An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Venice … Answered

**~~~ AN: If I ever lose these two I know just where to find them .. the coffee shop.  They love their coffee and chats! ~~~**

This beautiful sunny Tuscan morning we find the lovebirds finishing off their breakfast with a bit of espresso.  It is their last day in the heart of Italy.  They had found great delight in their days of exploring the rolling hillsides with their silvery olive groves and quaint farms.

OH and the food!!  Rose swears she has gained 5 pounds since they arrived.   Simple .. almost peasant fare … but with most extraordinary flavors all washed down with a wonderful Chianti.

“I am sad to leave this place,” Rose whispered her confession, “I really love it here.”  Mike sighed and pensively agreed that he was quite fond of Tuscany as well!

Rose and Mike took a moment to quietly savor their beverage before heading out to do a bit of souvenir shopping.

Later, in the afternoon, they will hop on the train to take a leisurely 5-hour train ride up to Venice.  They could drive it in less than three but they want to see the countryside.

03-12-18_10-40-20 AM


They arrived at the Santa Lucia railway station late that evening, and feeling a bit peckish after the train trip, where did they go?  YEP, to the nearest cafe!

Ordering cappuccinos and chocolate croissants, they enjoyed their repast al fresco.

The lights twinkling off the Grand canal as the water made tiny lapping sounds coupled with the rich taste of coffee and chocolate … oh Venice at night was magical!

03-12-18_10-40-25 AM

They ate in complete contentment, Mike sharing the plans he had made for Venice.  Rose excitedly looked forward to their adventures.

03-12-18_10-40-27 AM

Mike had booked a room in an old monastery near St. Mark’s Basilica.  It was a tiny bit little more austere than the accommodations they were accustomed to but both found it quite charming and very comfortable!

UHHMMM I think it is time for us to vacate …

03-12-18_10-40-28 AM

We will just wait out here ❤

03-12-18_10-40-29 AM


No trip to Venice would be complete without taking the opportunity to explore the city in a Gondola.

Mike and Rose had booked an early tour.  They wished to see the city before the teeming throngs of people crowded the streets and the waterways became clogged with traffic.

03-12-18_10-40-30 AM03-12-18_10-40-31 AM03-12-18_10-40-34 AM03-12-18_10-40-36 AM03-12-18_10-40-38 AM03-12-18_10-40-39 AM


“Rose,” Mike called to the closed door, “the hour is getting late.  We really should be going soon.”

“Yes, dear.  I will only be a few minutes longer.”  Came the reply from the other side of the door.

03-12-18_11-16-47 AM03-12-18_11-17-50 AM03-12-18_11-19-00 AM

“OH!” Mike exclaimed, who is that vision before me.  What woman of mystery goes there!”

03-12-18_11-33-33 AM03-12-18_11-33-34 AM

Straightening Mike’s tie, Rose inquired, “Oh my dear husband, tell me.  Was the wait worth it?”

Only one look at his face told the story!  Yes, it was well worth the wait!

03-12-18_11-39-35 AM

If you two do not cut it out you will miss the night’s festivities completely!

03-12-18_11-40-28 AM


03-12-18_11-40-30 AM


“Balliamo, mia cara?”

(Grazie Lovenovavita for the wonderful lessons in the proper Italian expressions of endearment)

03-12-18_11-40-33 aAM

“Si Amore mio.”

03-12-18_11-40-34 aAM03-12-18_11-40-35 aAM03-13-18_1-29-52 aAM03-13-18_1-30-37 aAM03-13-18_1-30-58 aAM03-13-18_1-33-28 aAM03-13-18_1-34-18 aAM03-13-18_1-35-26 aAM

Mike marveled that everything was so grand!  Was it the music that intoxicated him or the beauty of his bride?

That he could not say, he was only certain of one thing … that he was the happiest man on earth!

All night they were swept along by the sweet strains from piano and violin, although there were many all around them, they only had eyes for each other.

03-13-18_1-35-29 aAM03-13-18_1-35-30 aAM


“Sisters did you hear that the cute Reverand who did the kids wedding ceremony has moved into a small cottage near here.”  Caroline was bubbly as she relayed her news to Blair and Irene,

Blair smiled at Caroline’s enthusiasm, “No, I had not heard.  Where exactly?”

“That cute little bungalow right next to Bob and Eliza.”

“Oh yes,” Irene interjected, “I know that place.  It is adorable.”

Caroline leaned in and purred coyly, “And guess what else sisters … he is single!”

“A Reverend with NO wife?” Irene said quizzically.

Undaunted, Caroline relayed, “He is a widower.  His wife passed 6 years ago and the poor dear has been alone ever since.”

“Well, you certainly have done your homework,” laughed Blair.

“I am going to pay him a neighborly visit,” Caroline informed’ ” I think I will make something yummy to take along with me.”

03-12-18_1-47-13 AM03-12-18_2-03-06 AM03-12-18_2-03-58 AM03-12-18_2-06-27 AM

Irene came in from the garden “OHHH that smells marvelous sister. I am famished!”

03-12-18_2-07-50 AM

“NO sister!  This is not for you!  This is for the Reverend.  I will make another when I return from my visit.”

03-12-18_2-11-01 AM

“Good day Reverend Knupp,” Caroline called as she rolled her bicycle into the tidy little yard.

“Princess Caroline, what a lovely surprise!  What brings you to my humble abode?”

“I thought I would bring you a little sweet surprise to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

The reverend raised his eyebrows playfully, “I am certain it is not nearly as sweet as you, Princess, but come on in and I will make us a nice pot of tea to go along with this lovely apple pie.  Is Earl Grey ok?”

“OH yes! That would be perfect!”  Caroline blushed and stifled a small giggle as she followed him in.

03-12-18_2-36-29 AM03-12-18_2-39-41 AM

“OH DEAR! I am not feeling so well ………………. ”

03-12-18_2-46-38 AM03-12-18_2-46-48 AM03-12-18_2-47-36 AM

**~~~ AN: Were you all wondering whatever happened to that special wedding gift from Evella?  🙂  ~~~**


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32 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Venice … Answered

  1. Oh no! A Reverend? And poor sweet Caroline was soo interested in him, will she survive the pie, the guilt? There must be a special place in the Netherworld for apple bearing witches.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. No worries pink apples are just filled with benzos,that knock him for six. Nothing to fear for the Reverend. Poor Caroline, she is near to lose the man she loves she cooked the pie with the pink apple.

    By the way, if you got a good wand, they even can be turned into a truffe casting the spell. I tested Miss V’s one of her pink apple I was astonished by getting a truffle.

    The Venice lot is stunning and I like the ghosts while the dance they makes me laugh as if they are speaking of the Heirs of the Kingdom.

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      1. yep shht about that however in my sims 4 she has to wait for a computer because the MPPD is crowded so she didn’t had the time to catch the suspect they are searching I really hate the alloted time in this game. She gave a verbal trial because people have a fight on the street omg ahaha ! She is no brooding with people compared to sims 3.

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    1. TY so much Audrey for your lovely support. You are a breath of fresh air! I tire so much of the one way street that most simlit authors ride on .. gimme but never a give .. you are a sweet rarity! You not only have a great story but you share in the story of many others! TY ❤
      AND oh yes the tide has begun to turn (he he he)

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  3. Oh my gosh! :O Caroline’s gonna get into hot water. I hope no one thinks she did it. I hope she doesn’t try to cover it. The drama is too much. I can’t wait to see the next chapter! 😀

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  4. Wow! That gown that Rose had on! Fabulous! They looked so wonderful together, almost like they were doing the tango! The screenies and builds that you chose for your story are amazing! But, oh no! The single reverend…that pie is to die for! Oh Caroline….so sad.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. How can anyone not be sweet? These two are meant to be. I know you put a lot of work in your stories, and it just makes them so super wonderful.


  5. Those dancing pictures were marvelous! Rose is so beautiful. When Mike and Rose have children, you might have to post a WARNING: CUTENESS AHEAD on your updates…hahaha!!!

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