An Era of Charming Tales: The Scoundrel

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“Mother, Do not bug me.  I know what I am doing!  I am keeping a close eye on her.”

The shrill voice on the other end screeched,  “I don’t want you just watching her!  I want you to connect with her.  You need to get in next close to those wretched Charmings.”

“I will Mother … just let me work. I will do it!  Goodbye Mother!”

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(Not to worry Korbin she makes all of us feel that way.)


Employing his silvery tongue, Korbin approached Marissa in the Windenburg Plaza Library, “Excuse me, miss.  I  am new here.  I was wondering if you might be able to help me?”

05-28-18_11-04-22 PM

“I am looking for a good horticulture book.  My home herb garden is not doing so well.”

Marissa’s interest was piqued, a handsome stranger who loved to garden?  WELL NOW!

She informed, “I certainly can try. I am a hobby gardener too!  I know herbs can difficult to manage.”

“I am Marissa,” she continued smiling coyly.

Summoning his most bashful face Korbin hushed, “Oh forgive me and my churlishness.  I am Korbin.  A pleasure to meet you.”

Quickly gathering a few books on growing herbs and herbalism, Marissa joined Korbin in a quiet corner of the busy library where they spent the entire afternoon chatting.  MOSTLY about herbs.

05-28-18_11-07-11 PM

“All this study has me feeling a bit peckish,” the handsome rogue said patting his growling stomach.

Marissa was hungry too but was enjoying this fascinating fella’s company too much to shut things down.  So when Korbin mentioned perhaps getting a bite of dinner together she was most pleased.

“The spice festival is in town.  We could go grab some dinner there,” Marissa recommended.

Korbin positively purred his reply, “It sounds like fun.  Especially since I will have your company, sweet Marissa.”

Flustered, she tried to find some words but all that escaped her lips was a soft giggle.

Seeing that she was open to the flirt, the whispering Korbin went in for the kill.  Gazing deeply into her eyes he crooned softly,  “Beautiful AND smart.”

Marissa found herself melting fast under his hot gaze.

05-28-18_11-08-04 PM


It was a beautiful balmy night and the spice festival was teeming with festival attendees all seeking to consume lava on a plate.

Marissa was excited about the evening … a hot guy and a HOT meal.  Bring it all on she was ready for fun and romance!

05-28-18_11-14-30 PM05-28-18_11-27-23 PM

While Marissa had no difficulty with the spicy fare, Korbin was in near tears.

Smoke seemed to pour from his nose, his mouth was on fire and he was certain his stomach must be bleeding by now.

05-28-18_11-30-49 PM

“Are you ok?”

05-28-18_11-30-50 PM

This was definately NOT the romantic eveing she had envisoned.

Might as well head home … after a stop to purchase some antiacid for Korbin.

05-28-18_11-30-51 PM (2)


“Hello ….”

“OH Korbin, hello,” Marissa returned the greeting over the fence.

“I thought I would stop by and meet your happy little herb garden in person,” Korbin laughed.

“Do come in!”  She ribbed, “I am certain the pleasure will be all theirs.”

06-28-18_2-35-35 AM

“I see you are feeling much better,” a relived Marissa remarked.

“I am indeed,” he said sheepishly.

06-28-18_2-38-17 AM

Marissa was delighted when Korbin suggested a night on the town.

“Please allow me to make up for last night with dinner and dancing.”

Her smile wide and bright, she replied, “I would love to go … and no spicy food this time!”

06-28-18_2-40-21 AM


05-31-18_4-12-59 PM05-31-18_4-15-31 PM


07-29-18_12-19-04 AM

“Do you mind if I take your pic, beautiful?  Mother would love to see it.”

Marissa wondered if that should not be a bit strange but somehow she found it sweet and flattering.

07-29-18_12-16-58 AM

“Good night sweet Marissa.”

05-31-18_4-34-45 PM


Rose White noted Marissa seemed especially chipper this Monday morning.

“You must have had a great weekend,” she quipped.

08-29-18_1-25-49 AM

“Oh I did, your majesty, I did!  I met the dreamiest boy.  So handsome and attentive.  Not to mention he was the most amazing kisser.  My heart is still skipping beats today.”

08-29-18_1-26-42 AM

Rose White is a Charming and they are captivated by LOVE STORIES.

She urged Marissa, “Tell me … Tell me!”

08-29-18_1-30-08 AM

By the time she got to the end, even Mike had stopped to listen.

Rose exclaimed, “I have an idea!”

Mike had to laugh at his matchmaker wife.  Those Charmings!!

08-29-18_1-31-22 AM


09-29-19_0-19-08 PM

Korbin poured on the charm, “The dinner is wonderful your Majesty.”

Rose blushed and thanked him for the compliment.

09-29-19_9-23-40 PM

It is the truth Rose White is a wonderful cook.

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Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

34 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: The Scoundrel

  1. Marissa what have you done? You are an hopeless romantic this time , this guy is not the Charming Prince. Hopefully for Evella, he won’t return against his mother, in this Evil families everything is possible to betray each others.
    I really like how Evella sermonised her son she mades me laugh. Even her son is a crétin.

    Now other things, I don’t know who to choose for my simself I am sorry I can’t vote because I want to be surprised by your other reader choices.
    Casually I would say to ask Viviane because she’s a medium and a Spirit of Nature she knows plants as a fairy and she’s her bff ,but in your story part it’ll be interesting in reading something else, somebody “different” than her to psuh her in a confort zone.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You never know when she’ll realize the trap she is slowly sliding inside indeed, It’s up to her and when the occasion will occur. For now she seems very happy and despite Happiness might make Evella’s son very angry, nothing is totally white or black in the world.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol Right now Kolt and Nick are tied exactly. Laurel is way behind by nine votes and only one person thinks Miss V should go by herself. I disagree with them Miss V should not go by herself So I am glad that one is not winning.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. haha one person thinks she has to go by herself, maybe a true fan of my simself who can’t stand to see her solving her case with an other person LOL.

        Lisa, I do agree with you , I explain why .
        Miss V should not going by herself. She doesn’t know about plants a lot. Things she learnt by Salomé and Viviane are just everyday Gardening.

        She did not practise yet Chemistry and she did not study Sciences yet. She did not follow the traditional Sixamian I Education, she did not follow classes at the School of Knowledge. She is not master Sciences as her cousin Phaéton. Her bravery and her resourcefulness are not enough for being succesful in searching the right poison that killed the Reverand.

        I hope nobody will whim because that’s your story after all I am only here to read, enjoy and give some advices about my simself.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. At the start of the story a song came to mind “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me” LOL Oh dear, this could end very badly! Marissa seems to be falling for his charms very quickly and nobody is any the wiser as to who this man is. Do they not do security/background checks before inviting a stranger to dinner? Haha


  3. I’m not sure how I would feel if some guy I had barely gotten to know really, asked to take my pic for his mom……..I guess you could see that from all sides; creepy, endearing, momma’s boy…. He is charming no doubt.

    The vote was fun. Skip the men! Women can do it all!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor Marissa missing so many warning signs. Not that Korbin isn’t charming or handsome so she could be forgiven the night at the spice festival. But I’d certainly be wondering how he was outside her home the following morning. I’m still hoping he doesn’t like his mother enough to go through with her plans in the end though.

    Liked by 1 person

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