An Era of Charming Tales: Goodbye

Snow’s descent into darkness seemed to have no end.

06-17-18_1-27-56 PM06-17-18_1-35-41 PM

Despite all that they tried, the family could not help her feel “normal” again.

06-17-18_1-46-34 PM

She did try to just maintain for them but like a geyser of despair, the grief would just rush out of her.

06-17-18_1-46-35 PM

Prince’s concern for his bride weighed heavily upon his heart.

Her pain was very much his pain!

06-17-18_1-46-36 PM06-17-18_1-56-08 PM

Then IT happened.  One sunny morning, altogether not unexpectedly, that feared specter of terror came to call.

06-17-18_2-20-15 PM

Prince rushed to her side but Snow was no more.

The grave had swallowed her.

06-17-18_2-22-20 PM

Aster attempted to plead but it fell on death’s deaf ears.

06-17-18_2-23-42 PM

Prince was grief-stricken.

The depth of his anguish caused immediate concern for Violet.

He seemed frozen in place.

She feared he would pass into that same darkness right there where they stood if she did not get him to move.

“Daddy, please!” She pleaded, “Come with us to the house, you cannot stay out here.”

Jack and Aster managed to move him to the house.

His steps feeble and vitality drained, Aster was shocked at how stricken his father was.

06-17-18_2-29-56 PM06-17-18_2-36-26 PM

“Why did you leave me here all alone my love?  I miss you.  Come get me … I am waiting.”

Prince pleaded but it was to no avail.

06-17-18_2-37-41 PM06-18-18_12-11-42 AM06-18-18_12-12-54 AM06-18-18_12-14-38 AM

The concern for Prince was so great that a family intervention was initiated.

06-18-18_12-26-00 AM

“My son, I have lived two lifetimes with the woman.  She is the one great love of my lives and, I am sorry, the thought of life without her has no joy.”

Mike did not voice it, but he understood quite well what Prince was saying.  He had only begun this one lifetime with his Rose and he knew he could never live without her.

06-18-18_12-28-31 AM

Alone in his bed, the morose crept into Prince’s heart.  He did not wish to cause his children grief but he could not live here without his Queen.

06-18-18_12-42-22 AM

With surprising ease, Prince released his spirit to go seek his bride.

06-18-18_12-45-50 AM06-18-18_12-50-57 AM06-18-18_12-51-50 AM06-18-18_12-52-41 AM06-18-18_12-54-05 AM


A time of bereavement came to the kingdom.

The King and Queen lay in state.

Many came with loving and happy memories of their beloved King and Queen to say their goodbyes.

(Look closley dear readers .. some of you were counted among the mourners).

06-15-18_1-11-28 AM (2)06-15-18_1-12-20 AM (2)

(Maria, Barb, Zest, Harley)

06-15-18_1-13-51 AM (2)

(Our dedicated men and women in blue, Charlii and Jennifer.)

06-15-18_1-14-11 AM (2)

(The Pancakes are looking mighty fine.)

06-15-18_1-14-30 AM

(I think Cathytea suspects shenanigans … she is a good judge of character!)

06-15-18_1-15-15 AM

(Elke enjoying the fine architecture. 

I am not sure why Salome is causing Vlad such consternation but I like it LOL.)

06-15-18_1-37-35 AM

(Barb and Brenda having a nice chat.  Such good memories.)

06-15-18_1-38-47 AM

Then the family came.

06-15-18_2-23-48 AM

The sisters and Ellie.

06-15-18_2-25-33 AM

The Dutchess, Butler and the Goths (sad to note Mortimer’s passing too).

06-15-18_2-25-48 AM

The children …

06-15-18_2-27-16 AM06-15-18_2-28-10 AM

Rose was finding the grief nearly unbearable but Mike was her rock!

06-15-18_2-34-17 AM06-15-18_2-41-45 AM

Finally,  Mike and Rose took a moment in complete privacy to say their goodbyes.

For Rose the burden of the crown fell heavily upon her heart, threatening to break it to pieces.

Mike solemnly whispered his vow to his beloved King and Queen.

He would do his best to care for both the family and the kingdom.

06-15-18_2-58-22 AM

Embracing her in his strong arms, Mike whispered,

“Come, mia principessa,

our goodbyes are done now.

Let them enter their rest.

We must step into the future … ”

06-15-18_3-08-00 AM06-15-18_3-12-57 AM (2)

And thus my dear readers, it is with a very heavy heart that I end generation one!  

07-18-18_1-03-26 AM

We can take great comfort in the truth that love is eternal … it never dies!

07-18-18_1-28-47 AM

RIP our precious Prince and Snow! 

We will miss you terribly!

01-28-18_2-15-35 AM

If you will bear with me … the Era of Charming Tales continues!


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51 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: Goodbye

  1. I can’t believe how attached we get to these characters. Actually sitting here with tears in my eyes. Poor Prince died of a broken heart, but I hope his heart is mended in the afterlife where he is back with his sweetheart.

    Farewell Prince and Snow. We will miss you greatly 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised at how difficult it was to write after the both passed… I think the game is programmed
      that way … only Bella has stuck around after Mortimer died


  2. Oh my Snow and Prince. What a sad chapter. I think they should all eat pancakes in Snow’s honor. This must have been a hard chapter to write, knowing how long Snow has been a part of you. Fare-thee-well Snow and Prince.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh that is the sweetest was hard … 2 years with them and so when I turned aging back on (for the challenges) it was not long before I got alerts on all my elders… just a matter of time

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness I am so sad right now.. this was so hard for me to read. Fly high Prince and Snow. I will always remember you both, the love you shared is so contagious.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sniff sniff sniff 😥 Farewell Prince and Snow. The kingdom is in good hands. The really sad thing is they both died before they saw their family together again. Poor Rose Red!


  5. I literally screamed, “NO!!!!!!!”…then cried!!! when Snow dropped. I was crying for Prince, too, and then, next thing I knew, he dropped. I was like, “Oh sad! Prince died of a broken heart!”

    Shortly after the two of them died, I thought, “Rose and Mike are up for the throne now.”

    Despite the tears and heartbreak of us fans, this was well-done. I saw your comment on your post that it was hard to write and wondered why you said that. Well, now I know. Poor Lisa.

    Is the next update the “road to the throne”? If so, this should be interesting. I’m hoping that Rose doesn’t get overwhelmed in her upcoming and new role and struggle between her new job and keeping with her marriage to Mike. I hope Mike doesn’t stop supporting Rose. Blessings to the ENTIRE Charming family.


  6. I am so very behind. Life has gotten in the way. But I had to catch the end…again. I love these two and I am happy they got a second lifetime to love each other and beautiful kids to carry on that love!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m kind of glad I took a while to finally read this. Saying goodbye to Snow and Prince is hard to do. I wasn’t there from the start, but I took the time to go back and discover them. They really are a pinnacle of love to all! I’m gonna miss Snow’s pancakes, but at least they’ll still be together in the after life!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What a sad ending. But it was done well. I am wondering about the casket pictures? Where you find them. They look so real. Sorry to see them go. Rose and Mike can now work to be crowned and maybe bring in the next generation. Best of Luck for all the children.

    Liked by 1 person

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