Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #11 Meet Pace and Junior

We are almost there! Only a few more bachelors to introduce 🙂  I thank you for sticking with me as I endeavor to not only give each suitor his time but also pay homage to the wonderful creators of each fella.  This takes a bit more time to do but since not all will go into to the challenge (you the reader will vote your favs forward) I want to give each boy his best shot … so here we go … on to Pace and Junior Flores.

Rose recovered quickly from her attack. Ever the optimist, she took to resuming her search for a king with her normal sunny outlook.  Officer Theis did not share her confidence. He insisted upon accompanying the princess to the Flores home.  He would give this place a once over before he gave his approval for her to stay.

05-17-17_3-09-30 AM

Pace and Junior, the two candidates, are brothers.   They are very close and very competitive but they both have agreed that if the princess would choose one over the other they would be happy for the one chosen.

Their aunt Lee has volunteered to host the meetup at her home where she lives with her mother Marie. The boy’s parents would love to be here but they are out on a book tour.

05-17-17_3-09-35 AM

Some of you might remember the story of their now famous parents Humberto and Kalani.  It is a story of love and true beauty.  *Flashback pic .. just a little something for those who (like me) love that story!

05-17-17_3-09-36 AM

Officer Theis has kept a tight eye on the time of greeting.  Satisfied that they are who they appear to be, he makes his exit,  “I will take my leave now, have fun princess.”

Granny Marie called out as he was leaving, “you are very welcome to stay for dinner Officer Theis.  Come stay for a bite, I know you must be hungry from your journey.”  Officer Theis declined with a smile. It is true that he was feeling quite peckish but he did not want to intrude farther into the meetup.

05-17-17_3-09-38 AM

Rose felt instantly at home with the captivating Florez family. It was a very nice getting to know them.  You could tell that they cherished each other very much!

05-17-17_3-09-40 AM

When the boys mentioned doing a little pre-dinner workout Rose eagerly joined them. The trip had been long and Rose needed to stretch her legs out a bit.

05-17-17_3-09-42 AM

Granny Marie happily busies herself with meal preparations.  She has decided to serve her amazing fish tacos.  She is aware of Rose’s reputation as a fabulous cook so she is quite excited to show off her culinary skills to the princess.

05-17-17_3-09-43 AM

She succeeded!   The meal was divine. Rose made sure to do an appropriate amount of gushing over the meal.  Granny Marie flushed crimson and playfully “dismissed” the princesses complements.

“Save some room for some dessert,” Pace cautioned.  He and Junior want to take her to their Abuela’s cafe for coffee and a treat.

“Boys, be sure not to  stay out too late,” Lee reminds, “tomorrow is a big day and Rose might need some rest from her trip.”

The boy smile and nod. Tomorrow was auntie’s birthday and she had a big bash planned.  They would do nothing to ruin her plans.

05-17-17_3-09-44 AM

Pace offered to drive them there in his 1970 VW van.  He has been working on it’s restoration for many months now.   He is so proud of it, even though many of his friends tease him by calling it the mystery machine.  He chatters on and on about the type of whatever and whatever it has.  Rose has no idea what he is talking about but smiles and nods anyway.

05-17-17_3-10-55 AM05-17-17_3-21-27 AM

Abuela’s cafe is delightful. The warm colors and the amazing smells envelop her and make Rose glad that she “saved room!” The late afternoon desert sun illuminated the building with thrilling colors of gold, bronze, and red.  It lifted the heart and the mind!

05-19-17_2-21-34 AM05-19-17_2-24-34 AM

Pace talked Rose into trying a Cafe De Olla.  It is coffee flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar and Rose thinks it’s divine.  “It is a traditional favorite of our family,” he explains.

05-19-17_2-46-53 AM

A young man carrying a cannoli plops himself down in the extra chair at their table.  “Hiya princess! I am Dexter, nice to meet you. I am a cousin to these jokers. Are they treating you well?”

Rose glanced at the boys and saw they had huge smiles. She could tell that they were very fond of this cousin.

Rose gave a small giggle, “Hello Dexter!  Please call me Rose and yes they are treating me very well.”  Dexter’s broad smile told her that she had made a connection with this jovial young man.

05-19-17_2-50-25 AM

Both boys are classically trained musicians (after all their father is Humberto). They just could not resist showing off some of their street music skills for Rose.  So taking to the stage they gave an impromptu concert for the small but very appreciative audience.

05-19-17_2-50-26 AM05-19-17_2-50-27 AM

A wish for a happy future dear Rose?

05-19-17_2-50-28 AM

Although the bedroom that she was staying in was quite comfortable, She just could not sleep. The clear desert sky just outside of her window seemed to explode with stars.  It fascinated her and she had honestly never seen anything like that before.

05-19-17_3-26-33 AM

Rose has connected with the family very quickly!  It feels like being in her own happy family kitchen!  Breakfast table banter was as light as granny Marie’s pancakes.

05-19-17_3-37-32 AM

MMM impressive!   WTG Pace!  Nothing better than a guy who is not afraid of a bit of dishwater!!

05-19-17_3-39-12 AM

The party will be starting soon and Pace has been assigned barbecue duties. Rose enjoys exchanging a few grilling tips with him.

05-20-17_3-21-37 AM

The first to arrive at the party is Lee’s good friend Captain Hook and his wife Matoaka.  Lee met Hook when he was doing a search much like the one Rose is doing now.  At first Rose is a bit intimidated by him. His ruthless pirate past is well known.

05-20-17_3-33-28 AM

She has nothing to fear.  After the challenge was over Hook retired from the sea and he and his lovely bride live in a yurt nearby.  They run a small organic vegetable farm.  Definitely off the grid!  He is a very HAPPY man!

05-19-17_3-45-12 AM

Lee’s dearest friend Joaquin and his beautiful family are next to arrive.  Lee is so happy to see them.  It has been a while and she cannot believe how much little Midge has grown.

05-20-17_3-43-39 AM

Granny Marie has a few friends who have their names on the guest list also.  Juliette and her beautiful daughter Tatiana arrive at the same time her BFF green apple granny does.  These three ladies have known each other a very long time and still they have not solved all the world’s problems.  As soon as the chatter begins Tati quickly excuses herself and goes into the party.

05-20-17_4-01-32 AM

Is granny was entering to rejoin the party she heard the squeals of her “adopted” grandchildren as they arrived. Granny is always delighted to see these precious little faces.  Hurrying behind them, vainly attempting to keep the little brood in line, are their parents Isaac and Isabella.

After cursed beauty, Isabella married Isaac Sneed and they have a house full of children.

05-20-17_4-01-34 AM

Good to see somethings never change. Isabella is still grumpy as ever.  Luckily for her no one ever seems to notice.

05-20-17_4-01-35 AM

A little playtime with this nugget is just what grandma Marie needed.

05-20-17_4-22-00 AM

The party went swimmingly.  The yard, hot tub, and pool were packed to the max with happy party goers.

05-20-17_4-24-28 AM05-20-17_4-33-52 AM

Someone please keep an eye on that baby!

05-20-17_4-32-11 AM05-20-17_4-33-53 AM

Look who crashed the party .. my simself!  No one kicked me out so I must be welcome.  Did not take me long to join the fun.

05-22-17_4-09-45 PM

“A water slide trick challenge? OK, bring it.”  Rose rises playfully to Junior’s challenge.

05-22-17_9-06-46 PM

Tati first .. augh poor Tati!

05-21-17_2-57-53 AM05-21-17_2-59-05 AM

Nice landing Dexter!

05-20-17_4-23-54 AM

This cannot end well!

05-22-17_9-06-47 PM

OHH you go girl!  The princess shows them how it’s done.

05-22-17_9-06-48 PM

Ekkkk!  Epic fail for Pace!

05-22-17_9-09-26 PM05-22-17_9-12-42 PM


05-22-17_9-13-39 PM05-22-17_9-15-48 PM

As the party wanes, Junior has another great idea, “Let’s keep the party going with night at Club Fallout!”  The cousins are all for it!

05-22-17_10-32-30 PM

Club Fallout is hidden in a bunker beneath an old abandoned warehouse. It doesn’t look like much but it is a happening place to party!

05-22-17_10-32-33 PM

It was not that Pace was not enjoying the time spent with family and friends. He loved it very much but he really wanted some alone time with princess Rose.

05-22-17_10-52-39 PM

While his brother Junior was regaling the gang with a story, he decided to make his move.  “Would you like to go do a little stargazing with me?  There is a perfect spot up on the roof.”   Remembering the night sky from her room window last night, Rose was longing to see it in all its glory.

05-22-17_11-06-43 PM

The expanse filled with stars was enthralling to Rose.  The sheer magnitude of it made Rose feel connected but still so small in such a measureless universe.

Pace always finds the stars magnificent but not as glorious as they were that night when he saw them through Rose’s eyes.

They tarried on the roof for a very long time.  Crescents of light began to reflect off the hills as the sun rose.  Rose gasped, “Wow that is so beautiful.  Gosh, is it morning already?  I can’t believe we talked all night!”

Pace looked at her spellbound face and nodded in wistful agreement, “Beautiful?  Yes!”  Hmmm don’t believe he was talking about the sunrise!

05-22-17_11-22-53 PM

It was time for Rose to leave.   Clinging to her he hoped this would not be the last he saw of her!  His heart was in the hands of others now and only time will tell!

05-22-17_11-32-20 PM

Officer Theis had sent Officer Blackstone to retrieve her and to escort her home.   Tati and Peach were enjoying that “scenery” very much.  Tati quickly scoped out the “empty finger” and Officer Blackstone did not mind the attentions of these two dolls!  He will just give the princess plenty of time for her goodbyes!

05-22-17_11-32-25 PM

So where was Junior this whole time you ask?  Well while big brother was romancing little brother was dancing 🙂

05-22-17_11-32-26 PM

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23 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #11 Meet Pace and Junior

  1. This was a lovely chapter with a very sweet family. The Mexican Café” matches so perfect as Abuele Café. I also loved the hippie van and all the colourful pics you took in Oasis Springs. After your black and white chapter was this a perfect change. I also don’t mind how long you’ll take to show your stories. I know how long I need for my pics and appreciate very much your effortst with yours. I also can’t read or comment on a regular base (and even lesser post my own stuff) I hope you don’t mind. RL can be too busy, I know you know 🙂

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  2. OMG Captain Hook is now married and he lives retired in a yurt ahaha what a surprising end farming organical veggies Lol.
    and how was the party Lisabee?

    Ouch for the princess for having a fail at the waterslide . She’s just recovered from an attack. She must care of herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree very much she needs to be a little bit more cautious. LOL with my Sim self showing up that was totally unplanned I was shooting the waterslides and I looked up and there was Lisabee LOL … I was like how did you get there

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      1. For the few I remembered and it’s like the same in a certain way in the sims 3 (people you don’t invite that visit you at a party) the sims 4 game spawns everybody you got in your town.
        And why not after all, Murkland can be included in the Kingdom.

        About the Princess Rose, indeed she needs. She can have all the better medical treatment of the whole kingdom she is made with skin and bones.

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  3. Such a nice visit! So much nicer than the last guy. I think I might vote for Pace. I’m not so sure about Junior. He has some dance moves, but you need those suave moves to get into this challenge, haha!


  4. Hmmmm, I’m thinking those officers would make a good selection too! Pace is nice, although I’m not sure I’ve found my fav yet. Looking forward to the next two!

    Your pictures are so great, you wouldn’t need the words to go with it.

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      1. It’s amazing how bright the pics are in Sims 4 compared to 3 but you do such a good job focusing on what is really going on and the sims involved. I hope you know that is what I meant. So many stories don’t and it’s frustrating. Love your chapters, please don’t stop writing the words!

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      2. LOL I understood just fine no offense at all. I do try to be very careful and not just shoot haphazardly I don’t use half of the pictures I take but I’m sure you are aware of the same thing picking the pictures is always time consuming

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  5. Lisa, my sweet friend! I am binge reading this story I have missed so much. You brought an epic tear to my eyes and lump n my throat by paying homage to all my characters it was so incredible to see them in one chapter together loving on each other. I have to say Humberto’s genes are on high with these two but I have to agree, Pace sealed the deal for me in this one ❤ HUGS all over the place THANK YOU


  6. Brothers….ahhh…to choose…well, I feel that Pace aced it, and Junior was there, but was absent in Rose’s heart. I love the van….yes, mystery machine…love it! But Pace is really into working out and auto mechanics, and Rose is not so into auto mechanics….so that’s not too good. The party was fab…love the shots on the water slide….and look at that uninvited guest….your simself…how funny. I will have to re-read this chapter, but Junior is a no. Pace, I am just not sure of….

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