Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) The Reveal

First off I would like to thank all of you who voted and who have patiently followed my scribblings.  Thanks to you all my WP is just shy of 20,500 reads (maybe not super blogger status but I am happy).  17 months ago when I started this venture I had NO idea anyone would come read my story! I cannot tell you how much your support means to me!  I am so very blessed by you all!!

NOW on to the business at hand …

The results are in …

WHO made it into the penthouse …

Who will go forward in the challenge and win the hand of Princess Rose and the crown that accompanies her …

Here they are …


The fellas … one of these guys will be hubby for sweet Rose and King for Windenburg.

Please NOTE that all of the relationships have been reset back to acquaintance.   All the boy’s skills are at the start too.  Right now they are totally reliant upon the traits chosen by their creators and their own personalities (not to mention the devotion of you … the readers … to your favs … yes there will be more opportunities to vote coming LOL).

07-20-17_12-18-05 AM

There was quite the battle for the top between these two.  Mike held his own throughout but not for a lack of trying from Hugo!  Mike ended up with 60 votes and Hugo with 52.

These two sea lovers made quite a splash with the readers (yes .. sorry .. I know that was LAME).

07-20-17_12-20-23 AM

Prince quietly came in 3rd (quiet for a rock musician ??) with 33 votes.  He never budged off 3rd.

07-20-17_12-20-46 AM

These two were my surprises!  Jack held on to a solid 4th throughout the vote garnering a respectable 28 (I had no idea how much this frosty fella had warmed the hearts of the readers).

Darren also held on to 5th in the end with 24 votes (but he did make a BIG jump in the final days of the vote).

07-20-17_12-21-12 AM

Pace came in at 6th with 19 votes.  He is a sweetie and should do well in the competition.

The last slot was filled by Junior.  Junior actually came in LAST in the vote (only had 11 votes) BUT I needed him to balance out my plan B … so I gave him one last shot.  He stayed the course thru the battle (did not head off to the dance floor)  .. I guess he really wanted it.

07-20-17_12-21-52 AM

Five of these fellas came in within a vote of each other … 3 were tied at 15 and 2 at 14!  How that happened with nearly 300 votes I have NO IDEA but …

We desperately needed a Plan B!

So our first competition (TY George T from the SimsPlayhouse for the awesome idea) … the one who remains standing will take the last slot in the penthouse.

07-19-17_5-05-49 PM

It was on .. their faces stony with determination!   One would stay the course and the rest would walk away!

LOL I was worried that Stephen would walk away at the very start but he did not.

07-19-17_5-18-28 PM

David and Jesse are pitted against each other.

The rocker against the pianist.

Jesse is showing his fierce rock star heart … a lot of determination!

07-19-17_5-23-05 PM

OHH Junior .. something not so good is happening and Darien seems quite happy with it.

07-19-17_5-23-21 PM

Preston is on fire and Stephen seem to be on the receiving end of it!

07-19-17_5-23-33 PM

First to walk … David (he went to play basket ball).

07-19-17_5-25-09 PM

Darien is the second walker (he was going to do some star searching in the observatory … what else for a nature loving fella).

07-19-17_5-26-48 PM

Preston walks 3rd .. the guitar called to him.

07-19-17_5-29-24 PM

Junior and Jesse go head to head and a patient Stephen awaits the victor.

07-19-17_5-29-56 PM

Jesse walks .. wanted to check out Preston on that guitar (maybe he is worried that there will be a band opening soon).

07-19-17_5-30-54 PM

In the end stephen had enough and went to go dance!

07-19-17_5-31-53 PM

Leaving our lowest vote getter (with only 11 votes) a spot in the house!

07-19-17_5-32-15 PM

A quick look at the Penthouse … TY dear Abby K for this amazing build.  Will NOT be difficult to shoot great shots here!!

TY dear Abby K for this amazing build.  Will NOT be difficult to shoot great shots here!!

06-20-17_1-00-08 AM06-20-17_1-05-33 AM06-20-17_12-49-20 AM06-20-17_12-59-02 AM06-20-17_12-59-16 AM06-21-17_12-57-29 AM06-21-17_12-57-30 AM06-21-17_12-57-31 AM

Rose’s quarters …

07-20-17_1-01-02 AM07-20-17_1-01-31 AM07-20-17_1-02-49 AM07-20-17_1-03-58 AM

The living area …

07-20-17_1-11-12 AM07-20-17_1-11-13 AM07-20-17_1-11-14 AM07-20-17_12-46-22 AM07-20-17_12-46-45 AM

Boy’s rooms …

07-20-17_12-54-10 AM07-20-17_12-54-40 AM07-20-17_12-56-06 AM

So there you have it .. let’s let the shenanigans begin 🙂

07-20-17_12-45-47 AM

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34 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) The Reveal

  1. Congrats on so many readers and voter 😮
    Yaaaaaaay, Jack Frost made it ❤ He's my absolute favourite.
    Hugo is there too.
    And I honnestly can't remember who my third was, it was harder deciding that one XD Ah yes, the guy whose parents are cursed. But I don't remember the guy's name hahaha
    Oh wow, I love the house they'll be in 😮
    Can't wait to see the challenge begin and get new favorites. Except Jack. He's not my favourite in terms of looks, but you can't beat fairy tales out of me if you wanted to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was Stephen … he nearly made the house but for what ever reason he dropped away .. I was surprised. I do adore jack (and you see he was making time with Rose early .. while I was doing the house tour he was chatting her up

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY! Glad to see Mike and Hugo made it (they’re both my faves!) I really don’t remember who my third vote was for lol I can’t wait for the challenge to begin! Good luck to all voters! Really loving this Lisa! You gave me the idea of doing this myself LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fantastic Outcome! I did a speed read before the vote and then had to re-read everything for the vote. I even made notes! lol Yeah for Mike and Hugo! I think I voted for David or Pace for 3rd. lol Anyway, love the story, all the great builds…can’t wait for life to begin in the penthouse, Great!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sooo happy Stephen mad Hugo made it!!! We definitely need to see more of my sleeping prince. 😀 And if everything fails, I’ll still be cheering for Hugo and his pirate family. ❤


      1. Hugo is doing good … he had a little mess up (flirted with a townie) but did not get caught by the princess … this game times enough curveballs at you to give you fits LOL


  5. A great penthouse to start off in and fun games to see who’s left standing. Outstanding! Will be back to see how Rose’s search is going 🙂 I hope there’s a suitable king among em ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I changed my allegiance because I voted before I was caught up, lol. Well, I’m still rooting for Pace, I frigging heart him, but I’ve forsaken all others for Hugo!

    I was so happy to see Hugo and Pace! Those are my two guys I’m rooting for so far! Let the games begin!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Haha, I’m eight months behind but still stoked that my faves made the top seven: Hugo, Pace, and Jack.
    I’m going to keep reading a little more—it’s hard to stop now, hehe.


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