An Era of Charming Tales: (Prince and Snow) Merry Christmas

It is Christmastime and as is their usual habit the Charmings leave Windenburg and the concerns of the court behind to take their annual Christmas break.

This year’s holiday may have may have a surprise or two in store for the family.

As is his norm, Prince personally seeks out special lodging for this time of year.  It is always a well-received delightful gift to his beloved family.

As you can see, this year was NO different!  The house is amazing (see more gallery/builder info in the credits  )

12-19-17_2-27-01 AM

As is HER norm (ahh sweet redundancy), Rose White dons her “chef hat” and grasps the cookspoon to cheerfully take over the responsibility for feeding the crew.

She has been collecting recipe ideas for months already.    She cannot wait to try them out.  It is her Christmas joy …

12-23-17_1-48-37 AM

especially since this year there are additions to the table ❤  (I do think he likes it, Rose)

12-23-17_2-05-36 AM


With full tummies and contented hearts, Prince and Snow head out on a walk down to the beach.   These two are always drawn to the water.

12-26-17_10-17-53 PM

Is anyone having FLASHBACKS .. I know I am

This is where, so long ago, they fell in love the first time (and I with them too) SNIFF!  

12-26-17_10-17-54 PM12-26-17_10-17-55 PM12-26-17_10-17-56 PM

Still my fav of my stories … long lost love found!  Blatant promo here .. 

 Snow White Table of Contents

OH SORRY, I do digress!


The others go out for a bit of fun in the sun and snow.

Snowball fights and snowmen.

Mike is feeling pretty gleeful.  He just trounced Aster and his little pals in a snowball fight.

“Three to one!” he quipped. “So they think I am an old man! HA! They better come prepared the next time.”

With a twinkle in her eye roll, Rose chastised softly, “Really Mike!

12-26-17_10-37-20 PM

It was not long before Jack and Alexander arrived to the house.  Let the party begin.

12-26-17_10-48-00 PM

Lily rushed greet to Alexander.  Drawing off to the side to chat, they seem to have something of great importance to discuss.

“It is agreed then, this is the right time.  Let’s go get mom and dad.”

12-26-17_10-48-01 PM


“Daddy .. Mum could you come here?”  Lily beckoned, “Alex and I have to speak with you a moment, please.”

(and YES this is how he entered the room and no he has NO meditation skills .. such a weird game)

12-26-17_10-48-12 PM

“WHAT!”  Prince roared his fury.

He lashed out at Alexander, “Why did you do this?  Do you not know the embarrassment this will cause in the Kingdom?  What were you thinking?”

12-26-17_10-48-02 PM

and turning to Lily, he spoke more firmly than he had ever done before, “and how could you keep this from your mother and I?”

Snow sat quietly .. her heartbreaking.  She was fearful of what Prince would do in his rage.  She had only seen him this angry once before and she hated it.  Christmas was ruined!

Alexander rose to leave.

Lily was unperplexed.  In a very calm firm voice, she said, “Alexander come sit back down!”

Turning to her father with no waiver in her composure, “Now Daddy ..

12-26-17_10-48-03 PM

You are aware that Alex and I have been in love for a while now.  In fact ..

12-26-17_10-48-04 PMe

he proposed to me two months ago.

AND Daddy, I said YES!

We kept it a secret because Rosie and Bruno deserved their time in the spotlight.   They waited a long time for their wedding.

12-26-17_10-48-05 PMe

Two weeks ago while were walking out on the bluff and talking about how Mike and Rose were getting married soon .. all the plans being made for the gala ..

and well ..

12-26-17_10-48-06 PMe

it just seemed like we would never get our turn.

Alex did not want to wait and neither did I.

So we eloped right there on the spot.

12-26-17_10-48-07 PMe12-26-17_10-48-08 PMe12-26-17_10-48-09 PMe

As the sunset over the hills of Windenburg, I became Mrs Alexander Goth.

12-26-17_10-48-10 PMe12-26-17_10-48-11 PMe

As he looked over at his bride (who had suffered so much pain as she waited long for him) dabbing her eyes, Prince’s anger abated.

“Daddy I have never wanted the spotlight and I did not intend to hurt you and Mum.  Please forgive us,” Lily implored.

He nodded slowly.  Truth was that loved his precious daughters more than life itself and if she was happy then he would try to be happy for her.

Thankfully the tension was broken by Rose calling that Christmas dinner was ready.

Prince rose and clasped Alexander’s trembling hand firmly, “Welcome to the family son.  NO more secrets!”

Alexander smiled weakly, “No sir!”

Lily and Snow embraced .. both wiping away a few happy tears.  “I am happy for you my darling,” Snow whispered into Lily’s ear.

The detectable aroma that had filled the house for hours kept its promise.  The meal was divine!

12-26-17_11-50-23 PM

After dinner, with everyone gathered it was decided to celebrate Aster’s birthday a few days early.

12-27-17_1-08-05 AM

(UH NO that look is NOT staying)

12-27-17_1-09-34 AM

Poor Snow .. she wonders what on earth will she do with a teenager .. and AT HER AGE TOO!

12-27-17_1-09-35 AM

UM feed it .. feed it a lot!

12-27-17_1-09-36 AM

Gifts given and carols sung around the piano.

Welcome, Christmas!

Love and joy filled the air ..

12-27-17_1-09-37 AM

.. and with THIS family especially the lovey- dovey part!

12-27-17_2-22-56 AM12-27-17_2-26-17 AM

“Hey guys .. Whatcha doin?”

12-27-17_2-27-24 AM12-27-17_2-27-25 AM12-27-17_2-34-09 AM

(LOL I had to add this shot.  While I was taking this smooch shot, Prince photo bombed it .. in his skivvies! WTH! LOL  Such a weird game these days.) 

12-27-17_2-34-10 AM12-27-17_2-35-47 AM

She went in for the first move (you know Jack has always been a tad bit slow in the “romantical” department).


12-27-17_2-36-31 AM

BUT Jack tied up this loose end by asking her to be his girl!  I think she is a tad bit excited!

NOPE .. no nunnery for you dear one.

12-27-17_2-45-11 AM12-27-17_2-45-12 AM

UGH awkward.   The couch snuggle bunnies need some alone time.

12-27-17_2-53-41 AM

A lovely walk on the beach perhaps.


12-27-17_2-56-00 AM

A little time away to talk and there is so much to talk about with the upcoming wedding.

Even tho Prince has strictly forbidden any court business while on holiday, Rose chatters away about upcoming plans ..

12-27-17_2-56-01 AM

but Mike remembering that lost moonrise of not so long ago ..

12-27-17_2-59-02 AM

has determined not to let another moonrise go to waste.

12-27-17_2-59-03 AM


(A little extra here) Little Orphan Molly Burden has grown up to be a gorgeous teen.

(for those who have never read her story here is another blatant story push LOL  Some of you have read it recently and some a long time ago .. for those who have no idea of what I am talking about here is the link .. The gift )

Little Molly just grew up in game .. she is a cutie who dreams of being a vet and making future red headed freckled faced babies with someone like that in the future.

(I have proof )


As you can see the Bruno’s baby brother grew up to be a cutie too .. BFFS with Aster

12-27-17_10-32-35 PM

Prince and Snow love having the teens around.

12-27-17_10-47-59 PM


All is well as 2017 draws to a close and the Charmings officiate the Windenburg 2018 Ball Drop!

13-27-17_2-34-26 AM

On behalf of all the Charmings and cray cray Lisabee too (yep she is still murking about patiently waiting for her turn in the blog lineup)  ..

13-27-17_2-34-27 AM


I would like to take a few moments to thank each and every one of you for spending time with us.  Your support means so much!  Hope you stay tuned .. more adventures on the way.

Wishing you a happy and blessed 2018 ❤

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An Era of Charming Tales: (current) Table of Contents

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32 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Prince and Snow) Merry Christmas

  1. So many goodies in this episode you spoil us with so many warm and fuzzies. The girls are all grown up and snows baby is not one any longer so adorable <3. I wish you much success, health and love this new year Mrs Lisa. Virtual hugs to you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So much laughter in this update! That photobomb, wow. Great update. I never seem to get these funny moments in the game…must be something that comes about if you have the right elements lined up and right personalities. Happy New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Surprise! 2 down and 2 to go, no nunnery, lol. I’m so thrilled for Jack and Violet. Looks like Aster may have already found his special someone. Another great way to bind the stories. I loved the memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a wonderful Christmas for everyone. And I so love the pic of Alexander and Lily eloping at the waterfront with “Emily” the sea monster in the background. That was perfect timing! I have never been able to see that monster, such a great shot! And now Jack and Violet…in love. Glad that Jack stayed in the game, and it looks like he is going to be part of the family afterall. I really like how you changed Aster’s look when he aged to a teen. All in all, a great chapter with a great family. Happy New Year to the Snows and their creator, the lovely LisaBee!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy holidays to you and your family, Admin Lisa! ❤ I enjoyed reading this chapter, lovely builds ❤ that photobomber hahaha! Such a silly face. I do understand Lily's sentiment. Really hard to be accused of stealing the spotlight.. Poor hearts! At least, they were forgiven and Alexander was accepted into the family.

    Thanks for keeping the story updated despite the busy days! Much love! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. haha I am happy you include Silliness of the game in your story .
    So Lily was secretely married with Alex Goth that’s why Prince was so angry?
    and Aster is the last boy of Snow and Prince? Indeed turning a teenager when she’s elder is very panicking but she’ll got the patience with him. I am a bit lost I am sorry.

    Happy New year 2018 to the Charming, to you Lisa and all your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Astor has been around a while but because the story revolves around rows so much he did not really get any attention. He will have a small story of his own. Just in the rotation but probably nothing too big. I just think he’s adorable. He was the accidental pregnancy right at the end of the first story beforeThe bachelor challenge

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahah are you sure Astor is really a Charming? Or does the genetics are more real in sims 4 than others game because there is a rule in genetics that means a child can be different from their parents but they are legit child ahah. Because this child took all the recessive genes from the parents as dominant.

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    1. Lol fast fuzzies are always good ❤️ I did have a great holiday (once I returned to the land of the living … good thing about being sick over the Christmas holidays you don’t gain the Christmas five LOL . I’m glad to see you back in swing of things too … Internet issues always stink

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow a surprise elopement and the kids have aged to teen! And here I thought it would just be a cutesy Christmas. I should have known better, lol. Lots of sweet moments of course. But with this family that’s a given.

    Liked by 1 person

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