Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #1 It Begins

Challenge Update #1 

I will remind you from the beginning that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

You can be assured of this for a few reasons .. 1st off it would be a whole lot better story (I fear a snooze fest coming) LOL … 2nd some of the stuff that happened would NOT have happened AND 3rd I do not want the responsibility to pick one!

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.  I do not want my dramatic speculation to sway the votes 🙂


Rose arrives after the boys are settled in.

06-20-17_11-49-36 PM

Frankly, they do not seem to have their heads in the game.  Some are watching TV and Mike is playing video games .. not sure what the heck Darren is talking about but it does not seem like sweet nothings LOL

06-20-17_11-49-38 PM

Mike is the first to break under the stress .. work it out Mike!

06-20-17_11-54-07 PM

They seem obvious to Rose’s attempts to engage .. Prince even walks away!

06-20-17_11-54-08 PM

I guess Rose figures the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach so she heads off to the kitchen to prepare a bite of lunch.

06-21-17_12-16-53 AM

First kudos goes out to Darren for offering to help.

06-21-17_12-18-03 AM

The fellas enjoyed the lunch BUT (sorry I missed the pic) they let Rose eat at the table BY HERSELF!

Maybe a few well-made drinks would lure them out …

06-21-17_12-32-19 AM06-21-17_12-32-58 AM06-21-17_12-33-18 AM

Well since that milk shake did not bring anyone to the yard …

06-21-17_12-39-54 AM

Some brownie points to these two for bettering themselves by watching the cooking channel.  BUT hello .. ???

06-21-17_12-39-55 AM07-21-17_1-30-26 AM

LOL she finally gets some attention from one of the boys … SMH  Apparently he does not approve!

07-21-17_2-30-57 AM

His disdain did not last long.  Rose caught up to him and his brother playing horseshoes .. these two are inseparable.

07-21-17_2-37-36 AM

Speaking of inseparable friendships and relationships .. these two are thick as thieves!  HMMM an alliance maybe?

07-21-17_2-40-19 AM07-21-17_2-40-23 AM

It is dinner and NO one was sitting with her until Mike came in (was it Rose or the fact that there were no more stools … ??? …lol)

07-21-17_2-40-24 AM

Prince joined them .. not sure if Mike seems all that happy about it!  I swear I can hear him saying GO AWAY BOY in his mind!

07-21-17_2-40-25 AM

Tidy points to Pace for cleaning up!

07-21-17_2-40-26 AM

Darren seems a bit stressed.  Rose gives him a drink and some relaxation tips but he still is a bit jittery.

07-21-17_2-42-27 AM07-21-17_2-42-50 AM

Prince has found his stress release.

07-21-17_12-39-55 AM

With everyone in bed and sleep still alluding him, Darren quietly occupies himself thru to the wee hours of the morning.

07-21-17_12-39-57 AM07-21-17_12-39-59 AM07-21-17_12-39-61 AM

Recap .. day 1 was a bust.  NO significant relationship increase for any of them (outside of Jack and Mike that is).

Day 2

Hello! Again?? THIS time she tries the counter …

07-21-17_3-01-51 AM

Mike to the rescue again .. but Mike less chatting with your buddy and more with the princess.

07-21-17_3-02-53 AM

Good glad you heard me!

07-21-17_3-08-42 AM

The boys were up playing basket ball … Hugo gets a strange look on his face … AUGH then THIS happened.

07-21-17_3-19-45 AM

He left the building to go flirt with a random passer by.  Luckily the princess did not catch wind of it!

07-21-17_3-31-05 AM07-21-17_3-32-08 AM

Not only is Rose bored out of her gourd …

07-22-17_2-16-44 AM

There is DRAMA in the house (first off note Hugo’s posture .. wonder if he is feeling guilty?).  She has gotten word that Mike and Junior have exchanged words.

07-22-17_2-16-44a AM

She and Mike sit for a sweet convo about the situation (since Junior is in his bed crying it out).

07-22-17_2-16-45 AM

It happened early this am

Not sure what was the issue but hmm … Junior is def not a happy camper.

07-22-17_2-16-52 AM

They exchange words …

07-22-17_2-16-53 AM

Not sure what Junior is telling the Princess BUT Jack looks quite unhappy (sweet Prince always oblivious to it all)

07-22-17_2-16-54 AM

Feathers are a little ruffled and Rose does her best to calm things down.

07-22-17_2-16-46 AM

Later on, Mike found time to chat with Junior and it looks like they have worked it all out.

07-22-17_2-16-58 AM

Prince still working out things his own way.

07-22-17_2-16-59 AM

Darren NOT so successful with it. ❤ ❤ Darren LOL

07-22-17_2-16-60 AM

A little action on the B Ball court.

07-22-17_2-16-61 AM07-22-17_2-16-62 AM

As the sun sets they head out on the town (down on the waterfront).  Such a cute build!

07-22-17_2-32-12 AM

Does Mike like what he sees?

07-22-17_2-53-37 AM

The boys are so cute and they can dance too!

07-22-17_2-57-14 AM

WHAT is with this game??  Pace decided to chat up a local with the princess right there.

07-22-17_3-01-21 AM

The boys have a protective circle around Rose .. good thing too because Paolo is trying to converse with her and beardy guy just keeps getting closer and closer LOL

Mike’s face is priceless!

Jack looks ready to take someone out!

07-22-17_3-09-58 AM

I love this shot … even the bartended looks lovestruck!

07-22-17_3-19-42 AM

Day 3

It is challenge day.  The boys will participate in a fishing derby.  The objective is easy.  Whom ever catches fish (only) with a lowest combined value is out of the house.  The two with the highest combined fish value will each get a solo outing with the princess.

The boys are all up and at ’em early.

Positive thoughts boys! I took a shot of the others but it is gone 😦

07-22-17_1-55-20 AM07-22-17_1-55-21 AM

Poor Prince .. what a day to be sick!

07-22-17_1-55-38 AM07-22-17_1-59-39 AM07-22-17_1-59-57 AM

These two are conspiring over something .. maybe exchanging fishing tips??

07-22-17_2-27-41 AM

First stop Oasis Springs.

07-22-17_3-45-30 AM

Next lovely Willow Creek …

07-22-17_3-55-32 AM07-22-17_3-55-49 AM07-22-17_3-57-43 AM07-22-17_3-58-20 AM

Finally a bit of night fishing in Windenburg.

The contest stopped at precisely midnight.

I did not get a whole bunch of fishing shots … zzzz (thought I would spare you that).

The boys enjoy an al fresco dinner of hotdogs … I wonder what they are thinking right now!  Who is it? Is it me?

07-22-17_4-31-32 AM

This was a lot for a Princess and tomorrow she will have the difficult job of saying goodbye to one of the guys … so for now sleep well dear Princess ❤

07-22-17_4-31-33 AM

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38 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #1 It Begins

  1. I wonder if you knew how hard this was going to be when you came up with the original idea for this! Oh my gosh, I do not envy you this task. Hopefully, the relations start to grow and we will see some really interesting interactions between all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know and the challenge rules tie your hands .. I have done it once before with girls and they interacted with no problem .. in fact there were even fights LOL (BUT I gave each of them a negative trait and in this game it is all te creators traits that I kept)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG the boys not caring about Rose xD They just look like a bunch of guys in a dorm. If you get tired of them doing that, I read about bachelor challenge where for 2-3 simhours, they would put all sims in a room that had as little distraction as possible (but still everything for basic needs and a few other things). That way they wouldn’t just trickle left and right.
    Yay for Jack playing basketball with her 😛
    Still more broships forming than anything. So funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud when Hugo went outside to flirt with someone else! Guys, get a grip here. This is the princess….pay attention to her! Darren at least helped clean up. Oh this must be so frustrating! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love bachelor and bachelorette challenges they’re so fun! These poor guys though, they’re clueless! In Drifter we had to do one romantic interaction with each of them at the start. It makes it so they’ll possibly do it autonomously. I feel bad, you must be so bored just watching them all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dates did spice it up a bit. But we had tragedy in game last night. The next blog coming out hopefully sometime today has a reader vote that will be very upsetting to many.


  5. Trouble in this game is people never eat together ahah I play a household that the mother is always eating alone outside ahah.
    the guys aren’t looking at Rose just because the tetosteron competition win first , the heart of Rose is second.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ahaha some will plot with Evella or Evella will charm them to push them to be angry with Rose, she might watch the show on the tv.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yes my game 🙂 i started a new investigations for miss v.
        ahaha it’s not normal Evella isn’t around she misses me 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. haha I can’t wait to read about her ahah. Take your time I am translating the story into “English” and I am going to publish part 2 and the last part quite soon. I am just upset the game didn’t save my progress at all. To my story I kept the progress of yesterday because it was better for my story than the progress of today.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the challenges the guys will have to compete in. Can’t wait to set what you make them do next. I wouldn’t have minded seeing some of the fish they caught. To get a guess on who was catching guppies versus tuna, lol.

    So nervous for the elimination. This is why I love Simlit. Even if you don’t catch an update right when it happens, it’s still waiting there fresh for you to fangirl out as if you caught it on the day it was published, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. rofl, this chapter had me laughing so hard at the mostly inattentive guys.
    And when the guys do flirt it is with Miko Ojo or the married Ananya Jang. Too funny!
    Oh well, at least they all look very nice when they’re shirtless! o.O

    Liked by 1 person

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