Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #15 Meet Hugo

THIS IS IT!  The LAST suitor .. give me a few a few days and the poll will be up 🙂  You will choose the 7 who go forward into the challenge.  I am sooo excited!

PLUS this is blog post #100 .. wow I cannot believe that! 

Enough of that ON with the story 🙂 

“Father, I just don’t know about this!”  Hugo ranted, “I mean what kind of a lady has to find a husband by meeting unknown random men.  Then they are to compete for her?  Really?  Like she is a prize to be had?  She must be some sort of hag why else would the King allow this.”  Hugo had strongly protested the idea of competing when his father had presented it but his father had insisted.

Is father had a long-standing allegiance with King Charming and they were very fond of one another.  When many of the surrounding countries had declared war against his father it was King Charming who sought and won a peace accord.  The kings of the other countries viewed Hugo’s father with fear and prejudice but King Charming refused to judge a man based on prejudice and presupposition.  He believed that you judged a man based upon the content of his character.   After the accord, Hugo’s father had sworn his life to protect Kim charming and his country.

Hugo finally gave in and agreed to meet Rose.  What possible harm could come from it. They would meet in Windenburg over lunch and then go to Privateer Island by train to attend the biennial Isla De Muerta Carnivale.

Every 2 years the citizens would don old-time clothing and pirate garb to celebrate their Buccaneer history.   Isla De Muerta Carnivale was always a lot of fun.  He would meet her and they would have a few laughs and be done. Father would be satisfied and he would be off the “hook” (he he he … sorry for the lame one there .. you will see).

As he watched her approach he mentally kicked himself for saying such unkind things about her. She was not a hag at all, in fact, she was quite lovely.  Even wearing at the cumbersome period clothing that was customary during the festival she carried herself with grace.  Unaccustomed to the weight of the garb, most of the local ladies seem to clump and wobble around in them.

Now it might be fair to mention at this point that Rose was equally skeptical. A pirate? Really? Her dad seemed very fond of this young man’s father and was excited to have them meet so she reluctantly let her skepticism pass (but she had saved him for last).

Looking down the path her skipped a little beat when she saw the dashing young man in his pirate costume.  Well, this might be kind of fun after all she thought.

07-03-17_2-47-48 AM

Rose was a bit shocked to see that the sun was setting. They had met for a late lunch and had somehow chatted the afternoon away.  The time had passed so quickly.  Conversation with Hugo was effortless.  It was as tho they had known each other for a very long time.

07-03-17_3-05-44 AM

Hugo wanted a better vantage point to see the sunset so he quickly ushered Rose forward to the stern.

07-02-17_2-14-49 AM

As they stood on the bow the motion of the sea, as it lay before her, made Rose feel a bit unsteady on her feet.  Even tho he teased by calling her a landlubber, he was not in the least bit disappointed to help steady her as they watched the sun sink into the sea.

Nope, no hag he thought to himself .. not at all!

07-02-17_2-26-09 AM07-02-17_2-31-02 AM

After the sunset, they both changed into traveling clothing and headed to meet a train to Privateer Island.  It was quite late when they arrived at the Salty Sands Inn.  A quaint little place with LOTS of ambiances … most of it creepy.

07-02-17_2-44-59 AM

Both were feeling rather peckish and so a late night repast was in order.

07-02-17_2-46-48 AM07-02-17_2-53-49 AM

The hour it was quite late but neither were sleepy.  They met in the nicely appointed sitting room that was between their two chambers.  Hugo started a fire while Rose prepared a nice pot of tea.

07-02-17_3-18-10 AM07-02-17_3-18-11 AM

The next morning they were off to explore Privateer Island. Isla De Muerta Carnivale was in full swing. Their first stop was a ship museum that his father donated to the harbor.

For Rose, it was a fascinating place filled with artifacts and glittering pirate booty.  For Hugo, it was dusty old stuff that he had seen a million times.

06-30-17_2-54-40 AM07-01-17_2-50-31 AM07-01-17_2-56-53 AM07-01-17_3-09-02 AM07-01-17_3-11-45 AM07-01-17_3-21-00 AM07-01-17_3-22-23 AM07-01-17_3-23-46 AM

The best by far was the Captain’s quarters they had stored all of the travel journals.  Rose was fascinated by the recorded escapades of his father.  One very special book recorded the meeting between her father and his father.

Between the pages of the journal was a worn photo.  Rose looked lovingly at her brave and wonderful father as he struck the accord with Hugo’s father .. who BTW was none other than the famous Captain Hook!


As Rose read the words written about her father by the ship’s captain she was so proud of her dad.

Hugo smiled.  “Why don’t you take that journal with you?  I am certain my father will not mind and if it would ease your mind you can ask him about it yourself at the gathering tonight.  If you do not we shall never get to the rest of the island today!”  The twinkle in his eye caused Rose to blush as she slipped the book into her frock.

07-01-17_3-29-08 AM

The rest of Privateer Island was so much fun to explore and her handsome tour guide brought it to life at every turn.

07-01-17_3-51-17 AM07-01-17_3-55-15 AM07-01-17_3-56-44 AM07-01-17_4-04-49 AM07-01-17_4-05-52 AM07-01-17_4-09-31 AM

I’m pretty sure Hugo doesn’t think that’s your best look Rose

07-02-17_1-01-51 AM

Hugo had the tallest of tales to share at every point.

07-02-17_1-07-47 AM07-02-17_1-12-14 AM

Finally, they found a quiet moment together at his dad’s childhood home.  They grabbed a snack and Hugo prepared her a traditional grog.

07-02-17_1-16-27 AM

Rose pulled the book from her pocket and continue to read the story of her father and Hugo’s father.

At every turned page her heart was warmed.  Her father had never told her of these escapades.

07-02-17_1-29-03 AM

Rose became worried.  What if Hook had too great of expectations of her.  Perhaps she would not be able to live up to them when he met her in person.

Hugo gave a pensive smile, “No worries dear Rosie, I have no doubt my father will be as enchanted with you as I have become.”

07-02-17_1-34-59 AM

Rose heard a call “All hands hoay,” as she stepped onto the ship’s gangway.  Her knees shook.  This was an impressive vessel and she was feeling unusually jittery.

Everyone from Smee to his leftenant Tony & his Wife Maladi to his wife Matoaka was openly excited to meet her and warmly welcomed her aboard.

Rose thought she would crumble into a heap when Captain Hook took her hand and give it a gracious kiss. He told her right there how much her father meant to him and he vowed his allegiance not only to her father but to her as well.

07-06-17_1-29-58 AM

Once aboard she met the rest of the crew.  Hook’s beautiful wife Motoaka made Rose feel at home with her sweet kind attitude (much like her own mum Snow).

Smee and Leftenant  Tony were mates as close to Hook as anyone could be.  They had all sailed together for many years.

07-08-17_12-35-21 AM

Tony had his family along.  Maladi and their son Tee.  Tee was definitely the treasure of their eye!

07-07-17_11-26-48 PM

The traditional gathering was taking place.  The crew of the Pearl was all in attendance and some of the finer towns folks were also invited to the celebration.

Hook’s leftenant Tony was an intense man.  Rose felt as tho he was peering at something queer under a microscope when he looked at her.  No one else seemed to notice so she eventually ignored it.  Maybe he gave up trying to find a vulnerability.

07-06-17_2-00-19 AM

The food was amazing. She would have to ask Motoaka for some of her recipes.

07-06-17_2-02-40 AM

Rose was a natural at this pirate thing. Much to everyone’s delight she proposed a rowdy pirate toast (that she learned from the book), “Drink up me hearties yoho … a pirate’s life for me!”

Hook roared with laughter and turned to Hugo saying, “Blimey! She is a sweet one my boy-o!”  Indeed all of the family found her quite amusing.

07-06-17_3-39-00 AM

The music was playing softly.  Hugo reached back, took Rose’s hand and led her to the dance floor without a word.

07-07-17_10-59-53 PM

Sweeping her in his arms Hugo whirled her around the dance floor.

07-06-17_2-41-17 AM

“Smooth idea there Hugo,” chirped a grinning Tony.

Both he and Hook got up to fetch their ladies to the dance floor.

07-06-17_2-44-05 AM

Soon the floor was filled with romance!

07-06-17_3-07-03 AM

Again (and more strongly now) Hugo wished he could take back his churlish words.  He fully regretted saying each and every one of them.  Compete for her?  Gladly!  He would even slay the Kraken for her!  He could not imagine not seeing this beautiful rose again.

07-06-17_3-08-09 AM

The party was too crowded so Hugo suggested a ship tour.  After showing her around, Hugo took her up to the crows nest to have a quiet moment together. They watch the moon rise in silence.

Although they had heretofore chatted endlessly, now the time spent together seemed too valuable for words to get in the way.

The height was a little dizzying for Rose but Hugo caught her up and held her closely.  He desired nothing more than to just breathe the very air around her.

07-06-17_2-16-59 AM

A walk on the beach in the moonlight and a little time by a fire before returning her to her train was a perfect end to a perfect day.

07-06-17_3-50-55 AM

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TY Munter Bacon for the FAB Hugo .. be sure to check out his boredom cuties in gallery!


Virtualee .. if you want MORE Hook (and don’t we all) visit his story at Disney Bachelor Challenge – Virtualee .. You will NOT be sorry!

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Maladi .. If you want MORE of Tony (and again don’t we all) you can read about him in Maladi’s awesome story blog (one of my personal FAVs) Heffner Legacy




Brennachan .. for more from Brenna might I suggest you check out Murkland  .. POST-APOCALYPTIC MURKLAND: THE STARTER CHALLENGE

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35 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #15 Meet Hugo

  1. Can’t wait to find out who wins!! I have no clue who to pick lol you pick all of the handsome ones 😛 Right now I’m leaning more towards Hugo. They seem to really like each other alot! I’ve said it a thousand times, but I love this story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You make my Libra very anxious for the vote because I can’t choose any of them, because I like them all a lot.

    Hugo really felt in love with the girl he didn’t want to see, I like the switch.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Even three is too hard ahaha , a Libra can’t choose what he/she/them like. Choosing for us is a torture !
        I am glad Captain Hook has a so much gorgeous boy without a Pirat heart.

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  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I didn’t think it was possible, but Hugo has made me question my loyalty to Mike! I’m so sorry, Mike. He’s so charming and handsome. Plus it would be so interesting to see Rose as a pirate. I’M CONFLICTED NOW! I can’t wait for this poll!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, I like Hugo a lot, (sorry Prince!)… or can we vote in more than one candidate? I will see… but for me, and because I love the nostalgic stuff… this was just my thing! The buildings were so amazing and some as the sims I did already know from the Galerie or Tumblr. But first of all, I will download some of the lots for Magnolia Promenad. I loved the idea of a pirate wharf. That I must have 🙂 …
    Thank you for show such a wonderfull collection of sims and lots so lovely enroped. I could see only through your pics how lovely and great many creations are.
    I am also very excited about your ideas for the contest! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Once the competition starts then everything will change. At that point they will rely upon their traits more than my construction of the story LOL. All relationships will be reset and all skills will be reset.There will be votes along the way of the bottom two from various competitions and people would choose which one stays.

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  5. Loved Hugo! And seeing Tony & Maldi together with a child. Lol. That was an added bonus. But Mmmm. Hugo. I am glad we get to pick 3!

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  6. Ahhhh! I didn’t see this coming and now I’m totally biased in favour of Hugo, because I want to see more pirates! The costumes were gorgeous. Definitely one of my most favourite chapter for many many reasons! 😉 This vote is going to be so hard!
    Thank you, Lisa. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I’m so glad I don’t have to vote. But I did end up following smack in love with Hugo … it’s so funny he was often like that with the kind of more solemn set face. Sims is so weird. Because on the one with the musicians … Prince always seemed sooooo mooney over Rose … they really do take on a personality

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow! What a great chapter. I loved Hugo and his father knows her father. The costumes and settings were amazing. Hugo is one romantic sim….and they look sooo good together. He was so haughty at the start…but I know he has fallen…hard and fast for Rose…. I really like Hugo, a lot! I think Rose does too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and honestly I had this much fun reading your takes on it as I did writing them … I think you accurately put your finger on the pulse of my readers


  8. Wow! I wish I’d read this chapter before the vote. He definitely would’ve stolen a vote from one of my guys. And because I’m slowly catching up, I still don’t know who was picked! Lol, I’m so excited and really hoping Hugo is one of the ones picked.


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