BnS CHALLENGE #97 A Garden for Daisy

**To the Build & Share judges … this blog entry is presented in 2 parts (and in this order) for judging (please scroll to find):   THE SIMS; THE BUILD

 **To my regular story readers …  I have NOT forgotten you.  I am working thru this next one and it should be out tomorrow or early Monday am.  For now, enjoy this little cutie!

For those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

The sims & the story:

lee garden

Mr Lee recently lost his dear bride of 46 years.  She was the delight of his life and he wants a special place to remember her.   He knows she would never be happy in a cold drab cemetery.

Since she loved her flower gardens he thought to have a small memorial garden planted in her memory.

Here he sprinkled her ashes among the small oops-a-daisies.

And comes to spend time with her.

06-16-18_8-59-02 PM06-16-18_9-00-32 PM06-16-18_9-02-23 PM

OHHH Snow on the roof and fire in the furnace!

06-16-18_9-07-14 PM06-16-18_9-09-05 PM06-16-18_9-11-02 PM06-16-18_9-11-33 PM06-16-18_9-14-47 PM

The build:  Oops-a-daisy Memorial Park (Generic build)

Here it is … a special place for his Daisy!

I think she will enjoy it!

Don’t you?

06-16-18_8-47-25 PM06-16-18_8-49-57 PM06-16-18_8-50-59 PM06-16-18_8-52-33 PM06-16-18_8-53-34 PM06-16-18_8-54-05 PM06-16-18_8-55-14 PM06-16-18_8-56-05 PM06-16-18_8-56-47 PM06-16-18_8-57-30 PM06-16-18_8-59-30 PM06-16-18_9-02-58 PM06-16-18_9-04-17 PM06-16-18_9-06-38 PM06-16-18_9-09-50 PM06-16-18_9-10-36 PM06-16-18_9-13-50 PM06-16-18_9-16-17 PM

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Again for those who are interested in joining too here is a link Build n Share Challenge

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