get out and do a little blasting to get these things done my money is already there but I need dancing and friends and those perfect trash plants

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I remember you’ve been asking about fertilizing the trash plants.
        Have you tried the Perfect Growfruit from the grove of trees growing at Ridge’s place?
        I want to sell the sturgeon, not use it on my trash plants, so this is what I’m doing.
        Also, I bought the Super Green Thumb reward trait…
        My trash plants are flying now, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I started the Library one but not sure I’ll finish, though I’m sure it would make Brennachan happy so I should do it. I’d like to try to Gym Challenge, for sure. I might do them as one-shot stories, though, I’m not sure yet. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Exactly! It’s like when you’re trying to write a story and the sim has the Bestselling Author or Angling Ace career. How many shots can we take of a the same sim writing or fishing!?

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  2. You lost your last forces dancing ahah but you kept the rythm good 🙂
    That’s an other great collaboration I read here.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The fun goes on, again :). Don Lothario likes hanging around you. How friendly is Lisabeee with him? I wonder sometimes how it would be to play the murkland challenge but as I don’t have much time for the sims nowadays, I really must try to make my own stuff again…. I have a bunch of lots, a few sims and my two stories are still waiting… this weekend I intend to spend some time with it, things are getting better again. I wish you a wonderfull weekend and fun simming time too 🙂

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