The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #11 The End (well the end so far)

I needed to get serious about the commitments I had made when I joined the Murky community.    I had to meet the goals set for us and to do this meant I had to buckle down and work hard on reaching those goals.  Sadly, it also meant that I had to stay home in my own camp.

I made this decision after conferring with Ridge over the slow progress of my trash plants.  Ridge told me that the trash plants would just do better when they had constant attention and that my continual absence was slowing their growth.

03-27-17_1-34-29 AM

It would not be easy but I was resolved!  I told myself, “I can do this.  NO PROB BOB!”  I would be the best murky trash plant momma ever!

I set to work!

03-27-17_1-34-30 AM

AND at first, it was pretty easy breezy.  I had it going on!

03-27-17_1-34-35 AM

BUT then …

04-04-17_3-16-54 AM04-04-17_3-21-46 AM04-09-17_3-33-56 AM04-09-17_3-33-58 AM04-13-17_4-14-10 AM04-13-17_4-14-12 AM04-13-17_6-10-07 PM04-13-17_10-34-50 PM04-13-17_10-34-52 PM

AAAUGH! Can you have cabin fever in a tent?

04-13-17_10-34-55 PM

If I was going to save my sanity SOMETHING needed to break!

05-29-17_2-11-17 AM

If I could not go to the party then perhaps the party was going to have to come to me!

Started with a garden party.  It was great having others help keep the up with plants demands for company!

04-26-17_2-19-53 PM04-26-17_3-08-59 PM

Somehow the garden party just turned into a PARTY!

Just started with a little dancing.

05-04-17_5-01-50 PM

(uhh new dance move??)

05-04-17_5-03-03 PM05-04-17_5-53-48 PM

As night fell, more and more murky buddies showed up to dance the night away.

05-09-17_12-48-43 AM

Pretty soon …

05-09-17_12-49-10 AM

…  the joint was jumpin’!

05-09-17_12-51-34 AM

Poor Ridge was on clean up duty all night!

05-28-17_2-26-01 AM

(Hmm must be someone asleep in the potty bush)

05-28-17_12-34-28 AM05-28-17_12-34-29 AM

All was going great then DISASTER struck!

05-29-17_12-18-47 AM

Beth rushed to the rescue and ended up in need of rescue!

05-29-17_12-19-38 AM

(man those trash fruits are dong a number on Lisabee’s behind)

05-29-17_12-20-14 AM

Does this jeopardize our friendship?

05-29-17_12-20-37 AM

Nothing can make it right like a quick trip to the hot springs!

05-29-17_12-27-33 AM

Despite the wild parties, things in camp began to take shape.

05-28-17_12-07-21 AM05-29-17_1-47-14 AM

AND THEN .. right there in front of my witness I evolved to perfect my 16th trash plant

06-29-17_3-07-46 AM

The end for now .. but with that behind Lisabee will need the gym challenge for sure.  

BTW did you notice .. NO Don.  Maybe he has a new girlfriend ??  NAHHH!

lisa murky

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20 thoughts on “The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #11 The End (well the end so far)

  1. Ouch your back 🙂 dancing is good but the new movement is extremely painful . You are right, the gym challenge she needs
    I think Don left the camp or he finds a new girl, I hope he understood your simself’s heart belongs to Ridge not to him.

    Simentha on fire lmao !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I only have 3 more posts to do and then we vote .. yipee .. yipee .. yipee (that is form both Rose and myself .. she is ready to move on with life .. and poor old Bruno is growing a grey beard by now)


  2. This was such a funny and adorable challenge and your pics and comments are priceless. ♥♥♥ I really would like so see more of it after the Bachelorette…
    Will your Murkland remain as it looks now or you’ll be using the new building I saw in the galerie? They look very well but never so good as in your pics, of course! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wooooo, congrats! *whirls a party noise-maker

    Great that you hunkered down and showed your trash plants who’s da boss!
    I loved reading about your Starter adventures in Murkland!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, holding out on us, are you?
        I rather miss our Murky Days….
        Will you be playing the Road to Selvadorada Challenge with your new explorer Lisa sim?
        Just stopped by to start reading your Era of Charming Tales. 😀

        Hope your Sunday is fabulous!

        Liked by 1 person

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