Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #10 Its a Family Affair

I remind you again (but not for long now) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims.

Can you believe we are nearing the end?  It has been a LONG time coming. 

So in the last episode, we found that: 

  • Rose is under stress from the challenge and Prince wanted his daughter to take a break from the house.  He is worried about her health.
  • While Rose is an excellent cook she is terrible at using fireworks.
  • Pace is a very thoughtful date.
  • Rose and Jack seem to enjoy a squabble or two with each other.
  • Mike, Pace and Jack received a rose from Rose.
  • Prince said a sad goodbye. SNIFF
  • The Charming siblings showed up in San Myshuno (along with Bruno) to be a support to Rose.

SOOO Let’s get into the house …

Rose was very happy to see her sisters and Bruno!  She had missed them so much.  They happily clustered around her with welcome chitchat about family and friends.

Rose had a bazillion questions about what was going on “back home” … all queries were eagerly answered by a chorus of giggles and chatter oft in unison by the triplets.  Rose was ever amused by how in sync they always seemed to be.

The gossip flowed like sweet honey from the comb …  sweet and nourishing to Rose’s heart.

YES!   Mom and Dad were still embarrassingly mushy! 

Aster is doing so very well in school … he was quite upset that he was not to be included in the trip.  

Bruno and Rose are very much in love.  

Bruno grinned and nodded … Rose Red smiled back adoringly.

Officer Theis is seen having coffee with  Claudia quite often these days. 

Joaquin has visited Violet many times.

Bruno’s family is having trouble adjusting to living in a house. 

Moria Fyres had a HUGE fight with Dominic … Siobhan and Morgan ran from the house in tears.

Dad just played another benefit concert … this time to help raise money for The Skinner House Orphanage.  He was fabulous!

Lily is dating Alexander Goth (and it seems serious).

Lily blushed a deep crimson at this news.

Dreamy Officer Nick Amaro joined the WPD.  Jade AND Eva are both after him!

This time it was Rose’s turn to blush.

(Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #9 Meet Nick  just in case you missed him)

Finally Lily spoke what was on all of their hearts.  “We have missed you sweet sister and we are a bit worried about you.  Mum says you are not feeling yourself.  We are here to do what we can to help.”

Rose hugged them all tightly!  They are so dear to her!

01-11-17_2-33-30 PM

Speaking of hugging … I think Jack is glad his old buddy got the rose and not the boot!

01-21-17_1-56-52 PM

Two of the triplets, Violet and Lily, had a plan for the next elimination challenge.  They would each spend a couple of days teaching a bit of piano to the two boys that will participate in the challenge.

Lily took Pace and Violet took Jack.

The day of the challenge arrived and each girl gave her charge their instructions.  They could play any songs they wished but the first to stop playing for any reason would be eliminated.

The boys affirmed that they understood.

02-11-17_11-29-13 PM02-11-17_11-29-45 PM

Mike watched them intently … Rose seems to be watching something else.

02-11-17_11-32-11 PM

It began.

02-11-17_11-36-44 PM

Bruno and Rose were having a grand time but Mike looked disturbed.

( Maybe Mike is upset because he saw they are ALL wearing the same style of shoes … WHO was not paying attention when she was dressing the fellas?  HMMM I wonder!)

02-11-17_11-32-12 PM

It went on for a long time …

02-11-17_11-39-52 PM

… a VERY long long time and then …

02-11-17_11-55-05 PM

… it was over.

With a sigh of resignation, Pace dropped his hands to his lap.

Dismayed, Mike realized that he is up against his best friend for the final elimination.

02-11-17_11-57-27 PM

A jittery Pace approached the Princess slowly.  He had a confession to make and it was NOT going to be easy.

Her downcast face broke his heart.  He knew how she hated this part.

03-12-17_1-38-29 AM

Gingerly Pace began, “Rose I have a confession.  I threw the challenge.  I quit early on purpose.  I struggled with myself to stay playing as long as I did but my heart was not in it.

03-12-17_1-40-45 AM

You see Rose, I just don’t love you.  I have tried and tried but there is nothing there between us.  The other two, they love you but not me.  It would be unfair to both of us to keep this going.  Maybe we could have learned to love each other at some time in the future but nothing like that is ever promised.

03-12-17_1-41-13 AM

I … I am sorry Rose.”

03-12-17_1-42-55 AM

The truth was that Rose was relieved.  She did not love him either.  She would have married him but only out of duty.  She thought at first that she might one day love him but it never grew despite flirty cookies and solo dates.

Pace breathed a sigh of relief, “I had such a wonderful time Rose.  Thank you for everything and thank you for understanding.”

She did understand!

They parted happily!

(It really did happen that there was no pink between them .. never had any at all)

03-12-17_1-43-27 AM

Back at the house the sibs and Bruno took some time to get to know the two remaining suitors.  A little one on one time with each of them.

Once Rose returned to the house they would all go out to dinner and spend more time getting to know Jack and Mike.

05-11-17_2-01-51 PM05-21-17_2-07-03 PM

Just outside the restaurant, the boys finally had their first chance to talk face to face.   Even no one was privy to their hushed conversation, it was apparent that they both still highly esteemed one another.  The challenge had been cordial up to this point and with these two that would not change.

06-12-17_2-23-16 AM

Bruno and the boys check into the restaurant while the girls freshen up in the restroom.

06-12-17_2-29-24 AM

(just a random shot of the inside of this lovely build .. it is a stunner)

06-12-17_2-39-49 AM06-12-17_2-43-53 AM06-12-17_2-52-00 AM06-12-17_2-52-01 AM

Later that night I wandered upon a bit of playful interaction between Rose and Mike … LOL finger pistols ???

LOL finger pistols from Rose ???

07-03-17_12-26-53 AM

I guess he liked it .. he liked it A LOT!

07-03-17_12-28-41 AM

She was talking about something but he does not seem to be fully engaged.  

What is on your mind, Mike?

07-03-17_12-30-30 AM

OHHHH THAT is what is on your mind!

Our first IMPROMPTU kiss.  

(Which is what I thought was going to happen a lot in this challenge.)  

07-03-17_12-32-20 AM07-03-17_12-50-36 AM07-03-17_12-57-16 AM

Rose was up early and tending to breakfast for her family and the boys.  She was preparing pancakes just like mom used to make.

(Some of you long-time readers may recall that her mother Snow White has very limited culinary skills … she only knows how to make pancakes .. but she makes amazing pancakes).

08-12-17_10-50-17 PM

Breakfast is served.

Neither spoke of the late night kiss …

(Do you suspect that maybe they were thinking of it?)

08-12-17_10-52-21 PM


08-12-17_10-52-38 PM

Breakfast was delightful.  The conversation was as light and delectable as Rose’s pancakes!

Both boys have found favor with Bruno and the siblings.

08-12-17_10-56-03 PM

Ahhh a man with his hands in dishwater … oh yeah … it is what we like!

08-12-17_11-33-15 PM

The time for goodbyes has come.  Rose will see them soon.  Bruno wishes both boys well and the girls give hugs all around!

08-13-17_12-33-09 AM

After the throng departed, Rose and the boys relax and pensively sip their morning coffee on the lovely balcony of the Suitor’s House.

It is almost over now!

09-13-17_12-43-16 AM09-13-17_12-45-21 AM09-13-17_12-49-49 AM


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************ Credits **********************

Amazing build by Simoniona ❤



Stunning Asian restaurant  by Spectercody




48 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #10 Its a Family Affair

  1. So nice to see Bruno! I love that guy. Also, very fun to have the other girls around for a while. The challenge was interesting and I liked how Pace and Rose parted as good friends. I can’t believe they didn’t have at last a tiny bit of pink! Maybe he should have spent less time perfecting his bromance and more time on the romance! Speaking of which, one can only hope Jack and Mike remain best buddies after!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ~ I love Pace & I love that he was honest with himself & Rose, I am glad they parted friends, maybe Pace needs to find what it is that he has missed, & then maybe he can find happiness!
    ~ Good to see the siblings & Bruno helped to cheer up Rose, it was the right pick-me-up for what ails her, it is always hard when it is your heart involved!
    ~ I wonder what the two Bro’s were whispering about?
    ~ Things just got very interesting indeed!
    ~ I loved this update!♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not sure what happened. They got pink during the date but then after I reset him (and all the others) nothing between them … very little for prince either … mike’s pink is 3/4ths and jack a bit less than halfway


  3. Ohmygosh the suspense is killing me! I do remember Snow’s pancakes. It was great seeing the girls and Bruno. It’ll be nice when this is decided and we get to see them some more.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aaawww Pace ❤ Better not to force a friendship to go further. He's adorable.
    But now, Jack VS Mike, ARGH! This will be such a close call.
    I wonder if that stolen kiss should be considered playing dirty on Mike's part? Hopefully not. Jack might be more of a shy and reserved guy, but I'm sure he loves Rose just as much. I think I prefer him. More of a calm in the storm, stable and reliable, whereas I'm afraid Mike would be the storm. XD
    I'd love some of those pancakes…food in Sims games looks so yummy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Are all of the facial expressions randomized in game? If so, it was so hilarious to see the facial expressions of Rose when Pace was telling her his confession. And that KISS…WOOT WOOT!!! Not only did I cheer and yell, but I may have turned into a little puddle in my seat. I’m a hopeless romantic…so…yeah…

    Awesome update, again. Look forward to the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have such a wonderful vision of a spicy story with tons of jealousy and fights … the damsel being vied for by the stalwart suitors .. instead, I got a bromance where most of them liked each other MORE than Rose .. I feared it was such a snooze fest but the readers hung in there LOL NO IDEA WHY!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Didn’t you mention before that Pace spent a lot of time interacting with his brother Junior at first?
        Sorry to see Pace go! Also his outing was a poor choice location-wise.
        Impossible to strike up a convo on the massage tables and yoga mats, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wow you did a reading binge today .. all the way from East coast US tour to near the end of the challenge .. 🙂 wow … Did you like the little red headed surprise as Prince and Snow returned home .. dang game that is twice they threw curve balls at me (once triplets .. and this one a surprise baby) I am still adjusting the story board from that little guy.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Pace isn’t in Love , he is trustful and honest with Rose. He has a Prince quality people in his kingdom will like him.

    Mike and Rose first kiss … yoo hoo !

    I am happy to read the news of the Kingdom but none of them knows the Best PI will come soon ahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t use gallery for the reason my game isn’t from Origin and I have the 1.30 version. Yes you can blame on me but getting true Origin games are very expensive to me still. I normally play in my own discretion I just post pictures on my tumblr and I don’t speak of that in the sims official forum.

        I have just earn the minimum to live and half of my state pension are spent for food and for everyday things.

        I don’t possess the rest of the game until Parenthood. My sims won’t be virused and my game works fine. I maybe will use the tray exporter if it’ll work with older version than 1.34. Thank you for telling me about that program.

        I use cc for my simself most of them are alphas, if you don’t have any, she’ll be fine ingame. You can make her all the accessories clothes and hairstyles you want as long as she stay dark hairs. I use SFS for sharing.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. So it will be between Mike and Jack! Mike is still my favourite and I really hope he wins! But I also learned to like Jack. And because I can`t wait to see what comes next… this time I am glad my Ral was so beasty and I only got to read both last chapters today

    Liked by 1 person

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