An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) New Year … Fresh Start

Rose was anxious to get their new house set up and get settled in before the wedding.   Mike agreed that it was a great idea and they decided to get the ball rolling two days after the new year.

Aster was still on winter break from school and was a willing volunteer.   Teenage boy power is a great thing.

01-01-18_3-38-33 PM

LOL willing when he was not taking selfies to send to Molly .. showing off the guns!

Ugh! The task seems daunting!

01-02-18_3-33-37 PM01-02-18_3-35-49 PM01-02-18_3-37-34 PM

Aster stifled a small snicker as he heard Mike gasp, “OHHH!  UHH Rose darling … wait … whaa … ”

“Yes honey?  What do you need? I have been trying to decide what color to do this room in.”

01-02-18_3-45-25 PM

“UH hon .. wait .. wait … I have an idea!  Why don’t we hire a paint crew to do this one for us?”  Mike said as he lead her out of the room.

” It would be so much … UM …… I mean  … I need you downstairs. I don’t know where to put any of your books.”

Rose shrugged her hesitant agreement and went to clean up.

Mike grabbed up his phone and made the call to hire the painters, “Come quickly!”

His love has many talents but paining rooms is NOT one of them.

01-02-18_3-46-15 PM01-02-18_6-43-06 PM01-02-18_7-21-49 PM01-02-18_7-39-06 PM

Rose looked at the boys as they worked together.  She smiled to herself.  She loved how much her little brother admired her dear Mike.

“Hey mini Mike,” Rose chided, “We need to get those boxes in.  Come on leave the master to his work and give me a hand.”   01-02-18_7-40-27 PM

Hearing a commotion outside, Mike rushed out only to find himself in the middle of an all-out snowball war.

“Help get the boxes in,” he laughed, “right.”

“Hey, he started it,” Rose said winding up her pitch.

01-02-18_7-46-28 PM01-02-18_7-49-35 PM01-02-18_7-52-52 PM01-02-18_7-55-11 PM01-02-18_7-57-20 PM01-02-18_8-06-30 PM


01-02-18_9-21-19 PM01-02-18_9-22-01 PM01-02-18_9-24-46 PM01-02-18_9-25-16 PM01-02-18_9-28-50 PM01-02-18_9-44-45 PM

Dropping the bags by the bed, Mike pauses to consider that in only a few weeks he will be waking up to this view every morning, in the arms of his beloved wife.  His sweet Rose.

01-02-18_9-45-29 PM

Rose seems to have a few pondersings of her own.

01-02-18_9-47-01 PM01-02-18_9-49-06 PM01-02-18_9-55-28 PM01-02-18_9-59-57 PM01-02-18_10-01-45 PM01-02-18_10-14-02 PM01-02-18_10-15-17 PM

Mike shook his head, Augh a broken toilet already.  Donning a wrench, Mike chuckled to himself as he made the repair,

01-02-18_10-16-27 PM

wouldn’t the gossip rags love to have a shot of this?   He could see the headlines now.


Best get my scepter out and finish the job, he muses.

01-02-18_10-17-26 PM01-02-18_10-23-04 PM

Freshen up a bit, for the Pizza (wo)man cometh.

01-02-18_10-24-20 PM01-02-18_10-26-34 PM01-02-18_10-41-21 PM

Aster heads back home to grab mom and dad for the open house later this evening.

01-02-18_10-46-21 PM


A little time alone …

01-02-18_10-49-09 PM

A boy .. a girl .. and a sunset.  Perfection!

01-02-18_11-09-20 PM01-02-18_11-10-13 PM01-02-18_11-13-11 PM01-02-18_11-21-43 PM

“I know I hear .. they are here!”  Rose batted her eyelashes.

“What if I don’t WANT to go?  What if I want to stay here?”

01-02-18_11-17-40 PM


“Oh, it is lovely!” Charlii and Violet were already looking around as the rest of the gang were arriving.

01-02-18_11-41-25 PM01-02-18_11-44-13 PM

Rose was very excited to see all the ladies BUT especially so Diana, the designer and architect who made this Rose’s Chateau happen.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the work you put into this wonderful gift for Mike and me!”

01-03-18_10-44-46 PM

“THANK you so much!”

01-03-18_10-47-16 PM01-02-18_11-41-49 PM

UH OHHH!  NO joy in Mudville!

01-02-18_11-46-22 PM01-02-18_11-48-19 PM


Salome whispers to Aster, “Well maybe if we all just pretend we cannot hear it.”

01-02-18_11-49-18 PM


“Rosie,” Bruno was shouting as he hurried down to the beach, “Everyone has been looking for you!  What are you doing out here?  Why did you leave without telling anyone where you had gone?”

01-02-18_11-56-12 PM

“I heard the singing again, Bruno.” Rose’s face was anxious and confused.  “It was drawing me here.  I cannot find … ”

“Rosie, you have to come back to the house.  You cannot be out here alone. Come on with me my love. ”

Bruno’s heart was heavy with dismay.  Rose Red had been behaving very peculiarly for the past few weeks.  He would insist she make a visit to  Doc Ellie tomorrow.

01-02-18_11-58-22 PM01-03-18_12-02-27 AM


With most of the children gone from the nest now, Prince and Snow decided to move out of the big house.  Both longed to be near the shore.

Prince had commissioned workers to renovate the old lighthouse that stood near the shore where they first met.

01-04-18_12-15-24 AM01-04-18_12-15-50 AM01-04-18_12-17-25 AM01-04-18_12-21-42 AM01-04-18_12-24-20 AM01-04-18_12-27-30 AM01-04-18_12-28-14 AM01-04-18_12-47-10 AM01-04-18_12-49-10 AM

OH MY those two.  Frost on the roof but FIRE in the furnace.

01-04-18_12-57-32 AM

Snow watched as her baby boy left for school.   This was the right move, she knew it in her heart.   He was so happy here and with Officer Theis right door, he was safe too.

01-04-19_1-01-16 AM

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**~~~ Credits ~~~**

The fab new digs are a “wedding gift” for Mike and Rose from Anchesenemon that you all can enjoy in your game (CC free).  TY dear Diana for the WONDERFUL blessing ❤  It (like all of your builds) is fantastic .. a true treat for eyes!


The lighthouse is from a builder I  was lucky enough to find (recently for me) in gallery (by accident).


Pose Links:

Story teller Pose pack by 3lodiie26

Flower Chamber snow fun

(BA) I need that for my story #5

(BA) I need that for my story #1

Cleaning set

and TY again to the lovely readers who graced Roses new home ❤

Barb Turley .. ❤ her Murky story @ the Tree Family Returns Home or Barb in Murkland


Brenda McBride .. ❤ one of the most supportive simmers a Simlit blog can have.  She is a very precious friend to me!   ❤


CathyTea .. an icon in the simlit community!  I love her work esp  Septemus, My Son . She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from Myself.  Go get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds.  I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive readers for the blogs she follows and admins a wonderful FB Sims group,  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp Chronicles.  This is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!


63 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) New Year … Fresh Start

  1. Adorable update! Both of the homes are Charmingly perfect. I loved the interplay of Rose and “the boys”, lol. King Mike and his throne….too funny. Looks like evil step-witch is after Rose Red, nervous about that. Lily and Alexander having troubles already? I hope they have a lovely home of their own. Of course, I am honored to have attended the house warming party. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those homes were amazing! Looks like someone is after Rose Red….Drama on the horizon?

    Wedding next??? Sorry. I just love Mike and Rose. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. That building is incredible as Is all of her stuff! When she offered to build the Château for Rose and Mike I about fell off my chair! If you have not checked her galleria you need to go see it your mouth will follow open. Her and another one of my super favorites Simoniona. All for both is no cc.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She is a precious friend! One day we’re going to meet when we do our German meet up! She’s so funny I practice my German on her and she practices Her English and me. We both do badly LOL but she’s much better at her “badly.” As a builder in our Sims community she is far under valued! I’m trying to talk her into Twitter but she won’t budge LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She is sweet and humble. She is part of my Facebook group and I am part of hers. Hers is German and way larger than mine LOL. Way way way! Lol and yes simmer divas Run in all areas of our community don’t they LOL Twitter is the worst I think. I have some young friends who were on my personal FB friends list and they will not return follow on Twitter. What is that! But the Simlit community is pretty good at drama too. Little over year ago someone warned me to get out because a big person was trying to destroy me … say what lol … I was like what is this ridiculousness. I am just an addict trying to get my fix as I scribble out my stories. I just don’t know what’s wrong with us don’t we know it’s a game … It is supposed to be fun! It’s one of the reasons I like your stories so much you just relaxed and you have fun with it. Save the drama for the story.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Cute update. I LOVED the picture where Mike seems to have been defeated in the snowball war, topping the laughter off by the victory stance Rose does in the next picture.

    Wow…Mike and the throne…

    Those pictures of Mike and Rose were beautiful. I love seeing love, especially when it’s an obsession couple of mine. Look forward to the wedding.

    A Charming baby on the way…?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What a great chapter. I loved all the screenies and how it looked like they were actually cleaning and getting the house ready. And the paint on the face…lol….good one! That was great! I also love the pose of Mike taking his beloved over his shoulder. lol Also….oh no…a mysterious cloaked figure luring Rosie away….I get a chill just seeing that figure….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a bunch of goofballs! I absolutely love these three together, working hard to make Rose and Mike’s future house comfortable for the future babies! Although, someone should tell Aster the proper way to work in construction. Those sandals are not construction appropriate wear! XD Anyway, the house is very lovely, and Mike and Rose are extremely adorable. I love that shot of the sun beaming onto their faces as they kiss! Now let’s hope that nothing ominous happens… I’m looking at that picture of Rose and Bruno and becoming extremely curious of what is in store!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know when I got that shot my heart skipped a beat! Another reader brought up the fact that short of taking the trash out there was no evidence to suggest Aster did too much to help .. unless you count HELPING yourself to pizza I adore him .. he is his father’s son when you play him in game ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading I am working on getting towards that wedding but goodness it take so long to set up. I’ve been at this three days and I have just bought enough for two minutes worth of read LOL

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  6. No paparazzi spied on Mike until toilet omg and publish the rag , and everybody is on transe ahahaha speaking about that new all day long they are sometimes worst than the Simnotifs maybe Nibiru might have a stage on Winderburg ahahaha

    and what/who is the silhouette à la Darky who stared at Rose? hmm hmm !
    By the way Anne-Lise must see this, she’ll be so amazing she believes in Darky

    and by the way out of the subject does Princess Leia is also in your game because in my ts4 she is !!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not I just enjoyed watched some episode of the saga on tv when it was broadcasted. I just liked the story. I just saw her in the park of Willow Creek last time I play my Diz-Gosling’s family I even published her with the other geek on my simblr. lol
        I just wondering if you also got her in your game too ahaha. I was happy she is in mine. I didn’t created her she is a townie.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nope it’s too early indeed and maybe she is called by the MPPD (Magnolia Promenade Police Department) so. I have to make something with the Tandoori family and finishing the birthday part but omg !! TS4 isn’t easy at all and I stil don’t find any birthday poses for adult pffft !!
        I created Viviane, Stanislas and Jason but I need to create Kévin and other policemen.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. SanMyshuno so unexpected ahaha and so much different than Sunset Valley. She sometilmes went it when her parents and family has missions other there. She is currently at Willow Creek but except she spoke with Twain and cared of Sirius I do nothing with her.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. haha she has got her grumpy mood of hot-headed sims, no worries she is always like that after eating a thing, when she wakes up too early when an object is broken etc. And for her it’s hard because she hasn’t got her friends, her pets, her family so she’s grumpier LOL !!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. haha no problem, you know you can contact me everytime you need (just the hour gap is big but the answers are always here)


      1. haha won’t be so easy for my poor simself. She is able to find people but extremely dangerous people she never experimented that except with Enji but he’s a cretin.

        Darky is exactly the entity you describe however it’s not a real being.


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