An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) A Sweet GF Honeymoon

Thought it might be fun to peek in on Bruno & Rose Red’s honeymoon adventures.  I will try not to over complicate it with a lot of chit chat from me but those who know my habits know that could be a bit of a stretch.

ALSO, be sure not to miss the special announcement at the end of the honeymoon pics 🙂


We last left Rosie and Bruno here …

14-01-17_10-35-28 PM

Rosie is up early the next morning.  As she busies herself in the kitchen she happily reflects back on yesterday.  It had been the most perfect wedding day AND wedding night too.

She is surprising Bruno by making pancakes for breakfast using her momma’s famous recipe.

Pancakes for her hubby.

She likes the sound of that … her hubby … her hubby Bruno!

12-11-17_3-08-20 AM

Bruno likes the look of that dish!

12-11-17_3-08-21 AM12-11-17_3-08-25 AM12-11-17_3-10-49 AM

Bruno spends the afternoon trying to teach Rosie how to fish.

He reminds, “Afterall, I was a bear!  Bears know about fishing!”

12-11-17_3-27-00 AM

I am not sure that these fish knew about Bears though … Bruno did not catch any of them … not even a nibble!

Not all was lost.  Rosie whipped up a batch of Mac-n-cheese from the cabin’s pantry supplies.

12-11-17_3-29-47 AM

It smelled delicious and Bruno said he was ravenous!

12-11-17_3-31-24 AM

How fortunate for fast fingers and good luck .. capturing the look on his face right after he took the first bite required both. 

Princesses do not know about cooking Mac-n-Cheese.

12-11-17_3-32-31 AM12-11-17_3-37-06 AM12-11-17_3-39-48 AM12-11-17_3-40-26 AM12-11-17_3-43-38 AM

Whose bright idea was it to watch a scary movie right before bed?  Especially when you are in a cabin out in the woods!

12-11-17_3-43-39 AM12-11-17_3-43-40 AM

Right after breakfast (yes, pancakes), they took a hike up to look for the Granite Falls Firewatch tower.  Ranger Bob had recommended the view from the top.

Cannot go far into the woods on any hike and not meet up with someone from Bruno’s family.

Cousin Percival, who was sorry that he was unable to attend, wanted to know all about the wedding.   OF COURSE, the happy couple obliged!

12-11-17_10-13-48 PM12-11-17_9-20-18 PM12-11-17_10-28-11 PM12-11-17_10-33-58 PM

Obviously, Princesses do know painting.

12-11-17_10-35-57 PM

(Bugged by bugs)

12-11-17_10-44-58 PM12-11-17_10-46-14 PM12-11-17_10-46-42 PM

Rosie was the first to land a fish!

12-11-17_10-47-34 PM

Bruno teaches Rosie about collecting insects.  Bears know about insects.

12-11-17_11-07-15 PM

Rosie is not sure she WANTS to know about frogs!

12-11-17_11-08-20 PM

She quuickly gets the hang of the outdoorsy stuff  …

12-11-17_11-09-44 PM12-11-17_11-17-16 PM12-12-17_1-25-59 AM12-12-17_1-35-59 AM12-12-17_1-38-57 AM12-12-17_1-41-24 AM12-12-17_1-47-39 AM12-12-17_1-48-38 AM12-12-17_1-48-39 AM12-12-17_1-48-40 AM

Goodnight moon …

Goodnight sweethearts!

12-12-17_1-48-41 AM


The usually calm and collected Mike was more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  He had requested an audience with Snow and Prince.  He desired to discuss a very serious matter with them!

An amused Prince and Snow listened intently to what Mike had to say.  Both of them had been secretly hoping this day would come and were ready with their answer.  They honestly could not wait for him to finish his deliberation so that they could give an affirmative to his inquiry.

Which of course, they did.

13-11-17_12-15-05 AM

His heart much lighter now, Mike hurried to find Rose White.

13-11-17_12-15-06 AM

Mike explained all that had transpired between him and her parents.

13-11-17_12-15-07 AM13-11-17_12-15-08 AM

Prince and Snow called a press conference on this “most auspicious occasion!”

“Dear people of Windenburg, I extend to you warmest greetings on behalf of myself and Snow.”

Those gathered cheered in appreciation to their beloved King and Queen.

Prince went on, “I am thrilled to call this press conference to announce the engagement of my daughter, and heir to the throne, Rose White princess of Windenburg to Michael Ranieri prince of Layonne.”

13-11-17_12-15-09 AM

As the crowd expressed their approval, Prince called the young couple forward.

“I present to you your future Queen and her beloved King.”

13-11-17_12-15-10 AM

Mike was prepared with a proclamation promising his love and devotion and to the people of Windenburg.

Prince and Snow could not have been happier!  They both had a calm assurance that the kingdom would be in trustworthy hands.

There was much joy in the Charming family and in the kingdom of Windenburg.

13-11-17_12-15-11 AM13-11-17_12-15-12 AM

(I have to tell you all .. that last shot is not posed or prompted .. it is really how Snow and Prince responded as Mike and Rose White kissed.  This game is SOOO weird.)

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22 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) A Sweet GF Honeymoon

  1. Ohh the sugary yumminess of couples in love! ❤️❤️❤️ So sweet. That last shot was great! Lol. Now for the wedding of the century! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bruno and Rose Red are just too sweet. They are adorable. Well, it appears as if Prince and Snow were also #teamMikeandRoseforever, I wonder if they voted, lol. Their engagement is finally official, yay! Now onto the wedding! I am sending you lots of prayers and hugs, it’s going to try your patience, lmbo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so shocked I’ve never seen anything like that in all the time I played … when he was presenting her with the vow of love I noticed that they seemed engaged with it and happy. Then when they started clapping … lol oh my gosh 😂


  3. Holy! The “Bruno likes the look of that dish!” screenie has double meaning HAHAHAHA! You are so kinky 😛 And that mac-n-cheese bite just killed me! Omg! That screenshot showing the moon couldn’t have been more perfect. That’s amazing! ❤ ❤ (I just read this now as I was busy playing Don't Starve Together with a friend. Guess I saved the best for last). I will be going to bed now.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely honeymoon for Rosie and Bruno. And all the screenies are so wonderful, even the buggy one. And finally, the royal announcement of Rose White and Mike’s engagement. And The Prince and Queen look really excited. They are even clapping! lol As always, great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rose Red and Bruno are cute! Those paintings..*gasp*, how talented!!!

    Sims is an interesting game. I get those weird things, too, but nothing that really is “perfect” like that last shot. Another great update!


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