An Era of Charming Tales: Chosen

Life in the Theis house was sweet!

Claudia just loved everything about being a mom.  Baby Devon Lea was an easy baby to care for … a little darling!

Watching her grow into her inquisitive nature was a joy even if it sometimes led to mischief.

She and Walter spent quite a bit of time guiding that little nature away from shenanigans and into constructive learning.  Devon Lea seemed to eat it up, always wanting to know more.

Having Walter home to help care for the baby was icing on the cake.  Claudia treasured every moment.

She knew this could not last long because Walter was needed back at the WPD station and he must return to work soon.

She knew when she married him that she would always have to share him with the people of Windenburg and his officers.  His sense of duty was one of the things about him that she cherished most.

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“Please pardon the intrusion, Mike.  I have an urgent matter and did not want to disturb the King with such details.  I know he is tending to the Queen.  I have heard that her condition worsens.”  Walter continued softly, “Our hearts are breaking for her suffering.”

“Thank you, Walter.”  Mike’s face somber at the mention of the Queen, “What can I do for you?  Come on in.”

Then, seeing the tot accompanying her father, a huge devilish grin crossed Mike’s face.  With a twinkle in his eye and a tossel of her hair, he teased, “you too Chicken-little.”

Dev’s little face pinched up with displeasure and with crossed arms, she stated with tiny firmness, “Unke Mik … no chickie widdle.  I Devonee.”

“Devon Lea.  Mind your manners!”  Officer Theis firmly reproached his little progeny, “Now go play with your bear while Uncle Mike and I talk a bit of business.”

“Otay Dada.”  Wrinkling her nose at Uncle Mike, Devon toddled off.

Looking after her, Mike laughed, eyes still twinkling, “I am sorry Walter I goaded her into it.”

Officer Theis just shook his head.

Both men laughed and sat to discuss the business at hand.

03-05-18_12-05-12 AM

“As you know Officer V has dug out a solid lead on the poison used to kill the reverend.   The poison is thought to originate somewhere in the jungles of  Selvadorada.

We have been conducting intense jungle survival training for her and three other interested officers.  It is no surprise that Officer V led way during training.  She has met and exceeded our standards.  The other three are in testing today and I will announce tomorrow who goes with her.  They will get their medical done and hope to be gone early next week.”

Mike listened intently and finally, he asked,  “You all have things well in hand!  What is it you need from me, Walter?”

03-05-18_12-05-15 AM

Officer Thies explained that they had been in constant communication with Selvadoradan law enforcement and that everyone there was cooperating.   The officers could look forward to a warm and accommodating coalition as they sought this mysterious source of the poison.

However, there was some concern about proper diplomatic channels being opened and cleared.  They needed Mike to ensure that these diplomatic channels would stay unbarred and that bureaucratic issues would not impede their discovery efforts.

Mike assured, “This is something I can certainly ensure.  It just so happens that I have good friends at the embassy in Selvadorada.  I will put a call in to them tonight and get a little grease in the cogs of this machine!”

03-05-18_12-05-16 AM

“Hi Devon Lea.  Are you waiting on Daddy and Uncle Mike?  They are taking a long time, huh?  Why don’t you come with me outside and I will give you part of my burger?  We can spend some time together in the fresh air afterward.”  Then with a wink Rose added, “Bear is invited too.”

Bear and the tot happily followed Rose out to the kitchen courtyard.

03-05-18_12-05-20 AM03-05-18_12-07-18 AM03-05-18_12-08-16 AM03-05-18_12-09-01 AM

“… The evil queen was cast into the dungeon to stay forever!  Then the princess married the handsome prince and they lived happily ever after … The end.”

Devon clamored for more story but Rose said, “I have to get you back in to your Daddy.  I am sure he will wonder where you got off to.”

03-05-18_12-10-46 AM

“Who is that with Marissa?”  Officer Theis checked his urge to be firm and authoritative with the princess.

“Oh, that is Korbin.  A nice boy she has been seeing,”  Rose said happily informing,  “He is such a gentleman.”

Unable to totally hide his dismay, he queried,  “What is he doing here at the house? Has he been cleared?”

“UMM,  think he is bringing her some lunch,”  Rose responded a little weakly and then she hurried from the room.

03-05-18_12-05-13 AM

Officer Thies grabbed Mike and they approached the young man who was having an intense flirtatious conversation with Marissa over her desk.

“AHEM.”  Officer Thies made a throat clearing sound.

03-05-18_12-16-34 AM

Korbin turned to see Mike.  “Hello sir,” he chirped.

03-05-18_12-21-07 AM

“I hope it was ok, I was bringing Marissa a bit of Bhel Puri for her lunch.”  With a dopey lovely-dovey look he added, “She just loves spicy food.”

Marissa giggled (truth be told, she was still swooning a bit over the goodbye kiss on her porch last night).


“Oh no problem!  None at all.”  Mike cheerfully went on, ” I would like you to meet my good friend Walter Theis.”

Officer Theis, who had asked Mike not to let on that he was the chief of the WPD, thrust his hand in Korbin’s direction.

03-05-18_12-21-08 AM

Korbin responded to the offered hand, “Good to meet you, Walter.  My name is Korbin Terrellii.”

“Hmm Terrellii, very unusual name. How do you spell that?  Are you from around here Korbin?”

03-05-18_12-21-09 AM

“No sir, I was only here on a small matter of family business.  Then I met this enchantress who has stolen my heart away.  I am her captive while she holds it.”

Mike and Walter smiled woodenly, both were feeling seriously uncomfortable by his gushing (NOT Marrisa though).

03-05-18_12-22-14 AM

I think Officer Theis’ Spidey senses are tingling

03-05-18_12-22-15 AM

Waiting for daddy is hard work!

03-05-18_12-22-25 AM03-05-18_12-22-26 AM03-05-18_12-22-28 AM03-05-18_12-22-29 AM


Officer Thies was up early.  He had grabbed a quick cup of coffee and was headed out the door when he spotted a little angel.

A very angry little angel.

“I doe … Dada!”  She insisted.

“Oh .. no sweetheart, Daddy has to go to work for a few hours.  Daddy has an important meeting at the station.”

06-05-18_2-14-08 AM

“I doe … peas Dada … peas?”

06-05-18_2-15-25 AM

” … only this one time … ”

06-05-18_2-19-34 AM06-05-18_2-28-26 AM06-05-18_2-29-15 AM

“Hiya Peanut … what you up to? ”

Officer Blackstone had lots of kids (five to be exact and with another on the way) so he understood them …

06-05-18_2-30-45 AM

and for the most part, kids seemed to understand him.

06-05-18_2-37-47 AM

“I will keep an eye on her while you are in the meeting sir,” he called to Officer Thies.  “She is in good hands. Don’t you worry.  I have not lost one yet,” he quipped.

06-05-18_2-36-48 AM

“Congrats Officer Amaro.  You did GREAT on the jungle survival test.  Once you are cleared medically and get any needed immunizations you and Officer V will be off to Selvadorada.”

06-05-18_2-33-16 AM


06-05-18_3-08-57 AM06-05-18_3-10-00 AM06-05-18_3-10-51 AM06-05-18_3-11-22 AM

Officer V and Officer Amaro sat quietly on the veranda and made their plans to start the investigation early tomorrow AM.

First, connect with local law enforcement and then to purchase needed supplies.


Both were “dying” to begin the adventure.

06-05-18_3-14-27 AM

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This blog celebrated my first BORN in-game toddler (yes first) .. forgive me the many pics .. I could not help myself!

Congrats Walter and Claudia on your beautiful baby girl! None of us are surprised at how gorgeous she is 🙂 



Author’s note:  If you just popped into my story for the first time, might I recommend you visit here first?  This short synopsis will give you enough story background to follow.  If you are a reader who has fallen behind this will give you an instant catch up. 

An Era of Charming Tales: Special Feature (Lemme es’plain .. UH NO! Too much! Lemme sum up!)

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34 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Chosen

  1. Oh my gosh I can’t get enough of the oh so cute miss Devon Lea. She is sooooo adorable!! Officer Theis is certainly not falling for Korbin’s charm is he! Good to see someone is on the ball. And as for the winner of the challenge…well what can I say…the best man won! I can’t wait to see more of Nick….he is so super cute…in a different way to Devon Lea of course! I’m sure he will prove to be very useful in the jungle 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The good thing is is when you play nick he is no nonsense. For whatever reason when you play Kolr he is a bit of a flirty devil LOL so at least I’ll get some work done in the jungle


  2. I hope Officer Theis follows up on his suspicions of Korbin.
    OMG Devon Lea is just too cute for words. That angel outfit is just too much!! ❤ ❤ ❤ She has everyone wrapped around her little finger (and she knows it).


    1. SAD SAD .. I found this in the blog spam 😦 Officer Theis def smells something funny .. lets see if the slippery one can slide past the ever watchful eye of OT! I adore little Devon .. just wait til you see the outfit I found!! OH it is amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Korbin smells evil from miles around.
    Devon Lea is absolutely sweet as a candy I love her tantrums to go to the police station.
    Now let’s see how Miss V and Nick’s collab will end up ahaha. If he observant a lot he’ll be a good companion of work for her.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I should have voted more. I really wanted a girl’s adventure, but Nick is definitely my second choice. Maybe there might be romancing. Anyway, I bet all is fun in your game having not one, but two rambunctious toddlers about. First the cutest alien ever, now this little tot! I need to set up my sims with toddlers so I too can have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The toddlers are magical all I do is take pictures of them the whole time. You guys lucked out that I was able to put myself under self-control and not put all the pictures in that I had lol … I can tell you with all certainty that Mrs. V is far too much business to have in the romance with anyone including the Hanson Nick

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I am so far behind but trying to catch up. Devon Lea ❤️ stole the show and I seriously think Mike and Rose will be talking about starting their family after her visit. 😊. Sounds like Snow isn’t going to be around much longer. 😢

    I wonder what adventures await in the jungle!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Devon is so precious and I don’t think her parents are capable of telling her no. Seems that Korbin laid it on a bit thick with gushing about Marissa. Hmm makes you wonder if he did that on purpose to make them uncomfortable and suspicious. I’m kind of hoping he’s not evil like his mother.

    Liked by 1 person

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