Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #2 Augh Broships


I remind you again that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are determined by her whims (esp when interacting on an outing).

I will be updating this in an observer/commentator role.

So in the last episode:

Pace freely chatted up a townie and fricken HUGO went all the way down stairs to flirt with a random townie … even tho in both cases the Princess was right there!

When Prince is not in the gym he is just staring at her lovingly but NEVER a word to her!

The Flores brothers and Jack/Mike (we need a good broship name for them) are so tight that Rose cannot edge her way in!

This brofest is getting on my last nerve!

Today will see our first ELIMINATION (from the fishing derby) … so sorry I left you hanging the last time

(well ok I might not really BE sorry but I will be nice and say it LOL)

and will end with a rather shocking reader elimination vote   😦

Enough of that … let’s check in on the house …

Day 4

Rose is up early making a delish breakfast …

07-23-17_1-11-47 AM

and spicing it up with just a pinch of LOVE (well at least I think that is what it is).

07-23-17_1-11-48 AM

QOD:  Will they leave her hanging again this am?

07-23-17_1-11-49 AM

Well .. sort of yes and sort of no .. at least they are sitting with her. THAT is some improvement.

YO to the bros!

07-23-17_1-13-02 AM


Hi guys …


Hmmm … I guess it is difficult to get attention when Hugo is regaling his “crew” with stories of his pirate adventures.

07-23-17_1-14-36 AM

QUICKLY … he is taking a bite  …


07-23-17_1-15-10 AM07-23-17_1-15-19 AM07-23-17_1-15-47 AM

It is high NOON .. time to break a heart.  SIGH!  😦

07-23-17_1-18-51 AM07-23-17_1-23-05 AM07-23-17_1-24-54 AM07-23-17_1-25-43 AM

Sul sul Junior.

07-23-17_1-27-18 AM

Just FYI …

Fishing Derby scores:

Darren 202

Prince 136

Junior 87

Mike 538

Hugo 204

Pace 356

Jack 448

Jack gets wins the day time outing.  He chose the sunny San Myshuno city park.

(UM Jack Frost in the sun?? OK? I guess.)

07-23-17_1-44-43 AM07-23-17_2-27-05 AM07-23-17_2-27-25 AM07-23-17_2-27-46 AM07-23-17_2-32-47 AM07-23-17_2-34-17 AM07-23-17_2-35-09 AM07-23-17_2-36-38 AM07-23-17_2-37-23 AM07-23-17_2-37-30 AM07-23-17_2-38-22 AM

What a sweet afternoon .. their friendship bar INCREASED significantly!

Jack now has the most green (with Rose) in the house.

07-23-17_2-41-30 AM

Mike won the evening outing and he chose the Roof Top Karaoke Bar in San Myshuno.

I am thinking he is not too happy about the length of that little dress.

07-23-17_3-32-18 AM

BUT I am also thinking he is smart enough NOT to say it!

07-23-17_3-33-00 AM

A little alone time up on the roof … ???    ???

07-23-17_3-44-46 AM07-23-17_3-47-08 AM07-23-17_3-47-17 AM

I can hear her thinking … I am here under the full moon dressed like this and you have your hands in your pockets … huh hello??

Maybe he is just trying not to press his advantage!

07-23-17_3-47-23 AM

Rose rolls a romantic whim (give someone a rose) and takes some action!

(This is the ONLY romantic whim rolled at all during this challenge .. thus far.

Well if you don’t count Hugo flirting with a random townie.)

07-23-17_3-49-42 AM07-23-17_3-56-33 AM

I think he likes it!

AAAND finally we have a TINY bit of PINK!  VERY TINY BUT STILL PINK!

(This is not the rose ceremony .. the first rose ceremony will take place after the vote called for by this blog update)

07-23-17_3-57-18 AM

A little karaoke … BTW they were awful!   They did have fun with it tho.

(I have heard Mike can sing BUT together .. oh my .. eeeek)

07-23-17_4-04-08 AM07-23-17_4-04-13 AM07-23-17_4-15-21 AM

Wrapping it up with a couple of drinks and chats high above the city.

07-23-17_4-20-12 AM

I think it was a great outing … looks like Mike just might have had a good time!

07-23-17_4-27-31 AM

Da boyz had been waiting up … Mike did not stick around for any Q & A.

07-23-17_2-52-47 PM07-23-17_2-54-19 PM

UH got a dramatic turn of events going on here.   Is there a rift in the broship?  Perhaps a little sleep would help ease the tension!  Good night boys!

07-23-17_2-55-17 PM

Day 5

LOL UH really Rose?  Flirty cookies for breakfast?  Getting a little desperate are we?

(I put the cookies away in the fridge and quickly got her started on a real breakfast .. today is challenge day and they will not get far on cookies.)

07-23-17_3-02-21 PM

Well, I think we know the way to this man’s heart!

07-23-17_3-04-47 PM

A little hunky helper in the kitchen?  OH sure!  I know I would not turn it down 🙂

07-23-17_3-07-06 PM

OH PRINCE .. oh no .. you do not need ANYTHING to make you even more mooney.


07-23-17_3-11-50 PM

Hugo to the rescue.

UH BRUH .. no man .. don’t do it!  Put it back .. trust me!

07-23-17_3-13-15 PM

Flirty cookies??  EPIC FAIL!  NOT even one flirt.

Earth to Jack and Prince.

07-23-17_3-16-45 PM

I have NO idea what is going on here .. I found him like this.  I will let YOU speculate .. yours would be just as good as mine.

(This game is so weird)

07-23-17_3-18-40 PM07-23-17_3-19-05 PM

Mike is either reliving last night or practicing for a possible future opportunity to do it again.

07-23-17_9-18-01 PM

Challenge time.

The Clear Out the Collectibles challenge:

The objective is simple.  Each suitor will collect the contents from 6 dig spots … all spots assigned at random.  The two with the highest points get solo outings

(I am not calling them dates because I do not want the forced actions that come with the game version of dates)

and the bottom two will go out for a reader elimination vote

(Only every other elimination will be reader vote .. if we did them all this challenge would NEVER end).

First stop Willow Creek …

07-23-17_9-24-46 PM07-23-17_9-26-56 PM

What??  Rose??

07-23-17_9-59-06 PM

I fear Rose is quickly becoming one of the Bruhs.

I guess if you can’t beat them join them!

07-23-17_10-00-12 PM

OH hello .. maybe not totally one of the guys yet!  (Interaction NOT prompted by me)

07-23-17_10-03-32 PM

Jack .. watch out for the bees!  He is a motivated digger!

07-23-17_10-39-21 PM

I do not know who this chick is .. all chatting up the Bros while Rose is outside cooking BUT she had best step off!!

07-23-17_10-42-10 PM

SIGH!  Challenge results:

(I post pics to keep me from “creatively adjusting” the out come)


07-24-17_12-02-10 AM


Mike:07-24-17_12-05-48 AM


07-24-17_12-10-07 AM


07-24-17_12-12-42 AM


07-24-17_12-18-27 AM

Jack ended up with $325 (somehow the pic did not take)

NOW dear reader it is up to you … which one says sul sul to the Princess and which one gets the rose from Rose.  The winner of this challenge will be exempt from the next elimination challenge.  

07-24-17_12-42-20 AM



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******* Credits ******

TY to my FAB friend Tokulee for the WONDERFUL build

roof top

This is a very cute little park 🙂






43 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #2 Augh Broships

  1. You know who I voted out. Not only because the other guy is my favorite guy, but the my favorite guy seems to be “getting it” faster and better than anyone else, honestly. *Crosses fingers and hoping*. Hahaha, I’m terrible. It’s interesting, though, that I had a dream about one of the eliminations ditching the Bachelorette challenge and marrying someone totally different…and here he is in the vote for elimination…strange…?!

    Once again, hilarious read.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. “FROM your mouth to HIS ears”…must be my pregnancy brain, but what does this mean? Well, my favorite seems to be interacting the most with Rose. He and Jack have the most in their bars, whether it’s friendship or romance…or, at least, that’s what it sounds like. I’m crossing my fingers and praying, literally, that my favorite gets to the “next round”. I know, I show too much favoritism, but it’s part of my personality, and who I am, to do things like that. You should see me when I play my Sim families…my favorites are usually the pampered ones…haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Found you using my dash board by running your name (I had been using Sharissa Fay Wagner before) .. I will mark NOT spam and hope that will clear things up


      3. “Make sure she invites you at the wedding XD”…once again, must be pregnancy brain…what do you, Ryan Randles, mean by this? I declare, I my normal brain comes back when I have this baby…I think I’ll understand things a little better…ugh.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s so funny to read your commentary! They all look so nice! In the picture with the bees, it looks like he broke his foot, though! I’m impressed he made so much money nonetheless 😀 I’ll go vote now!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor Junior looks so sad 😦
    But Yay for Jack’s new friendship. Best relationships are built on a good friendship, after all. Going up against his new bro though.
    Lol at Mike staring down Rose while she’s doing that goofy face to show off her dress XD
    You know I love Jack the most, so I can’t break his broship just yet.


  4. ~ Why did I have to vote when one is against the other,& two of my favs……… *sigh* no matter which way I turn I have to vote one out! *so sad*
    ~ OK, done but not happy! Karima 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. *Giggles*, thank you, Lisa. Thank you, also, for your help and chats earlier. I seriously hope one day we can meet in person.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I still can’t help but root for Pace and Hugo, even though those are the two bums who flirted with other girls.

    I’m so excited neither of my guys were in the bottom two. I’m so sure they’d be voted out because of their flirting.

    I wish I could’ve voted for who left. Oh well… Maybe once I catch up, I’ll stay caught up!

    Liked by 1 person

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