An Era of Charming Tales: (Prince and Snow) Snow’s Gift

As  Snow’s elder birthday fast approaches she has been considering what legacy she is leaving for her family and for her kingdom.  She has been a very good Queen, a doting mother, and a tender loving wife.  She knows she will be remembered fondly for these wonderful things but Snow wants more!  She wants something tangible that she can bless future generations with.

After much thought, she hit upon an idea.

Now it is well known that Snow has never been what might be deemed a good cook.  In fact, she has learned only one recipe but she has perfected that one into an art.

Pancakes … Snow makes a mean Pancake!


She first learned to make them from Sneezy for the boys when she came to live with them.  They all loved hers .. mostly because no one wanted Sneezy to keep the cooking chore.

Right after her release from the asylum, with the budget tight (and the ingredients cheap) Snow began to perfect the fluffy (almost) discs in earnest.

After she Married Prince in their first life she discovered he LOVED pancakes (oh dear providence how sweet you were <3) and he LOVED HER PANCAKES most of all.  From the beginning to the very end there was no meal he desired more!

This passion for hotcakes (outdone only by their passion for each other) continued in la vie redux … well into the season that brought them children to love and bless with her delectable Flapjacks.  Her family adores them.

You see Snow’s pancakes not only drip with butter and syrup but also with all of the love she pours into them.

She has decided!

She will put her pancake secrets in print.

With great diligence, she set out to write a cookbook featuring her pancakes that will pass this blessing along to any who read it.

10-14-17_1-08-21 AM10-14-17_1-24-48 AM10-14-17_12-57-19 AM

After many hours, she is finally finished.  It was an instant hit.

Her readers would not only experience her wonderful johnnycakes but also the love that permeated every keystroke she struck as she wrote the The Charming Pancake Cookbook.

Queen Snow has written a bestseller!

10-14-17_12-57-20 AM

Now on the eve of her elder birthday, she would love to give each one of you a copy too.  ENJOY!


Charming Pancake Cookbook  Origin ID Lisabee2


“Happy Birthday dear Daddy.” Rose White’s sweet voice sang out to Prince.  “I am so excited about you and Mum’s party this evening.”  Prince laughed and declared that he would be more excited when all the preparations were made.

Rose White laughed, “you know I am already started on the cakes.”

Prince knew this to be true by the luscious aroma that had filled the house since early this am.  He could hardly wait!

10-24-17_3-27-25 AM

A dark rick chocolate cake for Prince and

10-15-17_4-10-20 AM10-15-17_4-10-21 AM

a light fluffy strawberry cake for Snow.

10-15-17_4-10-22 AM

Followed by a birthday kiss of course LOL …  Prince still loves his dear bride!

(LOL caption the onlooker’s reaction … priceless)

10-15-17_4-10-23 AM

The party was a modest family (plus a few close friends) affair at the house.  Everyone seemed glad after the big wedding hoopla (not to mention the plans for the next one coming) to just relax with good food and drinks.

10-24-17_3-47-41 AM10-24-17_3-55-34 AM10-24-17_3-55-35 AM

Even the boys had some bonding time!

10-24-17_3-56-47 AM

Like the sweet last rose of summer the fragrance of LOVE hung thick in the air!

10-24-17_9-10-16 PM10-25-17_8-21-09 PM10-25-17_9-03-49 PM10-25-17_9-03-50 PM

“Bruno, do you hear singing?” Rose Red queried.

“No, my love, I hear nothing,” came his retort.

“I have heard it all night.” she replied, “it quite compelling, as though someone is trying to tell me something.”

Bruno rolled over and gave his wife a soft reassuring kiss.  “I am sure it is nothing darling.  Maybe the children are playing a game.”

10-25-17_9-03-52 PM


10-25-17_9-03-53 PM

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An Era of Charming Tales #1 (complete) Table of Contents


For any who might be interested in Snow and the boys .. there is a cc free version of them in my gallery.

1 snow and the boys

Snow and the Boys NOCC


30 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Prince and Snow) Snow’s Gift

  1. What in the wooorld – is this what you meant by there is a twist coming?? Oh lordy Loouuu

    I love love love the recipe book I have fav’s and downloaded so sweet of Snow and YOU ❤


  2. Oh gosh, the aliens! I wonder how that’ll turn out in game. Anyway, there’s something I’ve always wondered and have never thought to ask, but does Snow just make pancakes autonomously all the time and that’s why you just say that’s all she knows!? If that’s so, that’s so hilarious. PS: That cook book is cute! I need to put that in my story somehow. :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep she makes the pancakes … sometimes even gummy pancakes 🥞 it has cracked me up since day one (I made up the part about the seven dwarves) but she really did start making them with she got out of the asylum

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aliens, oh my. Those shots of the story’s lovebirds are priceless. It makes me want to have poses in the game, but I would get frustrated because I wouldn’t be able to figure out the “cute factor” of them.

    Finally caught up. So much has been going on. Nice to come back to THREE updates. Cute!


  4. What a sweet story … and then Aliens at the end! Oh my! I bet Bruno is hysterical. I wonder if she’s going to come back Alien pregnant! Can’t wait for more on this…

    And the Mike and Rose White pic….yummy. Can’t wait for their wedding.


  5. Alfonso: well this is awkward *eats cake*

    3 kids: ew yucky

    Bella: *thinking* why can’t Don do that to me

    Mortimer: oooh I love the chandelier

    Cassandra: I need a boyfriend

    Alexander: I agree with you alfonso *eats cake*

    Rose red: *gossiping about her wedding*

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ohhhh where will I be able to read about Snow and those dwarves? They never get old, these guys. And what is that cliffhangeeeeer? :O Can’t wait for the next update! Lovely screenshots as always. Fave: That part when Snow blew the candles.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. haha Red is abducted by aliens ahahah omg I love this chapter !
    And congratulations on Snow White her bestsellers is sold until Sunset Valley, Simchan is in extasy and everybody speak to the book on simblr.

    Liked by 1 person

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