Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #11 And Then there were TWO


I remind you again (but this is the last time .. cause I am taking back the HELM of this ‘ship .. EA has made sport of me too long LOL) that I am NOT controlling any of the bachelors (unless it involves starting a challenge and departing the house when it is time to leave).

For the most part, Rose’s actions are autonomous or determined by her whims.

Can you believe that this is the end?  It has been a LONG time coming. 

So in the last episode, we found that: 

  • Pace was not in love with Rose
  • Rose was not in love with Pace
  • The Charming sibs are pretty fun to hang out with
  • Two suitors remain
  • One is Jack
  • One is Mike
  • The choice is YOURS

SOOO Let’s get into the house …


OHHH perfection … sunshine and hot coffee on the patio.  Jack was recounting a tallle tale from the far frozen north.  Rose took a mental meander during the LONGEST story in the world!

She thought of home and her family … of her parents and siblings and how much she had missed them all  … especially Mum and Daddy.

She wondered what they are up to when WHO walked out to greet them …

01-13-17_12-41-52 AMYep!  Mum and daddy … their Highnesses the King and Queen of Windenburg.

Prince announced, “Sorry to disturb!  We let ourselves in when no one answered the door.”

Rose jumped up and welcomed them excitedly.

The boys, however,  were a bit in awe and the normally articulate fellas found themselves rather tongue-tied.

Although they both have, ever so briefly,  met the King before, they have never officially met Queen Snow.

The Queen is as stunning as it has been rumored that she is.  They both stare rather awkwardly.


Jack seems to have stopped breathing and Mike clutched his empty coffee cup … not quite knowing what to do with it.

01-13-17_12-41-57 AM

Rushing to embrace Snow, Rose realized how good it felt to hug her Mum again.  “I have missed you so much,” she whispered.

“We have missed you too my dear one.”

01-22-17_9-40-19 AM

Prince promptly seated himself between the two dumbfounded boys.

He acknowledged each of them and made some small chit-chat first with Mike …

01-22-17_9-40-20 AM

and then with Jack.  Hoping to loosen them up a bit.   Mike managed an awkward smile … still holding on to that dang empty cup.   Jack leaned in and, concentrating,  attempted to make a coherent sound but his brain was not cooperating at the moment.

01-22-17_9-40-21 AM

Finally, Prince gave up on the small talk and announced the reason for his visit.

“The queen and I request an audience in our private quarters with each of you this afternoon.  Casual attire, please.   Ahh but first, we will freshen up and get a bite to eat.  We would love to have you all join us for lunch at Central Park.  Noon sharp, please.”

01-22-17_9-42-11 AM

Rose and the now MUCH more relaxed fellas arrived at Central Park at Noon sharp.  Prince and Snow arrived promptly as well.

Prince related to the boys that he and Snow enjoyed the international food court here in the park and that is where they would have lunch today.

02-22-17_11-54-47 AM

The international food court was on the waterfront so they all enjoyed a sunny pre-lunch stroll thru the park.  The brightly colored stalls cheerfully welcomed them.  The amazing aroma that came from each vendor invited them to come and try their wares.  After much consideration and deliberation, each made their delicious choice.

02-22-17_12-02-38 PM

Chopsticks can be a challenge.   Jack was hesitant to try for fear of embarrassing himself and Mike picked something he could take in hand so he would not soil his shirt.

02-22-17_12-06-03 PM

Rose loves spicy food … but maybe not a level five dear princess.

02-22-17_12-06-56 PM


02-22-17_12-08-10 PM

Back at their quarters’ snow and Prince took a few minutes to relax before the meetings.

03-22-17_9-54-06 AM03-22-17_10-16-01 AM

Wish we could say the same for Mike as he sat nervously waiting for them to exit their bedchamber.

03-22-17_10-18-19 AM

The two hours assigned to his interview went incredibly well.  Snow, wisely, served a calming tea which warmed the heart and the conversation.

03-22-17_10-30-47 AM03-22-17_10-38-52 AM

Mike smiled as Prince and Snow flirted unabashedly.  The love they have for one another is legendary and he was delighted to see them banter and play together.

03-22-17_10-41-24 AM

Jack suffered the jitters early on too as Prince looked up his file on the computer.

03-22-17_10-45-41 AM

But gracious Snow soon had things livened up as she took to tending the bar and invited the boys to come enjoy a beverage.

03-22-17_10-50-33 AM

Snow is a fabulous Queen but her domestic skills leave much to be desired .. to everyone but Prince that is.   He would have his precious bride NO OTHER way.   Jack smiled at the way Prince enjoyed her efforts.

03-22-17_10-51-10 AM

Prince and Snow insisted that they all have dinner at the swanky Restaurant Panthésilée in downtown San Myshuno that night … formal attire and 5-star cuisine.  It was quite a heady experience.

04-21-17_12-32-05 PM

The Charmings were delighted to find wine from the family vineyards on the menu.

04-21-17_12-39-00 PM

Some of you might recall this visit to the beautiful Charming vineyards …


Espresso and Tiramisu … a sublime ending to a wonderful meal.  Everyone was stuffed and happy!

04-21-17_12-59-43 PM

After dinner, it was time for and evening of music, wine, and merrymaking.

04-22-17_1-10-51 PM04-22-17_1-19-08 PM04-22-17_1-27-30 PM

The next morning it is time for Rose to leave the house for the last time.

She will take one more occasion to talk with each suitor.

We will quietly peek in on them but shhh .. let’s allow them their moment.

09-22-17_3-24-29 PM09-22-17_3-24-57 PM09-22-17_3-25-56 PM09-22-17_3-26-56 PM09-22-17_3-28-32 PM09-22-17_3-31-15 PM09-22-17_3-32-13 PM09-22-17_3-33-42 PM09-22-17_3-37-45 PM09-22-17_3-39-15 PM

SIGH … and then it was time for her to go …

09-22-17_3-41-01 PM

LOL these two! ❤

Rose is gone and leaves a void so they sit down to watch a movie together.

Bros to the bitter end!

09-22-17_3-43-26 PM

Hey, it was a dog movie ok ..

09-22-17_3-46-18 PM09-22-17_3-46-54 PM

Rose arrived at the Rose Ceremony venue .. her ONE rose in hand.

Here she will bide her time until she gets word of your decision.

09-22-17_3-46-55 PM

Time for you to determine Rose’s future 🙂

Pick your choice FOR Rose:


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********************************* credits *****************************

First off let me AGAIN thank CanadianSimmer77 for the wonderful house she built for this challenge.  Abby dear I am honored that you took time and created the most exquisite penthouse for this challenge.  It has been a dream to play!


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44 thoughts on “Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #11 And Then there were TWO

  1. Those last moments together were very telling. I love Jack, but Mike adores her and never argues with her. Jack always gets her riled up! Heck – its obvious Mike is her soulmate. If Jack wins, it may be a rocky ride!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jack looks sooooo focused on his chopsticks ROFL. But burgers can be dangerous Mike, they can still stain your shirt.
    Poor Snow is lost with a drink mixer in her hands hahaha.
    I have to say you dressed the boys well for that dinner. Jack’s red suit, and Mike dark grey one. Suits them both pefectly.
    Wait, Mike changed his clothes during the dinner XD
    Jack & Rose NEED to bicker a bit everytime they talk. I wonder why.
    OMG Mike rolling his eyes at Jack crying over the dog movie. It’s perfect.
    Jack all the way. They might have small fights but it never affects them long, and Mike and Rose seem too typical to me. Unique relationships often grow stronger and better. Just look at Prince who loves his Snow even if she doesn’t know what to do half the time xD. Plus I’ve already mentionned how a more reserved guy like Jack seems to complement bubbly Rose quite well.
    Go Jack! Can’t wait for the result and the rest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did boo-boo and didn’t notice till later … I had exited the game and saved but when I came back in for some reason he was in a different outfit. I did not notice until I was writing the blog … then it was too late I didn’t want to go in a reshoot the scenes augh

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ~ I voted,but how long do we have to wait?
    ~ Are we there yet? LOL! 😉
    ~ I even read this in the future, & I am still waiting! ♥
    ~ Very nice update,but did the King & Queen just come to intimidate the boys, or give their special seal of approval? As I am sure the vote is not rigged, & they really have no sway over the outcome of the readers votes!LOL!
    ~ Don’t mind me, I just want to know,yesterday! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The king and queen came for one final look. Had they disapproved oh one then it would be a fair … Snow looks sweet but she could be a mama bear says she wanted to check these boys out … sadly we all have a week on this one and then I will put it out as quickly as I can


  4. The eye roll at the movie was priceless, so Mike!

    Need I say it: Another FANTABULOUS update from Lisa! It brightened up my day since I’m not having a good one. I was actually thinking yesterday, while lying in bed and going to sleep, if there was going to be another update waiting for me in the morning…and there was.

    I’m so nervous. Want to say I know who will win, but I don’t want to appear too anxious. When will the results be known? Lisa, take this week to refresh and de-stress from the story. Play another Sim game or do something relaxing. You deserve it. It’s going to be a week before we find out the results.

    Thank you, once again, for another great update.

    Note: Both Rose and Snow are gorgeous. I’m not a strapless dress person, or a wine/alcohol person, but Mom and Daughter are both gorgeous. I’ve always wondered, however, how Rose became so fair. I guess she gets it from her dad. Mom’s hair is black and skin in fair…so strange how Rose is mostly like Dad, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes she strongly favors her dad … Rose red is more like mom … but dad’s genetics are strong because two of the three triplets got his genetics … lol this week is going to be LONG … to be honest this could go either way since Jack has never been up for a vote it’s hard to tell where he will land.


  5. I voted and I’m equal parts excited and nervous! I think either will be a good match for our dear Rose, but I do hope the one I love most wins. I’ve made it very obvious who I like, haha! Good luck to them both!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Voted! It was great to see Snow and Prince. I’m so excited to see who wins! The look on Mike’s face when Jack was crying at the dog movie was priceless. Odd question… how did you add those picnic tables to that area?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Voted. It’s been a great story….I almost wish it wasn’t ending. You did a great story lisabeesims, and I really enjoyed every moment and every chapter that you wrote. Cheers to whoever wins! I know who should…but, well, who knows how votes turn out. To destiny….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol oh it’s not ending. It’s only the beginning I got a storyboard that’s hopping. First we have a few weddings and some birthdays to get through but nowhere near the end of the story. Matter-of-fact the store is not even hardly started.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Glad her family visited her because it’s the most important decision she had to take for all her life long.
    and it is the hardest choice of my life too ahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. oops ha girls with the idea of wedding they are cute. Snow White with all the hell she had in her past it’s important to her to be close to her family.
        I think she helped to cure from her madness. She was at the hospital for crazy people.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Boooo to real life getting in the way. I didn’t get to participate in the vote, but I’m glad I’m reading from where I left off. I can’t wait to see who she picked. I know who I would’ve voted for… Fingers crossed!

    Liked by 1 person

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