The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #10 Derby Daze

OH  life in Murkland.  Honestly, sometimes you feel like you are stuck in a rut!

*Awake and cook your deo

03-07-17_2-59-30 AM03-19-17_3-28-09 AM

*Fix or find your breakfast

*Avoid the cat and his pals (NO BAD KITTIES) …

03-19-17_3-28-15 AM04-03-17_10-20-24 PM

*Fishing with friends …

03-19-17_3-28-19 AM03-19-17_3-28-20 AM03-19-17_3-28-22 AM


03-19-17_3-28-17 AM

Romancing (ok that one is always good).

03-05-17_11-34-01 PM

*Coaxing plants to grow … come on little pretties do it for momma!

04-13-17_6-02-58 PM

*Searching for a potty bush (hopefully UNOCCUPIED … right Simantha ??)

04-26-17_1-50-33 PM04-26-17_1-50-50 PM

*Frog hunting

03-19-17_3-28-10 AM

*DUH … 🙂

05-01-17_2-49-47 AM

*Seeking new ways to avoid Don

04-26-17_3-45-44 AM


05-11-17_3-33-35 AM05-11-17_3-41-27 AM05-11-17_3-41-28 AM

*occasional alien abduction

05-11-17_3-41-30  AM




Always the same!

05-04-17_3-05-57 AM

Not even coffee helps!

05-04-17_3-06-40 AM05-04-17_3-06-45 AM05-04-17_3-06-47 AM


05-04-17_3-06-48 AM05-04-17_3-06-49 AM

But then while out fishing I hit upon a FAB idea!  A fishing derby!

05-04-17_3-06-53 AM

I would call a few friends and we would head to a great fishing hole that I found last week to compete for one of my valuable breeder frogs.   Most valuable fish would take home the prize.

04-26-17_1-03-05 AM04-26-17_1-03-08 AM

Oshi gets the first strike.  WTG Oshi!

04-26-17_1-03-30 AM

Well, that is nice but I am not sure that it counts.

04-26-17_1-03-31 AM

Looks like Brenna has a nibble.

04-26-17_1-03-34 AM

Awww adorbs!  (Of course we know Brenna is using catch and release)

04-26-17_1-03-35 AM04-26-17_1-05-51 AM

Brenna pulls some sort of fish finder out of her pocket ???

04-26-17_1-06-42 AM

OHH first big score on the board is Oshi.  Aww poor Trin .. so close and yet so far away!

04-26-17_1-08-14 AM04-26-17_1-19-15 AM04-26-17_1-20-57 AM

It does not appear to be going well for Trin.

04-26-17_1-25-00 AM

OH Trin .. you too!!??  Where did you ladies get those illegal devices!!??  (I strongly suspect the mayor .. he is one shady dude.)

04-26-17_1-50-29 AM

We all pitched in for a lovely dinner.  MMMM I was starved!

04-26-17_3-06-01 AM

OH ALWAYS huh Trin!

04-26-17_3-07-24 AM

Back to fishing for all but Trin who is off on a search for a potty bush!

04-26-17_3-25-19 AM

OHH and just like that Brenna takes the lead!

04-26-17_3-25-14 AM04-26-17_3-25-16 AM

UNTIL .. wow …. an excellent blue puffer fish!  This rare catch should fetch quite a pretty penny from Mad Mud!  Of course he will have to wait for it to turn a bit before he can serve it at the pufferdome.

04-26-17_3-25-15 AM

Congrats on the win Oshi!  Enjoy your hypnofrog!

04-26-17_12-36-03 AM

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First off many thanks to our fearless leader Brennachan.  We ❤ you tons! All builds and sims featured (unless EA game content or indicated below) are hers and can be found in the gallery under her origin ID Brennachan

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13 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #10 Derby Daze

  1. You’ve got a surprise for you I am finish to prepare in my next bsides . I hope you’ll enjoy it.

    What a great fishing party, all these fishes and strong boxes, what did they hide? true life on a such land is routine and sometimes we really can’t escape from it. You often boring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lisabee – I love the idea of a fishing derby! Great fun! And Oshizu wins with the puffer fish! Woot! Love all the pics – screenies take time – great work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much .. i’ve not been back in forum for a little bit so I need to check and see that I’m updated on yours as well. I have missed my murky pals


  3. That was a funny idea with the fishing derby, but I enjoyed it very much your description of a tipical day in Murkland, specially avoidin Don 😀 ♥


  4. I have been MIA from Murkland for so many weeks I can no longer remember how long.
    But it’s been at least a month since I never saw this post!
    I also laughed at the “new ways of avoiding Don” caption, hahaha!

    I’ll be checking your blog to find out what other updates of yours I’ve missed!
    Miss you, lisabee! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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